Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks: Live at Red Rocks by Bill Burr: Stream It or Skip It?

Bill Burr’s new comedy special, Live At Red Rocks, is now on Netflix. Fans watching the show on the streaming site want to know who the opening act was.

Bill talks about COVID-19, cancel culture, feminism, and his experience with mushrooms in the new special.
But fans who watched the special on Netflix didn’t know that the Colorado show had an opening act.

Who Opened for Bill Burr at Red Rocks?

Dean Delray, a comedian and podcaster opened for Bill Burr at the Red Rocks 2021 show, initially scheduled for October 1, 2021.

Dean posted a picture of himself on stage with the words “Wow, what a crazy feeling Red Rocks was” on Twitter a day after the show. @BillBurr completely burned the place down.” this was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Dean even posted on Instagram in May 2021 to let people know about the show.

After the show, a fan at the venue said that both Bill and Dean did excellent jobs.

Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks

“Bill Burr was hilarious at Red Rocks last night. It was a great time to see a show at such a cool place. Dean Delray also did a great job in the first act. Both should be seen in person, for sure,” the fan wrote.

Dean runs two podcasts: “Let There Be Talk” and “The Grail.” He is also an actor and a producer. His roles in Love (2016), Maron (2013), and Hell Ride are his most well-known works (2008).

Fans Give Their Thoughts on Netflix’s New Comedy Special

The world premiere of Bill Burr: Live at Red Rocks happened on Netflix on July 12, 2022, at 3 a.m. ET. After seeing the new special, many fans went on Twitter to praise the comedian.

“Hey, @billburr, you were great at Red Rocks! “Thanks for just being yourself,” said one fan.

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“Seeing Bill Burr at Red Rocks was crazy. Deep, dark, uncomfortable. “He’s still one of the funniest people of our time,” said another fan.

Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks

“I went to Red Rocks and saw Bill Burr’s new special. This was the funniest and most honest stand-up show I’ve seen in the last two years. Just great writing and comedic genius. A third fan wrote, “I couldn’t stop laughing the whole time.”

What Is Bill Burr Doing These Days?

  • The comedian, who is 54 years old, is on his 2022 tour right now.
  • On Friday, July 15, he will perform at The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.
  • Bill’s 2022 tour will last until December 17, when the tour’s last show will be at the AT&T Center.

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Live at Red Rocks by Bill Burr: Stream It or Skip It?

Burr just put together and hosted a show called Bill Burr Presents: Friends Who Kill as part of the first Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival.

Bill Burr Live at Red Rocks

In that special, he made a lot of jokes about how the pandemic had led too many people to become doctors and Kyle Rittenhouse to break the law. Even his fans couldn’t agree with him in less than 10 minutes. Could Burr get all comedy fans to decide on his next movie? How could he not? He talked about the main ideas of “woke cancel culture” and feminism.

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What Comedy Specials Will It Remind You Of?: Burr started as a supporting actor on Chappelle’s Show. He is the same age as another fiery redhead who began his comedy career in Boston, but Burr’s comedy is now on a different level than either Dave Chappelle or Louis CK. He’s become more like Jim Jefferies, if anyone else from his time, in some ways.

Memorable Jokes: Early in the special, Burr admits that #MeToo and similar movements helped find and name all the creeps, but they crossed a line when they started looking through history for more bad guys. He makes his point with John Wayne.

Bill Burr Has Announced a New Netflix Special Called “Live at Red Rocks.”

Friends Who Kill is the name of a new showcase unique by Bill Burr that came out earlier this month on Netflix. It was filmed at the Netflix is a Joke Festival earlier this year. Well, it looks like that was just a sample of his new hour, which will be out next month.

Burr posted on Instagram this morning about his new special Live At Red Rocks, filmed at the famous outdoor venue in Colorado in September of 2021. In his announcement, he said, “It’s a whole new hour of stupidity that shows how little I’ve changed over the years.”

Live At Red Rocks by Bill Burr comes out on July 12.

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