Black Monday Season 4 Release Date: Is It Renewed or Canceled? Check Out Here!

Don Cheadle plays Maurice “Mo” Monroe, the founder of the Jammer Group, a small Wall Street firm of stockbrokers that was on the rise in the year leading up to the historic stock market crash of 1987, in the Showtime dark comedy with the same name.

The crash is often called “Black Monday.” On January 20, 2019, the first “Black Monday” season started, and Cheadle was nominated for an Emmy for his role. Since then, the show has had two more seasons, with the most recent one beginning on Showtime on May 23, 2021.

Even though the first part of the pilot episode shows the stock market crash, it quickly goes back a year to where the real story begins, revealing what or who is really behind “Black Monday.”

Black Monday” has become a popular comedy thanks to its sharp writing and talented cast. The show is set in the 1980s and takes full advantage of that period’s fashion, technology, and attitude toward things like drugs, s*xual harassment, blackmail, etc. Fans of the show are hoping for a fourth season soon to see more episodes.

The Release Date of Black Monday Season 4

Black Monday Season 4

Following the third season of “Black Monday,” Showtime is yet to announce if the show will be renewed or canceled. Throughout the season’s 10 episodes, the show’s ratings in the ideal 18-49 demographic have fluctuated between the same and lower than Season 2’s (via TV Series Finale).

Despite this, the show has a loyal following, making it difficult to predict if it will be renewed for a fourth season. Showtime had previously renewed “Black Monday” for a third season in October 2020, so an announcement is likely to arrive around the same time this year (Variety).

Showtime may make a choice sooner than expected if the public is lucky. Assuming that “Black Monday” is renewed for another batch of episodes, we can expect it to appear within 12-14 months of Season 3’s premiere date of May 23, 2021, based on the timings of prior seasons.

The Cast of Black Monday Season 4

Black Monday Season 4 cast members are below.

  • Paul Scheer played Keith Shankar in the film.
  • Casey Wilson plays Tiffany Georgina.
  • Don Cheadle in the role of Maurice Monroe
  • Andrew Rannells in the part of Blair Pfaff
  • Dawn Darcy is Regina Hall’s character.
  • Eugene Cordero plays Ronnie.
  • starring Jason Michael Snow as Mike
  • Julie Hagerty portrays Mrs. Georgina
  • Actors Ken Marino as Larry and Lenny Lehman
  • In the role of Wayne, Horatio Sanz
  • Kadeem Hardison plays Spencer.
  • Bruce Dern portrays Rod – The Jammer – Kaminski.
  • Kurt Braunohler plays Ty Daverman.
  • Shira, played by Melissa Rauch

Black Monday Season 4’s Story

Black Monday Season 4

As Season 3 of “Black Monday” nears its conclusion, numerous characters are killed, revealing many secrets. An assassin is after Mo and his friends, so they stage a fake wedding to get the killer to leave them alone. After an extended period, the pair finally admits that they are in love, even though they are still high on cocaine and other narcotics.

To complicate matters further, they suspect Lenny to be the killer, but Corky Harris (June Diane Raphael) turns out to be the one who did it. Her husband, Roger Harris (Tuc Watkins), committed suicide in Season 2 after discovering his affair with Blair. Corky is his wife.

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As a result, Corky vows revenge on Blair and tries to shoot him. Her next target is Dawn; Mo manages to dodge the bullet. Don’t be alarmed; he’s okay. Although they are surrounded, the group’s only hope is a sword wielded by Tiffany, who everyone assumed was dead, and cuts down Corky.

The day was saved, Mo and Dawn fell in love, and the future is still uncertain for everyone involved! To learn more about these events and Mo’s following crazy business scheme and to deepen their love story, “Black Monday” will likely get a fourth season, so stay tuned. Not even a near-fatal accident can keep Mo, Dawn, and the rest of the crew from getting back into the game.

Review of Black Monday Season 3

Black Monday Season 4

Critics were impressed with the third season of Black Monday. There’s a good chance that the fourth season of Black Monday will continue the third season’s storyline.

Nomi’s popularity continues to soar as Dawn and Mo come to terms with their artistic differences towards the end of Black Monday season 3. As a result, Tiff and Blair mingle with a high-profile guest while Keith tries to reignite his romance with Mike.

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When Dawn is ready to move to the West Coast for the second time, Mo’s attempt to assist her backfires; in the end, Blair discovers that the assassin is hiding within the house, and Keith is in desperate need of work. As for Mo, he plans to have his bachelor party.

They’ve also decided to party in a cabin in the woods, where the killer is still on the run. After that, Keith can enjoy his newfound social standing until someone comes back unexpectedly. On the eve of the year 1989, on New Year’s Eve. It’s Mo’s wedding day, but the most important thing is to make sure he and the rest of his team live to see another decade.

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Yassir and Dawn work together to make sure that occurs. We’ll have to wait and see.

Black Monday Season 4 Trailer

There has not been an official trailer for Black Monday Season 4. After Black Monday’s fourth season is confirmed, it will be released.

The official trailer for Black Monday’s third season can be seen below. It premiered on Showtime on May 1, 2021.


Fans of the Black Monday series are eagerly awaiting the fourth season’s release date.

However, Black Monday was canceled in January 2022 after three seasons. So, the fourth season of Black Monday will not be released. Black Monday has ten episodes in each of its three seasons. The Black Reel Television Award has been given to Black Monday.

Primetime Emmy Award, NAACP Image Award, and Critics’ Choice Television Awards were all nominated for Black Monday. The Golden Globe Award was also nominated.

We can expect a fourth season of Black Monday in 2023 if it is adapted for another platform and announced.

On Black Monday, a group of outsiders takes on Wall Street’s old boys club in the 1980s. The audience’s reception to Black Monday has been overwhelmingly positive. Critics have given it high marks. We’ll have to wait and see. We’ll provide any new information regarding Black Monday as soon as we have it.

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