Ben Baller Net Worth: How Much Has He Earned From His Profession?

A native of Los Angeles, Ben Baller was born there on January 27, 1973. He’s 48 years old and a citizen of the United States. Christian, born under the Aquarius zodiac, he is an astrophysicist by faith. His ancestry can be summed up as being Korean and American at the same time. Ben Yang is also his birth name.

The parents of Ben Baller are currently unknown. As a result, his mother worked as a dressmaker, while his father was a history teacher at UCLA. David Yang and Jeanne Yang are Ben’s brothers and sisters, respectively. A video game developer and a celebrity stylist are among his siblings. Ben Baller was born and raised in K-Town, a small town in the United States

Ben studied at Beverly Hills High School and afterward graduated with a Degree from California, Berkeley, according to his educational background and qualifications.

Ben then attended San Francisco State University and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in cinematography. Similarly, Ben Yang earned the nickname “Baller” due to his participation in ball games during his school and college years in San Francisco. Baller played football and Division II basketball at San Francisco State University. In addition, he defended NBA All-Star superstar Steve Nash when he played for Santa Clara University.

Career and Professional Life

Ben Baller Net Worth

Ben Baller began his career in the music industry in the year 1993. And, his first job was as a DJ at Washinton’s restaurant. He chose to become a professional DJ and continued his profession till 2004. Ben recorded 20 platinum album credits during his time in the music industry.

Ben has worked with many leading music producers and companies as well. He also had an interest in acting and his interest drove him to work in films like “AS I AM: The Life & Times of DJ AM” in the year 2015. He also has his own documentary series that came out in the year 2012 and also won a Webby award for the best new reality show. Ben also appeared in “Cake” in the year 2004. Also, he was very fond of collecting sneakers and even got renowned in the world for collecting the best sneakers.

In a similar vein, Ben Baller, his uncle, and his cousin established a jewelry business in 2004 under the name “ICEE FRESH & Co.” The company specialised in the design of imaginative jewelry. Additionally, members of his family have been working in the jewelry-producing industry for almost three decades.

Ben, on the other hand, moved on to the many other ways that bespoke jewelry may be designed. Because of this, he rose to prominence as a jewelry craftsman. In addition to this, he is excellent at making expensive jewelry that is covered in diamonds.

Because of the quality of his work and his abilities, he was able to land a number of high-profile clients, including celebrities like Kayne West, the Orlando Brown, Drake, Nas, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Snoop Dogg, Mariah Carrey, and Joel Madden. Even the renowned Michael Jackson wore belt buckles that Ben had manufactured for him, adorned with diamonds.

Relationship Status of Ben Baller

For the past seven years, Ben Baller and Nicolette Yang have been happily married. In the year 2010, they started seeing one other. And on February 25, 2011, they became engaged to be married. On the celebration of their first love anniversary, Ben engaged to Nicolette and they exchanged wedding vows.

They married on February 25, 2012, exactly one year after their engagement. London, Ryder, and Kaia are the couple’s three children. In addition, Ben Baller frequently publishes images of his wife and their three lovely children on social media and shows his joy at being a father.

Body Measurements

Ben Baller Net Worth

Ben Baller is 185 centimeters tall and weighs 85 kg. His height is 6 feet. The additional measures of Baller’s body, including his chest size, waist size, and hip size, are 42 inches, 32 inches, and 37 inches, respectively. In addition, he has dark brown eyes and jet black hair, but he cuts his hair so frequently that he is on the verge of being bald. Ben also has a mustache and a beard on his face.

Social Media

All of en Baller’s social media accounts are active. There are currently 136 posts on his Instagram feed under the username “ben baller.” On Instagram, he has 2 million followers. Social media isn’t the only platform Ben uses. In addition to his 279.3K followers on Twitter and 12K subscribers on YouTube, he has 37.9K Facebook fans.


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Ben Baller Net Worth

By the year 2022, Ben Baller will have amassed a total net worth of one hundred million dollars. He owns and co-owns a variety of businesses, one of which is a cannabis company called VVS PENS, in which he holds an 85 percent share. Before it was sold for $45 million, the company had annual revenue of $25 million. Before the sale, it was sold for that amount.

In a similar vein, he is the owner of a business that goes by the name BBDTC and it is the source of a yearly revenue of ten million dollars for him. In addition to that, he is a majority shareholder (51 percent) in the custom jewelry design firm If And Co. In addition to that, it is said that Ben has a house with a value of $6 million as well as a condo with a value of $3 million. In addition to that, he possesses a diverse collection of automobiles that is valued at over 2 million dollars.


How Did Ben Baller Get His Money?

From his businesses like “Ben Baller Did the Chain,” which earns more than $10 million in annual revenue, he gets most of his money In addition, Ben holds a 51% share in the well-known firm ‘If And Co.’ His businesses have generated millions of dollars in revenue for him.

What Is Ben Baller’s Real Name?

Ben Yang

What Does Ben Baller Do for a Living?

His enterprises are the primary contributors to his income. For example, he is the owner of the company known as “Ben Baller Did the Chain,” which brings in annual revenue of more than $10 million. This is the primary source of his income. Additionally, Ben is a majority shareholder in the successful company known as “If And Co.” Through his various businesses, he has been able to amass millions of dollars.

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