Are You the One Season 6: Take a Look at the All Season 6 Matches!

Are You the One? is a dating show on MTV. It is becoming more popular now that it can be watched on Netflix. U.S. Season 6 was just added this month, which is good news for fans of the show. Every season, there is a lot of chaos and drama as the single men and women try to find their perfect match. Even though an algorithm decides who should be with whom, that doesn’t mean the contestants want to follow the decision.

In the book Are You the One? In season 6, many contestants had started dating other co-stars before discovering their perfect match was someone else. So, what’s been going on since the episode debuted on MTV in 2017? We have all the information you need about the best matches here.

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If you haven’t finished the season or can’t remember, here are the perfect matches for Are You The One? season 6; check out the list below.

Season 6 Matches

are you the one season 6

  • Nicole Spiller and Tyler Colon
  • Geles Rodriguez and Clinton Moxam
  • Audrey Diaz and David Shad
  • Zoe Pugh and Ethan Cohen
  • Alexis Eddy and Anthony Martin
  • Keyana Land and Michael Johnson
  • Nurys Mateo and Dimitri Valentin
  • Alivia Hunter and Malcolm Drummer
  • Diandra Delgado and Kareem Fathalla
  • Uche Nwosu and Joe Torgerson
  • Jada Allen and Keith Klebacher

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Season 6 Cast: is Anyone Still Together?

Surprisingly, the only couple from season 6 of Are You the One? who is still together is not a perfect match for each other! Clinton Moxam and Uche Nwosu became close during the show, and they started dating for real when it was over. In the future, in 2021, the couple will get married in Chicago, Illinois. You can see new photos of them looking happy and cute together on their Instagram accounts. Look at the image below.

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Regarding the rest of Are You The One? None of the contestants from season 6 are dating each other right now, but one of them is dating someone from a previous season. The Cinemaholic says Are You The One? and Joe Torgerson has been together. The fourth season starred Mikala Thomas, and Instagram shows that they are still going strong. Here is a recent picture of the two of them together.

are you the one season 6

Do you fit the bill? Anthony Martin, in season 6 of Are You the One? I went on to date Shannon Duffy. Season 5, and they have a child in common. Shannon had another baby not long ago, but we don’t know who the father is. We think she and Anthony are over for good because they have been on and off, and he hasn’t posted anything about a second child.

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We couldn’t be happier with our Are You The One? People from season 6 who found love on and off the show.

Frequently Asked Question

Will There Be a Ninth Season of Are You the One?

Reports say that filming for Season 9 is over. Variety noted in March 2022 that Are You the One? had been picked up by Paramount+. , the first eight seasons of which were shown on MTV. Who are the rumored singles?

When Does Season 1 of “Are You the One” Come Out?

On January 21, 2014
Are You the One?, a reality dating show on MTV, had its first season in 2010.
, which was shot on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, debuted on MTV on January 21, 2014.

Is There a Plan for Are You the One?

There is no script for the show.

Former cast members told the International Business Times in 2016 that, contrary to what most people think, “Are You the One?” is not a scripted TV show. That means all the fights, temper tantrums, drunken jealousy, and other natural things happened.

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