Ashes of Love Season 2: When It Will Be Renewed?

Ashes of Love is a Chinese TV show from 2018 based on the novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by Dian Xian. Yang Zi plays the leading roles of Jin Mi and Deng Lun as Xu Feng. The first episode aired on August 2, 2018, on Jiangsu TV.

Only 15 minutes after the first episode aired, 100 million people had watched it.

As of January 2019, they had been watched more than 15 billion times.

Ashes of Love got you hooked? The good news is that the show will be back for a second season! Not much is known about the production as of yet. But Liu Ning, the executive producer of Ashes of Love, said that season 2 of Ashes of Love would be made.

Is There Going to Be a Second Season of Ashes of Love?

On March 10, Youku and the team behind “Ashes of Love” declared there would be a sequel. Fans of the first season were excited when they heard about this news. Youku put out posters of the art and pictures from the novel. A TV show will be made from the book “Love When the Stars Fall.

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When be Be Will Ashes of Love Season 2 Released?

Season 2 of Ashes of Love hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s likely to come out before the end of 2022.

The people who made it haven’t told anything official about it yet. The second season of Ashes of Love will be about the children of the characters from the first season.

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The Cast of Ashes of Love

Yang Zi plays Jinmi, and Luo Yunxi plays Runyu. The Night Deity is the Heavenly Realm’s oldest prince. He is kind and calm and never does anything until he knows what will happen. Since his birth mother died, he has been taking over the throne.

Ashes of love season 2

He looks like a dragon.) Xufeng was played by Deng Lun (2nd prince of the Heavenly Realm). Wang Yifei is playing Suihe, Zou Tingwei is playing Qiyuan, and Chen Yuqi is playing Liuying.

Ashes of Love About/ Story

Zifen, the Flower Deity, dies from her wounds after having a daughter named Jinmi. She looked at a horoscope because she thought her daughter would have a big love problem in her first 10,000 years of life. Jimi gets a magic pellet right before she dies that stops her from feeling or showing passionate Love.

Jimmy grows up in the Flower Realm, where she lives as a low-level immortal. Everything changes when she meets the Fire Deity Xufeng, who lives in the Heavenly Realm. Jimi meets the Night Deity Runyu, Xufeng’s half-brother, after she has convinced him to take her to the Heavenly Realm. Princess Sui was a close friend of Xufeng’s mother, the Holy Empress. He thinks that one day she will get married to Xufeng.

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Because of the pellet, Jinmi is in the middle of a love triangle with her two older brothers, Xufeng and Runyu. Xufeng and Runyu become bitter rivals because of Jinmi and the Holy Empress’s plans. Jimi also finds out that she is related to the Flower and Water gods.

Ashes of love season 2

Runyu, now Heavenly Emperor and wants to make Jinmi Holy Empress, is quickly seen as the next Demon King. After Xufeng killed Jinmi’s father, Runyu tricked her into killing him and making her cough up the magic pellet. Later, Xufeng is born again in the Demon Realm.

Once Sui finds out that he has been reborn, she tricks him into marrying her so that she can become Demon Queen, but Xufeng can beat her in the end. In the final battle, Runyu and Xufeng will fight to the death. In the end, Jinmi gives her life to end the fighting and bring peace back to the planet.

After that, Xufeng spends his whole life looking for Jinmi’s soul in the six kingdoms. When he realizes that Jinmi was just a teardrop in his eye, three years of searching are over. Now that Xufeng knows Jinmi will return, he decides to wait for her.

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Since the beginning of time, 500 years have passed. Jimmy comes back to life with her father in the Mortal Realm. On the day of Jinmi’s wedding, Xufeng returns as a phoenix, reuniting the two. They get going.

After Liuying came to the Demon Realm seven years ago, a new era of wealth began. Suihe wanders around the edges of the Demon Realm, broken by his loss. When the sons of the ancient Demon King upset her, she threw them into the same cave she had thrown them into before when she thought an entrance was the Holy Empress’ throne. So, one of the family’s boys who were still alive at her while she was still alive. His brother or sister seemed to have been eaten by him.

Runyu is the Heavenly Realm’s Celestial Emperor. Kuanglu, who works hard for him, knows about this. She says she will always be by his side, no matter what. Jinmi and Xufeng are married and have a child in the Mortal Realm. Their child knows much about his parents’ past and isn’t afraid to talk about it.

Ashes of Love Season 1 Ending

The sad thing is that Mu Ci’s death ends their relationship. Since the silkworms are eating Mu Ci’s flesh, he asks Xu Feng to use his fire magic to kill them for him. Xu Feng does this. But because of this, his body will slowly break down and die from his injuries. If he lived for 10 years, the same thing would happen.

Frequently Asked Question

Will Love 020 Have a Second Season?

The second season of Love will come out on March 10.

What Happens to Runyu in Ashes of Love?

In Ashes of Love, what happens to Runyu? Xufeng and Runyu are both broken. Runyu returns to the Heavenly Realm to fight the demons he created, and Xufeng tries to bring Jinmi back to life. Jinmi is reborn and finally reunited with Xufeng thanks to his efforts and her sacrifice. Runyu also makes up with both of them, so everything works out in the end.

Should You Watch Ashes of Love?

Yes, I think it’s an excellent romantic drama, and if you want to watch it, I’d say it’s worth it. I don’t want to say too much because I might give away too much when we talk about it.

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