Barbarians Season 2 Release Date: It Will Likely Be Released in October 2022!

The 2020 German historical war drama TV show Barbarians, also called Barbaren in German, was made by Andreas Heckmann, Arne Nolting, and Jan Martin Scharf. During the time that the Roman Empire ruled over Germany, the Germanic clans rebelled under the leadership of Arminius.

This is a work of fiction. Barbarians were also on all of the top ten Netflix lists in the world. On the website Rotten Tomatoes, critics have given the show an average approval rating of 86% and audience scores have given it an average approval rating of 83%. Read on to learn everything about season 2 of Barbarians.

Barbarians Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

According to whatsonnetflix, the Official Renewal of Netflix Renewed (most recent update: 10/11/2020)

A little less than a month after the first episode, Netflix gave the show the green light for a second season.

Some of the European Netflix Twitter accounts, like those for France and Germany, told people about the news.

Barbarians Season 2 Release Date

According to businessupturn, The actor who plays Flavus in Barbarians, Daniel Donskoy, helped reveal the movie’s release date on Twitter by showing us the first official poster.

We can now say for sure that season 2 of Barbarians will be on Netflix on October 21, 2022.

Barbarians Season 2 Release Date

Netflix Germany said at the beginning of 2022 that season 2 of Barbarians would be on Netflix in the Fall/Winter of 2022.

Along with the news that the game would come out in the fall, we also got our first teaser trailer.

Barbarians Season 2 Instagram

Take a look at the Barbarians Season 2 Instagram account.


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Who’s Behind Season 2 of Barbarians?

The renewal came with the news that season 2 will have six episodes, each of which will be about 45 minutes long.

Stefan Ruzowitzky, who is known for The Counterfeiters and Hinterland, will be the showrunner for the second season. He will also direct and act in this season’s episodes.

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Season 2 will also have episodes directed by Lennart Ruff.

The following people have been confirmed for season 2:

  • Laurence Rupp as Arminius
  • Jeanne Goursaud as Thusnelda
  • David Schutter as Folkwin Wolfspeer
  • Daniel Donskoy as Flavus
  • Bernhard Schütz as Segestes

For the second season, there are also a number of new cast members.

Odvulf will be played by Robert Maaser, and the main bad guy in season 2, Maroboduus the Marcomanni King, will be played by Murathan Muslu. Aulus will be played by Andrea Garofalo.

As was said, Stefan Ruzowitzky, Katharina Heyer, Alessandro Fella, Cynthia Micas, Gabriele Rizzoli, and Giovanni Carta will all make their first appearances in season 2.

Barbarians Season 2 Plot

Netflix hasn’t said anything about the plot for season 2 of Barbarians, and it’s not likely that they will any time soon. These are usually released much closer to when the new season comes out, and Netflix will probably do the same.

Barbarians Season 2 Release Date

History fans know that the Battle of Teutoburg Forest had a big effect on how the Romans took care of things after they took over. This opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for season 2 of Barbarians. It would also be interesting to see how Varus’s anti-Roman alliance with Maroboduss, the king of the Marcomanni, works out, among other things. Netflix subscribers shouldn’t have to wait too long for the next season.

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We’ve also heard a lot of rumors about what will happen in season 2.

The end of the first season of Barbarians left a lot to think about. We also know what to expect from a possible second season based on the past.

A Barbarian King?

Arminius and Thusnelda were able to get the Germanic tribes to fight together under one flag against the three Roman Legions. The ambush was a huge success, and the Roman Empire lost very badly.

As Arminius and Thusnelda celebrate a big victory, it seems more and more likely that they could claim the titles of King and Queen of the tribes.

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Of course, there will be problems close to home. Thusnelda’s father is plotting with Hadgan, the man she used to be engaged to. They plan to attack Arminius when he doesn’t expect it and take power for themselves.

The Wrath of Rome?

The war with Rome is still going on, and from a historical point of view, there will be many more battles.

Barbarians Season 2 Release Date

Arminius and the Germanic tribes will be busy getting rid of the last Romans east of the Rhine, while Tiberius, the Emperor of Rome, will be putting together another army. Germanicus will be leading more legions of Romans to fight Arminius.

The betrayal of Folkwin Wolfspeer?

Folkwin is no longer close to either Thusnelda or Arminius since he almost became a slave for the Romans and lost her to Arminius. Even though Arminius said he would make Folkwin a prince if he became king, Folkwin took this as an insult and said he would kill Arminius if he became the Germanic King.

Folkwin is a wild card when it comes to Arminius’ plans. Folkwin is the only reason Arminius is still alive, and he was also the one who spread the lie that Thusnelda had ties to the gods. Both of these things led to his ex-best friend and ex-lover getting married, which brought the tribes together and made it possible for them to become the new king and queen.

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