Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 4: Renewed or Cancelled in 2022?

The protagonist of The Ascendance of a Bookworm goes on an adventure through a fantasy world. In terms of Isekai’s canon, The Ascension of a Bookworm is the series that has been executed with the most finesse. Most of us secretly wish we could make our loved ones (especially our parents’) lives easier in some way.

Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 4

Ascend of a Bookworm’s protagonist shares these motivations. Given her weak health, her parents are very patient with her. A fresh start on a different planet in a different body would allow her to read whatever she pleases.

We’re almost at the end of the third season of Ascendance of a Bookworm, and fans can’t wait for what’s to come in season four. If you read this essay to its end, you will find the solutions to your problems.


According to the film’s official synopsis, “when she woke up, she was in a parallel world…”

Motosu Urano, a student and ardent reader, is killed in a tragic accident. This followed the joyous news that she would be allowed to pursue her lifelong ambition of becoming a librarian.

Once she came to again, she was reborn as Myne, the daughter of a lowly soldier. She was in the parallel world city of Ehrenfest, a place with a strict caste structure in which the aristocrats who wielded magic held all the power. But it has no effect on Myne. After all, she didn’t need anything else so long as she had books.
Books were rare and only the property of the nobility because of the world’s low literacy rate and lack of a practical method for producing them. The daughter of a struggling soldier couldn’t even dream of affording them. Still, that doesn’t stop Myne from wanting to read, so she makes a choice…

I’ll write novels if there aren’t any out there.

Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 4

Though Myne has neither physical strength nor material resources, she does possess an infinite store of information because to the books she read in her past existence. How many books do you think Myne can produce? The journey of Myne the author begins now.

Myne will have a larger role in the show’s fourth season’s dramatic events. We already observed how the seasons affected her routine earlier. By this point, Myne had already legally changed her name to Rozemyne and had bid farewell to her loved ones. Having proven herself to be of respectable birth, the archduke of Ehrenfest decides to adopt her. She must now adopt the Nobel family and travel to Sweden.

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Characters Name Voiced By(Japanese) Voiced By (English)
Myne Yuka Iguchi Reba Buhr
Ferdinand Show Hayami Armen Taylor
Tuuli Megumi Nakajima Lisa Reimold
Effa Fumiko Orikasa Kirsten Day
Gunther Tsuyoshi Koyama Kaiji Tang
Lutz Mutsumi Tamura Jeannie Tirado
Otto Satoshi Hino Joe Zieja
Benno Takehito Koyasu Xander Mobus

Season 4 Finale Spoiler: Ascendance   of a Bookworm

Ascendance of a Bookworm fans, like fans of any other show, will be eager to learn what happens in the next season. However, the show’s production studio has yet to renew the show for a fourth season, so fans will have to wait a while longer to find out what happens next.

No season 4 spoiler for Ascendance of a Bookworm may be obtained without the official renewal for a fourth season.

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I can promise you, if you haven’t seen it and are wondering about its quality, that it is very nice! MyAnimeList has an 8.01 average audience rating, which is higher than IMDb’s 7.9 average. Therefore, in my opinion, this concert is an absolute must. You can decide whether or not to watch it based on the reactions of others after you’ve seen it.

Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 4

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I didn’t think it would be all that interesting, but once I started watching, I couldn’t stop. Everything in this story seems reasonable and convincing. Some of the storylines felt forced, possibly as a result of the English translation from the Japanese, and there were significant gaps in the narrative that left the audience to fill in the blanks.

After watching a few episodes, you might start to wonder why Myle didn’t just do X or Y. In most cases, their significance would be revealed in subsequent episodes. There’s nothing explicit here at all. Therefore, this is completely safe for children. I hope season 4 will be made because I’m looking forward to it.

Release Date

Season 3 of “Ascendance of a Bookworm” premiered on April 11, 2022, and concluded on June 14, 2022, a little over two months later. Season three features ten episodes, each running between 23 and 24 minutes.

There has been no formal announcement made regarding the airing of episode four of the isekai anime. To yet, however, neither Ajia-do Animation Works nor any of the other companies associated with the show have provided any information on its future.

However, educated guessing is still possible. When deciding whether or not to continue an anime series, its creators must take into account the availability of suitable source material.

After applying this criteria to “Ascendance of a Bookworm,” we can confidently say that viewers have a lot to look forward to. The anime is based on a light novel series by Miya Kazuki, however the author first released the story as a web novel with 677 chapters spread across 5 volumes.

It should be noted that just the first two chapters of the online novel—Daughter of a Soldier and Apprentice Shrine Maiden—have been adapted into the isekai manga. All seven of the light novel collections presented here are identical.

There are still three more sections, or more than 500 chapters, to cover, so there is plenty of material for future episodes of the anime. Given that Ajia-do Animation Works has made no 2023 commitments, there is a decent chance that the studio will pick up “Ascendance of a Bookworm” for a second season.
Though it didn’t do as well commercially as the previous film, most review sites gave the sequel high marks.

The show’s creators may decide to keep making it because of the show’s passionate fan base. If all goes according to plan, the fourth season of “Ascendance of a Bookworm” will premiere in late 2023.


The revival of “Ascendance of a Bookworm” was just made official, hence there is no trailer available at this time. This is where we’ll keep you updated on the arrival of any new trailers. Check out the Season 3 teaser right here!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Episodes Are There in Ascendance of a Bookworm Season 3?

Ten episodes were produced for Season 3, which premiered on ytv from April 12 to June 14, 2022. Production for the season began on July 12, 2020. The show is currently available on Crunchyroll.

When Did Season 3 of Myne Ascend of a Bookworm Premiere?

After being crushed to death under a stack of books during an earthquake, she was reincarnated as a young girl named Myne and immediately thrust into a new life full of exciting adventures. Since then, Myne has had to find her way in a society where books are luxuries reserved for the wealthy few.


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