Bee and Puppy cat Season 3: Are There Plans for Season 3?

Natasha Allegri is the creator and writer of the American adult cartoon streaming television series Bee and PuppyCat.  The protagonist of the show is Bee (Allyn Rachel), a young, unemployed lady in her twenties who meets PuppyCat, a strange creature (voiced by the Vocaloid program Oliver).

She adopts this seeming cat-dog hybrid, and the two of them work a number of temporary jobs to help her pay her rent each month. The pair travels to odd places in space as a result of these peculiar jobs. The animation for the first season of the original series was initially outsourced to the South Korean studio Dong Woo Animation by Frederator Studios.

The show began with a web pilot in 2013, then had a first season funded by Kickstarter that was made available on YouTube from 2014 to 2016.

Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space, a reimagined series, was created and scheduled for a 2019 premiere on VRV, however, it was postponed and leaked online in 2020.

Later, Netflix ordered three more episodes, remaking the pilot episodes as well, and packaged them with the Lazy in Space episodes. In 2022, the entire relaunched series debuted. A comic book adaption was also released from 2014 to 2016 by KaBoom! Studios.

Bee and Puppy cat Season 3


Bee, a bubbly and eccentric young woman in her early twenties, is frequently let go from low-skilled jobs despite her enthusiasm. A strange, enigmatic creature named PuppyCat falls from the sky while PuppyCat is returning home after a failed job chance.

She welcomes him in, and when PuppyCat notices that she is poor and jobless, he teleports Bee and himself to another world where TempBot, a gigantic, sentient television screen, offers them jobs.

Bee discovers that she has an aptitude for the task and that it pays well enough for her to overlook the risks despite the risks that this line of temporary work would present.

PuppyCat’s background, which is revealed to be that of a space bandit whose love for a space princess ended with him being cursed into his current state by a group of warlocks who always try to capture him everywhere he goes, is a recurring plot point of the series.

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The revelation that Bee is a robot, her friendship with the Wizard family and their young Deckard, a talented chef with a crush on her who eventually enrolls in cooking school at her urging, and Cardamon, Bee’s preteen landlord, struggling to balance work and caring for his unconscious mother Violet are among the other plot points.

After it is discovered that the island where the tale takes place is actually Puppycat and Violet’s spaceship, which is finally rebuilt as the party departs Earth when the Warlocks invade their planet, everything comes to a head in the second season finale.

Are There Plans for Bee and Puppycat Season 3?

It’s too soon to say whether there will be a third season or additional episodes to the ones now accessible on Netflix. Since the recently released sequel season has some intriguing plot twists, fans are anxious for additional content. Since fans of the series have been waiting almost 10 years for new episodes, I’m sure they would like to see Netflix continue the series beyond what is now available.

Bee and Puppy cat Season 3

There is plenty of room to go on with the show. Netflix has not yet made any announcements on the show’s future as of September 2022. It might be challenging to gauge Netflix’s popularity, particularly for animated series.

The greatest approach to ensure that a season is renewed is to stream the full season (the completion rate does count) and persuade your friends to do the same. It appears as though the series might have a better shot than some of the other animated shows on the platform given its existing fan base, but it will also be crucial to draw in new viewers.



A young, unemployed woman in her 20s named Bee and PuppyCat encounters a weird entity (voiced by the Vocaloid program Oliver). The two of them take on this apparent cat-dog hybrid, and they both work a variety of temporary jobs to help her pay her rent each month.

A web pilot for the program debuted in 2013, then from 2014 to 2016, a first season that was sponsored through Kickstarter was made available on YouTube. The fully redesigned series made its debut in 2022. It’s too early to predict whether a third season or more episodes will be released.

As of September 2022, Netflix has not yet made any comments regarding the show’s future. It could be difficult to estimate how popular Netflix is, especially for animated series. Streaming the entire season and convincing others to do the same is the best strategy for ensuring that a season is renewed.

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