Which are the Best French Series on Netflix That Everyone Should Watch Right Now?  

Are you ready to spend a few minutes discovering the finest French shows on Netflix right now?

Netflix has a terrific French TV series for everyone, whether you’re looking for hilarious comedies, riveting dramas, fast-paced detective episodes, or anything in between. So grab some popcorn (or an éclair) and settle down for an hour or two of learning French while having a good time with these excellent French shows.

After all, what could be better than discovering a new favorite TV show while also learning a new language? It’s unbeatable.

Immersing yourself in French pop culture is one of the finest ways to improve your listening comprehension and French accent if you’re learning French at home. And what better way to improve your French immersion skills than by binge-watching a great show?

12. Dix pour cent (Call My Agent)

Dix pour cent

You have my permission to quit reading and go check out “Dix pour cent” if you’ve never heard of it. This fantastic dramedy (drama + comedy) exemplifies how brilliant writing, excellent acting, and the city of Paris can all be enough to land you a Netflix smash.

The series exposes the daily lives of four inept film agents who would go to any length to make their clients happy… while profiting from them (the French title translates to “Ten percent,” which is the commission the agents receive).

While the show’s creators may have intended to ridicule the work of a real film agent, they were unaware that its primary characters would become so compelling as a result of the series.

The problem is that these agents’ personal lives are hectic, and they have job disagreements and insane meetings, which many of us can relate to. When you add in real Hollywood stars (like Juliette Binoche or Sigourney Weaver) who make cameo appearances as their clients, you’ve got one of the most entertaining and authentic shows on the site.

11. Lupin


We’ll stay in Paris a little longer because “Lupin” is also set in the French capital.

Imagine a Senegalese Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, and gentleman thief Lupin all rolled into one. That’s Assane Diop, the protagonist of a Netflix series that ranked as the most-watched series in the first quarter of 2021. Assane has had a burning desire for vengeance since he was a boy. But he’s also charming and skilled, and you’d never suspect he’s planning a Louvre heist.

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What is his objective? Marie Antoinette’s jewelry was stolen. That’s all I’m going to say. Don’t worry, I felt a little bad rooting for him while binge-watching the entire series in one sitting.

On FluentU, there’s a trailer for “Lupin” with interactive subtitles as a teaser:

10. Au service de la France (A Very Secret Service)

Au service de la France

This dramedy has espionage drama parody written all over it, so if you appreciate spy movies with a twist, you’re in for a treat. We’re still in Paris, but this time we’re in the 1960s, following the exploits of André Merlaux, a trainee officer hired by the French Secret Services.

The series takes a satirical look at a time when France was already a Great Power in peril. It depicts the country’s political and socioeconomic transformations, as well as the country’s strained relations with neighboring nations.

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Despite the fact that the show is clearly a satire of France’s predicament during the Cold War era, the sociopolitical background is depicted in a fairly accurate manner, making this series ideal for anyone who wishes to learn a little more about French history while laughing.

9. On va s’aimer un peu, beaucoup (Family Business)

On va s’aimer un peu, beaucoup

I adore French comedy and that distinct French sense of humor that you either grasp or don’t (and this series has plenty of both). “Family Business” is a French comedy about a businessman named Joseph Hazan who intends to turn his father’s kosher butcher shop into a marijuana café.

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In the series, France is going to legalize marijuana, so Joseph, who hasn’t had much luck in business, decides to seize the opportunity and create a coffee shop with the support of his family and friends.

From there, the Hazans embark on a series of surprising, humorous, and often tragic events that make this show a rollercoaster you won’t want to get off.

8. Plan Coeur (The Hook Up Plan)

Plan Coeur (The Hook Up Plan)

Another French comedy series I binge-watched in one weekend was “The Hook Up Plan.” You might be asking why the show is dubbed “The Hook Up Plan” in English although the French title translates to “heart plan.”

The reality is, that both titles work well in this wonderfully frank comedy, and here’s why.

Elsa, the main character, is approaching her 30th birthday. After two years, she is still in love with her ex, and her friends Charlotte and Emile, as well as her coworker Chantal, decide to hire a male escort named Jules to help her forget about him.

The problem is that Elsa’s strategy to mend her heart is so effective that she develops feelings for Jules. Imagine what would happen if he began to fall in love as well. A loud gasp can be heard!

7. La forêt (The Forest)

La forêt (The Forest)

The Forest” is a crime thriller miniseries about a teenage girl named Jennifer who goes missing in a forest. The forest, which is located in the Ardennes, has been shrouded in mystery for years, ever since a young girl emerged from it.

What is the explanation for this? Nobody knew who she was or where she was from.

The woodland has “taken” other females over the years, so a police inquiry is launched right away to try to locate Jennifer. As the inquiry progresses, more secrets and mysteries of the forest are revealed, some of which are deserving of their own spin-off series.

I don’t want to give anything away about this gripping drama, but this miniseries contains no supernatural elements. It’s a classic drama thriller with a human explanation for everything.

6. Marianne


Marianne has the ability to scare you with only a glance. Mireille Herbstmeyer is known for her humorous work, but in Marianne, she plays the embodiment of pure wickedness, and her emotions will stick with you for a long time.

Marianne is also located in a French beach village and follows a novelist (Victoire du Bois) who is haunted by the same thing that her protagonist battles in her writings.

Furthermore, the ingenuity of the one-season horror show will leave you terrified. Victoire du Bois, Lucie Boujenah, and Mireille Herbstmeyer are among the cast members.

5. The Circle France

The Circle France

There’s good news for fans of the Netflix series The Circle: there’s a The Circle France waiting for you.

Besides, even if there are lots of high-quality French episodes on Netflix, we thought it was worth delivering a little delightful sugar for the weary, pandemic-weary brain.

In this amusing and strategic competition series, players must also choose whether to play as themselves or as other people. Romain Ben, Maxime Merkouchenko, and Rudy Doukhan are among the cast members.

4. The Chalet

The Chalet

The show takes place in a chalet in the French Alps and alternates between two timelines: 2007, when a family arrives for a fresh start, and 2017 when a group of friends gathers for a wedding.

Meanwhile, with characters disappearing one by one, this six-episode French thriller reminds us a lot of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

Despite its simple premise, The Chalet contains enough shocks to keep it fascinating. Chloe Lambert, Emillie de Preissac, Blanche Veisberg, and Marc Ruchmann are among the leading cast members.

3. Osmosis

Osmosis franch series

Have you lost track of the number of hours you’ve spent on dating apps? Osmosis has the potential to be a therapeutic experience for those who watch it.

In addition, the one-season French sitcom imagines a world in which a dating app can 100% accurately identify your soul mate.

Will you, on the other hand, script your love life? Osmosis is equivalent to a Black Mirror season. Agathe Bonitzer, Hugo Becker, Manoel DuPont, and Luana Silva are among the leading actors.

2. The Mantis

The Mantis

Netflix’s thrilling French series is a must-see. With only one six-episode season, it’s a fast watch. Serial killer Jeanne Deber has been imprisoned for decades.

The Paris police commissioner invites him to assist in the investigation of a spate of unsolved murders committed by someone who is repeating her crimes from years before. Jeanne, a former criminal known as “The Mantis,” agrees, but only if her estranged son Damien, who is now a detective, accompanies her.

Nonetheless, he accepts grudgingly so that they might try to prevent the copycat from committing more crimes. Time is of the essence since the number of victims continues to rise as the investigation continues.

Manon Azem, Carole Bouquet, Fred Testot, and Frederique Bel lead the cast.

1. Into The Night

Into The Light

If you’re afraid of flying, don’t watch Into the Night. The gripping Belgian French series is set exclusively on an airplane during a natural disaster and is available on Netflix.

People on Earth are also exposed to a dangerous toxin transported by the sun (just go with it). If the plane’s passengers are to survive, they must keep the sun behind them.

Mehmet Kurtulus, Alba Gala Kraghede, Regina Bikkinina, and Pauline Etienne are among the leading actors.


Another thing to note is that the majority of the best French series I discovered on Netflix fall into the thriller/horror genre. You will be able to practice your French in a fun way in addition to watching the French series.

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