Black Summer Season 3: Has Netflix Picked the Series for Season 3?

It took more than two years to get season 2 of Black Summer, and we still don’t know what will happen with Z Nation prequel season 3. We’d like to see a third season of Black Summer on Netflix, but there isn’t much news, and the ratings aren’t good, so, likely, there won’t be one.

Karl Schaefer and John Hyams made the horror show Black Summer for Netflix. It is the prequel to the fantastic and crazy zombie show Z-Nation.

Black Summer got much better in its second season than in its first. If there’s one thing Black Summer keeps doing well, it’s making sure that every zombie encounter is scary and every fight with another survivor is tense and nerve-wracking.

Has Netflix Picked Up Black Summer for a Season 3?

Black Summer Season 3

Black Summer season 2 came out on Netflix six months ago, but we still don’t know what will happen next with the horror show. What season 2 of Black Summer lacked was popularity in English-speaking countries like the United States and the United Kingdom.

Even though Black Summer was in the top ten on U.S. TV between June 17 and July 2, 2021, Netflix’s new way of viewing top tens has taken it out of the top ten between those dates. It has been replaced by shows like CoComelon, Sweet Tooth, and Newly Rich, Newly Poor.

Globally, the show didn’t make it into the top ten. This means that in its second and third week, Black Summer season 2 couldn’t beat Lucifer season 3, which was watched for 9,550,000 hours. FlixPatrol says that the show quickly dropped out of the top 10 charts around the world. This is important because most of the shows canceled in 2021 have not been in the top 10 for 30 days.

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In the U.S., the show was in the top 10 for 12 days, but in the U.K., it was in the top 10 for 14 days.

One great thing about the show is that actress Jamie King wants there to be a third season. She told the express that she has some ideas for season 3 and can’t wait to get into the writers’ room. But she has also said things that make it sound like a third season could be the last.

When Does Season 3 of Black Summer Come Out?

Black Summer Season 3

Netflix hasn’t officially ordered more episodes of “Black Summer” yet, but based on where the show ends, Season 2, the writers are pretty sure the show will be renewed. Since Season 2 just came out on Netflix in June, the company may wait to decide on the show’s return until they have more information about how many people are watching.

If Netflix does decide to give the show another season, we might find out as early as this summer. Once that news comes out, it’s possible that the show could come back as soon as next year for another season. Still, there was more than a year between the first two seasons, which may not change for the third season. No matter what happens, “Black Summer” fans will not likely see new episodes before the summer of 2022.

Who is in the Cast of Season 3 of Black Summer?

The official cast list for Season 3 has not been released yet, but many of the actors in Season 2 are likely to be back for Season 3. Rose, who Jamie King plays, and Anna, who Zoe Marlett plays, is Rose’s daughter, could both come back for a third season. Sun is a North Korean character played by Christine Lee.

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Like most zombie shows, “Black Summer” has many characters die because of the zombie apocalypse. Her story eventually ties in with those of Rose and Anna. Justin Chu Cary, Kelsey Flower, Sal Velez Jr., Erika Hau, and Bobby Naderi round out the cast. It’s not clear which actors will be back for a third season.

There is a chance that the cast will change a lot in the third season, though that is far from certain.

The Plotline of Black Summer Season 3

Black Summer Season 3

Even though there isn’t an official plot summary for Season 3, fans have already started to guess what it might be about. A lot of those rumors are based on how Season 2 ended. In the last episode of the season, Rose and Anna try to escape their current situation by going to an airplane hanger. In the end, only Sun can get on the plane, and Rose is seriously hurt in a way that could be fatal.

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It’s possible that by the time the show returns for another season, Rose will have died, and Anna will be the only main character left. It’s also hard to tell where Sun’s story is going. As the only character who made it safely onto the plane, her story may continue in a new, more distant place that may be less directly affected by the zombie apocalypse. No matter what happens next on “Black Summer,” it’s safe to say that fans can’t wait for the next season.

Trailer for Black Summer Season 3

First, we have to get a new license. After that, the show will need to be made and edited before Netflix can release a trailer, which will happen about a month before the new season comes out. The whole thing could take more than a year to finish.

Feel free to use this link again. We’ll keep an eye on new information and change this article frequently. For now, let’s watch the trailer for season 2.


Black Summer is an American streaming TV show. The show’s first season came out on Netflix on April 11, 2019. It had eight episodes. The show is made by The Asylum, the company that made Z Nation. Most of the episodes are written and directed by Hyams, but Abram Cox also writes and directs some episodes.

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