Between Season 3 Release Date: Is it Renewed or Cancelled?

The drama Between was made in Canada. In May of this year, the science-fiction show for teens made its first appearance on TV. It was first shown on City TV. Because of this, Netflix was given the right to help make the show. People can now watch the show outside of Canada.

The show has two seasons, and each season has 12 episodes that run for 45 minutes. Michael McGowan made the show. The show got a score of 6.0 out of 10 on IMDb.

This series is about the Minister’s daughter, who is pregnant. Their home town is a small one called Pretty Lake. Even though the town tried its best, a mysterious illness or epidemic hit the area. Because of this, everyone over 21 is dying.

The beginning of the show is well-done and dramatic. The plot and the acting were both perfect.

But the big question is whether or not the program will be kept going. Can you tell us when we’ll be able to get it? Will there be another season?

Don’t worry about it. I’m here, and you can scroll down for the news.

Release Date of Between Season 3


The first season premiered in 2015, and the second season in 2016. Even though the first season did not receive very positive reviews, the second season was nonetheless released. However, there has been no news regarding the upcoming season.

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Therefore, it is unlikely that the program would awaken from its slumber. Numerous individuals eagerly anticipate its arrival. To date, we have not been able to obtain any information.

If the show is revived, you can anticipate 12 episodes.

In general, the likelihood of renewal beyond five years is low.

Expected Storyline Between Seasons 3 and 4

We are currently coping with the Covid 19 pandemic. As you well know, the town is infested with unknown ailments. However, a few seasonal patterns assist retain the place this year. In addition, quarantine and what it means to be cut off from the rest of the world are emphasized.

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This is, therefore, an assumption. In the series, a variety of topics and plotlines may be tackled. Only this information remains in the lack of a trailer, teaser, or even a release date.

Season 2 Recap Between


The pandemic has killed most of Pretty Lake’s population, and the government has quarantined the remaining families. Due to the lengthy lockdown, food supplies are running low. People are depicted in distress as they attempt to avoid the disaster. They desire nothing more than to escape this catastrophe. Then, a scientist who claims to be able to cure the sickness arrives unexpectedly.

Renne is in charge of one of the groups of survivors that Ronnie stumbles onto. To test the treatment, Wiley and Liam are searching for 22-year-old individuals.

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In the interim, Miller has issued an extermination order. Adam does everything in his ability to remove all immunized individuals as soon as he receives the order.

Willey’s refusal to reach an agreement could put Mark’s life in danger.

Between Season 1 Recap


This time of year is filled with disorder, death, sacrifices, and bad news. A mysterious illness has infected the town and killed everyone over 21. the deceased are cremated while fire destroys two supermarkets. The E-government has quarantined the community. People search for solutions while dealing with their issues. Some attempt to flee, while others seek answers.

The season concludes with Adam contemplating an escape route to save the town. But Ronnie may have to make a personal sacrifice. Mellissa confronts Wiley to learn the identity of the father of her child.

This is it, guys! If you have not watched the series, you should do so immediately. It is accessible on Netflix. Now is an excellent time to see the sequel. As you may attest, the present pandemic has affected the lives of everyone.

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