Best Anime Movies to Watch Right Now

Anime films are often insightful and fun to watch. The industry provides a wide variety of genres from romance to drama with happy and sad endings, creating fodder for academic essays and social media content. The best place to watch anime movies is always Netflix due to its affordable prices and ease of accessibility for students. On the other hand, you can always find good anime movies to watch on free websites or by reading review papers from reliable news sites like The Guardian.

Here Are the Best Anime Movies to Watch on Netflix

Ponyo (2008)

Despite being a few years older than the currently dominant anime films, Ponyo is still one of the best anime movies to watch on Netflix in 2022. Ponyo is a fantasy film for adults and children. A magical goldfish turns into a human after Sosuke saves and takes care of her. Their friendship strengthens, and Ponyo becomes more human with a strong desire to live on the surface.

She escapes from her underwater kingdom against her father’s will to revisit and live with Sosuke using powerful sorcery that endangers the balance between the two worlds. Ponyo is adamant about remaining in her preferred dimension despite her father’s endless pursuit using powerful waves that could destroy Sosuke’s village. The two fight for their love against all odds forcing Ponyo to become human and interconnecting their worlds and families. The film highlights the concept of diversity and integration as cultural differences are often the basis of conflict. People are more likely to breach cultural boundaries as the world becomes more integrated and interconnected.

Earwig and the Witch (2020)

The film highlights the plight of an adopted child in a new and mysterious family. Based on Diana Wynne Jones’s novel by the same name, Earwig and the Witch illustrates the environmental factors that force children to act mischievously. The film demonstrates the survival instincts of a young girl, Earwig, raised in an orphanage and adopted by a mysterious family.

Earwig, renamed Erica Wig, becomes the witch’s helper learning a few details about the enchanted world and using the knowledge to ease her living under Mandrake’s roof. She partners with the talking cat to create a magic-resistant potion as a form of defense against the witch, Bella Yaga. The film demonstrates the girl’s survival instinct as her witchcraft focuses on eliminating the daunting tasks from her adopted mother.

Blame (2017)

Directed by Hiroyuki Seshita, Blame takes the viewer to an unprecedented future where cyber technology turns into a disaster leading to a near extinction experience for the human race. The film highlights the fears of the current generation about the future of humanity based on the probability of extensive technological advancement. Particularly, Blame covers the potential of a cyber virus that could turn technology against humans.

The possibility of machines controlling humans has often been a significant source of speculation for most skeptics of technology. In this film, the director creates the worst possible imagination of an automated defense system (Safeguard) becoming disastrous for humanity. Blame tells the story of human’s primary and natural survival instinct as Zuru strives to escape Safeguard leading to a string of events that could save her village. The subsequent scenes demonstrate the power of unity and togetherness as the survivors learn from and follow Killy towards a successful fight against safeguard and the automated cities despite food shortage.

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A Whisker Away

A whisker away is one of the best anime movies to watch on Netflix. The film illustrates the powers of desire and human potential. Miyo is in love with Kento Hinode, a feeling that seems to drive her life’s actions. Hinode does not share the same level of infatuation, causing fears of heartbreak or rejection. As Miyo seeks the mysteries of love and romance, the mask seller helps her turn into a cat with a mysterious mask.

In this form, she can observe her lover without revealing her feelings. Miyo is on the brink of losing herself as the line between humanity and becoming an animal is thin. The mask seller preys on Miyos infatuation, letting her remain a cat despite the risks. The film is about social media, illustrating the role of desire and quest for approval from the audience in increasing the risk of mental health. It demonstrates how young adults and teenagers live double lives with the help of the internet and social media. Although Miyo has a big personality as a human, she reveals her fragility as a cat to win Hinode’s embrace.

Bubble (2022)

The Japanese anime industry has been at the forefront in transforming the animated movie industry with classic yet amazing concepts. The sector has been instrumental with fictional stories beyond expectations but within human conceptualization capacity. The directors have demonstrated high-level imagination, creating wonderful scenes and stories of the future. Bubble tells the story of mysterious events in an abandoned city, Tokyo. In a post-apocalyptic environment, a hero arises from a local boy Hibiki accompanied by a mysterious girl, Uta.

The city is infested with gravity-defying bubbles, forming the basis for destruction. Hibiki and Uta play parkour together but accidentally restart the bubble apocalypse. Uta sets on a journey to stop the calamity while Hibiki follows to save her. The film ends as Uta becomes a bubble while they both manage to save the city, making it habitable again. The film illustrates the power of imagination and the unlimited human capacity to find solutions. Despite the challenges, young people defy restrictions in the city and survive through risky games and barter trade.

Of the Five, Ponyo and Bubble are the Two Best Anime Movies to Write Essays on

While Ponyo animates the intrigues of romance and the limits of diversity, Bubble creates a futuristic perception of an apocalyptic event. The two films provide excellent storylines for a student to focus on with a narrow scope to increase the depth of an academic essay. They have different settings and picture quality, eliminating the possibility of monotony. Ponyo and Bubbles have the magical touch of science fiction, forcing viewers to delve deeper into their wildest imaginations. The limitless concepts provide a reliable source of information for students to analyze and create insightful essays. Besides, one can find reviews and analyses online from reliable websites. The analysis sites offer alternative views about the storyline, forcing the student to become more critical of the movie and find better writing topics.

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