Ashes of Love Season 2: Is Jinmi Return in the Next Part of the Series?

The TV series Ashes of Love is based on the novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by Dian Xian, launched in 2018. Deng Lun portrays Xu Feng in the lead role, while Yang Zi represents Jin Mi. The first episode of the series was shown on Jiangsu TV on August 2, 2018.

More than 100 million people watched the show’s premiere in less than 15 minutes after it aired.

You can’t get enough of Ashes of Love, can you? It has been announced that the show will return for a second season! Executive producer Liu Ning has announced that season 2 will be filmed this year and the following year. At this point, there are few details concerning the project.

A Recap of Ashes of Love’s Season 1

Ashes of love season 2

Flower Deity Zifen dies mysteriously shortly after the birth of her child Jinmi. In the first 1000 years of her life, the mother’s daughter will face an enormous love hardship. To prevent Jinmi from experiencing or expressing romantic love in any manner, she gives her a magical pellet just before she goes away.

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In the Flower Realm, Jinmi grows up as a low-level immortal and stays there until she’s an adult. Her half-brother, the Night Deity Runyu, joins Jinmi in the Heavenly Realm after Jinmi persuades him to accompany her. Because he chooses to live in the Heavenly Realm rather than on Earth, Xufeng the Fire Deity upsets all she’s ever known.

Sui He, a close friend of Xufeng’s mother, the Holy Empress, believes that she will marry Xufeng at some point in the future. Sui is confident that she will wed Xufeng in the future.

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Are Ashes of Love Returning for a Season 2?

A sequel to “Ashes of Love” was officially confirmed on March 10 by Youku and the production crew. The first season’s fans were ecstatic in the wake of this news. Several photos of the novel and artwork posters were posted on Youku. Shortly, there will be a television adaptation of the book “Love When The Stars Fall.”.

When Is the Season 2 of Ashes of Love Coming Out?

Ashes of love season 2

The character’s stories from the first season will be told in the second season of the Ashes of Love TV series. There have been no official notifications from the makers at this point. However, it is believed that the second season of The Ashes of Love will be released by the end of 2022.

The Cast of Season 2 of Ashes of Love

This film has Yang Zi and Luo Yunxi as the lead actors portraying Jinmi and Runyu. This film features both Jinmi and Runyu. He is a calm and friendly person. As long as he is confident in the outcome, he will not take action.

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Xufeng is another name for Deng Lun, also known as Xufeng (2nd prince of the Heavenly Realm). He ascended to the kingdom after the death of his birth mother. When he isn’t dressed as a dragon, he resembles a dragon. Chen Yuqi plays Liuying in this story. This story features Wang Yifei, Zou Tingwei, and Chen Yuqi.

Trailer for Season 2 of “Ashes of Love”

There is no Season 2 trailer, so watch the Season 1 trailer for Ashes of Love below.


The death of Mu Ci puts an end to their romance. Mu Ci decides to have Xu Feng use his fire magic to eradicate the silkworms attacking his flesh. However, his body will gradually degrade, and he will die due to this. He, too, would only live for ten years.


Is there a part 2 to Ashes of Love?

On March 10, Youku and the team behind “Ashes of Love” made it official that there would be a sequel.

What are Ashes of Love Season 2 about?

Love’s Ashes About/Background. Zifen, the Flower Deity, dies from her wounds after having a daughter named Jinmi. She looked at a horoscope because she thought that her daughter would have a big love problem in the first 10,000 years of her life.

Is Jinmi and Xufeng related?

Xufeng, Runyu, and Taiwei thought she was the daughter of Zifen and Taiwei before they found out she was the daughter of Zifen and Loulin. Because Xufeng thought Jinmi was his sister, he didn’t go after this love he had.


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