Black Summer Season One: Why With Z Nation?

Karl Schaefer and John Hyams are the brains behind the creation of the American streaming television series Black Summer. On April 11, 2019, the first season of the show, which consists of eight episodes, was made available on Netflix. Hyams is the primary writer and director of the series; however, Abram Cox contributes to the series by writing and directing other episodes.

black summer

The series is produced by The Asylum, the same production firm that was responsible for Z Nation. Rose, a mother who is separated from her daughter during the initial and bloodiest days of a zombie apocalypse, is played by Jaime King, who also acts in the primary role of the character.

The series received mostly positive reviews from the reviewers. Many of the filming locations may be found in and around Calgary, which is located in the province of Alberta in Canada.

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What is the relationship between Black Summer and Z Nation?

It’s very much like how The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead collaborate to tell their stories. Although they take place in different eras, they all take place in the same universe.

Since the first episode of Black Summer takes place at the commencement of the zombie breakout, we will get a glimpse into the mayhem and devastation that characterised the first few weeks of the pandemic.

Because Z Nation was started three years after the breakout, the plot of Black Summer would have to take place over a period of at least three years in order for it to connect with the narrative of Z Nation.

What exactly occurred with Z Nation?

You may have heard that Syfy has decided not to renew Z Nation for a sixth season of the show’s original run. Although Syfy has not disclosed the reason why the series will not be continued, David Michael Latt, CEO of The Asylum, the production company responsible for both shows, has stated that it is likely due to poor ratings.

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Although Z Nation has experienced a steady decline in ratings since its debut season, many viewers have turned to on-demand streaming services such as Netflix rather than tuning in live to watch the show.

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Z Nation is available to watch on Netflix in a large majority of countries around the world. On January 27th, the concluding fifth season of the show was added on Netflix in the United States. It is anticipated that other territories may follow suit in the near future.

There is a good chance that Netflix considered continuing Z Nation into season 6, but the company has either not decided to do so or is waiting to see how well Black Summer does before making a decision.

Cast Black Summer

Regarding the cast of the upcoming season, both Christine Lee and Zoe Marlett will be back for a third season of their respective roles. Simply because they still have a pulse. However, Justin Chu Cary, who plays the role of Spears and passed away in the second season, will not be returning for the third season because his character died in the second season. We don’t think Rose will die.

black summer

Therefore, we are free to wait for Jaime King to come back. In the upcoming third season, we will be greeted by the three main female characters of the show, Rose, Anna, and Sun, and we cannot wait to see what challenges they face.

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Plot of Black Summer

The show will follow Jaime King as she navigates the challenges she faces after becoming estranged from her daughter in the midst of a catastrophic event. The events of the show take place four months after the start of the zombie apocalypse depicted in ‘Z Nation,’ which is when the majority of the population (95%) has already perished by this point.

This information was shared by the show’s creator, Karl Schaefer, at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2018. The main character, played by Jaime King, embarks on a perilous journey in the hopes of locating her daughter.

She, along with a group of American refugees, will need to make difficult choices in order to survive the horrifying new world and continue their journey.

Where exactly is the production of the series taking place?

The production phase has been successfully wrapped up. At this moment, Netflix is engaging in the process of marketing the show to subscribers all around the world.

Trailer: Black Summer

Here is the official trailer of black summer:

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