Baka and Test Season 3: When It Will Be Renewed?

We haven’t seen the second season of the Baka and Test show in more than 10 years. The first season aired in 2010 and had 13 episodes. The second season also had 13 episodes and aired the following year, in 2011. There have been many other releases besides the primary two seasons, such as OVAs and special attacks.

The last special episode was Baka and Test Mini Special, which aired in 2017. The studio Silver Link is adapting Baka and Test. This is the same studio that animated My Next Life as a Villainess: All Roads Lead to Doom!

Baka and Test – Summon the Beast, or Baka and Test as it is more commonly known, started as a series of romantic comedy light novels written by Kenji Inoue, who also wrote the story for the popular manga series Grand Blue. Yui Haga, a skilled manga artist, is the one who draws the pictures for the light novel.

baka and test season 3

From 2007 to 2015, a total of 18 light novels were written about the book. The main story took up 12 volumes, while the side stories took up the other 6. Enterbrain put out the light novels under their Famitsu Bunko label.

The light novels have also been turned into three manga. The first one is called Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu. This time, Mosuke Mattaku and Yumeuta drew the pictures. It came out in the Shounen Ace magazine from Kadokawa Shoten. Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ja, marked by Koizumi, is the second manga version of the book.

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Namo drew the pictures for the last Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu manga, called Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Spinout! Sore ga Bokura no Nichijou. This manga was also put out in 4 volumes by Kadokawa Shoten in their Shounen Ace magazine. The third manga was published in 6 books of Enterbrain’s Famitsu Comic Clear, which was different from the first two.

Will There Be Season 3

The 18 volumes of the light novel came to an end in 2015. We won’t say it’s impossible yet, but there are some issues we need to talk about. First, we must look at the source material, just like we have done for every other series we discussed. The main story is told in 12 books, and the rest are about other things.

Some sources said that most books were anime, but is that true? Before the second season started, there were already 11 books in the series. But Kenji Inoue published five more books after the last episode of the second season. Even though there are only five volumes, we think that is enough for Baka and Test Season 3.

baka and test season 3

A Reddit user named zikari8 also said that the anime was like the light novel. The user declares that most of the first season’s episodes were made in Japan. But the second season was different. It was based on the books until volume 7,5.

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So, there you have it, Baka and Test Season 3’s ray of hope.

Release Date

After over a decade, fans are tired of waiting for Baka and Test Season 3. The production company hasn’t said anything about whether or not they will keep making the show. Most likely, the source material is the main problem. Even though both the light novels and the manga are done, most of the main story has already been told in the first two seasons.

There are still side stories that could be used, but since there isn’t much to work with, it’s unlikely they will be used in Baka and Test Season 3. The end of season 2 was also pretty conclusive, which made it even less likely that fans would ever get to see Baka and Test season 3.

baka and test season 3

The Silver Link studio, which made Baka and Test Season 2, hasn’t officially said that Baka and Test Season 3 won’t happen, so it might.

Baka and Test Season 3 Twitter

Take a look at Baka and Test Season 3 Twitter account.

The Plot

The story is about Akihisa Yoshii, a student known for being bad at school. He goes to Fumizuki Academy, a unique school that divides its students by how well they do in school. The better you do on an exam, the higher your class and the more benefits you get. As you might have guessed, Akihisa is put in Class F, the lowest and worst type.

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Akihisa doesn’t like where he studies, so with the help of his classmates; he tries to move up to a higher level. Still, he needs to pass the Examinations Summon Battle test at Fumizuki Academy to reach his goal. In this test, the student can make up a fantasy character whose skills are based on how well they did on the test. This is where Akihisa and Class F’s fight to get to the top starts.


  • Akihisa Yoshii (Shimono Hiro, who also played as Dabi in My Hero Academia)
  • Yuuji Sakamoto (Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who also played Ban in The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • Mizuki Himeji was played by Hitomi Harada, who in The iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls was also Airi Totoki.
  • Minami Shimada (Kaori Mizhuhashi, who also played as Ougi Oshino in the Monogatari series)
  • Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Emiri Katou, who also played Kyuubey in Puella Magi Madoka Magica)
  • Kouta Tsuchiya (Miyata Kouki, who also played as Aiichirou Nitoni in Free!)

Frequently Asked Question

Will There Be a Season 3 of Baka and Test?

Ten years is a long time to wait for a new show season. So, unless a miracle happens and Silver Link decides to take over the project again in the future, it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see the third season. Chances are not zero, but it isn’t peculiar.

Is the Baka Test Over?

After Baka and Test’s first two seasons, the show’s creators decided not to make any more. This was sad news for anime fans who wanted to see how Akihisa Yoshii’s crazy and funny misadventures turned out.

What Happened to Baka and Test?

In the end, Akihisa chooses Himeji as his love interest, and Minami doesn’t care one way or the other about his choice. The two seem destined to get married, but the final ending for Baka and Test made us all laugh at the show’s end.


Akihisa chose Himeji to be his girlfriend, but Minami didn’t care about his choice. The final Baka and Test ending was meant to make people laugh at the end of the series.

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