Blue Bloods Season 13 Release Date: Will Blue Bloods make a comeback in 2022?

Blue Bloods is an American TV show about a police procedural drama. The show Blue Bloods has been well-received by the audience.

It got 7.6 out of 10 on IMDb. A lot of crime, drama, and mystery are in the TV show Blue Bloods, which is called that. You can find out more about the 13th season of the TV show Blue Bloods by reading the whole article.

Blue Bloods Season 13:

Blue Bloods is a TV show that tells the story of a family of New York cops. Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green made the show Blue Bloods. Donnie Wahlberg, Will Estes, and Bridget Moynahan are the stars of the TV show Blue Bloods.

Blue Bloods was made by a group of people who were in charge: Leonard Goldberg, Brian Burns, Mitch Burgess, Robin Green, Siobhan Byrne O’Connor, Ian Biederman, and Kevin Wade. Fred Keller and David Barrett made the show Blue Bloods. The length of each episode of the TV show “Blue Bloods” ranges from 42 minutes to 44 minutes.

This is how the show Blue Bloods was made: Panda Productions, The Leonard Goldberg Company, Paw in Your Face Productions, CBS Productions, and CBS Studios all worked together to make it. CBS Media Ventures sold the TV show Blue Bloods.

There is a new show on CBS called “Blue Bloods.” It has a lot of episodes called “Have I Got News for You,” and “Times Are Tough.” Others called “Be Smart or Be Dead” and “Reality Check” are also in season 12 of Blue Bloods.

If we get any more information about Blue Bloods Season 13, we will add it to this page. So, make sure you check this site out often. Let’s see if the 13th season of the show Blue Bloods is going to happen or not.

Blue Bloods Season 13 Release Date: Will Blue Bloods make a comeback in 2022?

This season of Blue Bloods hasn’t yet been released. It looks like it will be out soon now that the 13th season of Blue Bloods has been confirmed. We think the 13th season of Blue Bloods will be on CBS in 2022. Let’s wait and see what comes next. If we get any news about the release date of Blue Bloods Season 13, we will let you know.

It was on CBS from September 24, 2010, to May 13, 2011. When did Blue Bloods Season 2 air? It ran from September 23, 2011, to May 11, 2012. When did Blue Bloods Season 3 air?

It aired from December 4, 2020, to May 14, 2021. A new season of Blue Bloods began airing on October 1, 2021, and it is now on CBS. Let’s look at the trailer for the 13th season of the TV show Blue Bloods now.

Blue Bloods Season 13 Cast:

Find the expected cast of Blue Bloods Season 13 below.

  1. Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan
  2. Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan
  3. Will Estes as Jamie Reagan
  4. Len Cariou as Henry Reagan
  5. Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan
  6. Andrew Terraciano as Sean Reagan
  7. Sami Gayle as Nicky Reagan-Boyle
  8. Abigail Hawk as Abigail Baker
  9. Gregory Jbara as Garrett Moore
  10. Tony Terraciano as Jack Reagan
  11. Marisa Ramirez as Maria Baez
  12. Robert Clohessy as Sid Gormley
  13. Vanessa Ray as Eddie Janko
  14. Amy Carlson as Linda Reagan
  15. Steve Schirripa as Anthony Abetemarco

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blue bloods season 13

Blue Bloods Season 13 Plot

Season 12 of Blue Bloods is getting a good review from the audience. It is now being shown on CBS. We saw in the last episode of the 12th season of the TV show Blue Bloods that Eddie and Jamie are having problems with each other when Eddie lets Jamie’s recently released ex-convict father, Armin, move in with them.

Also, Baez and Danny help a man who is looking for his long-lost sister, only to find out that the man hasn’t told the whole truth about his situation.

Anthony, on the other hand, asks Erin for help when new evidence comes to light in a case from his police career that could clear a female gang member he had previously arrested and sent to prison. Erin might be able to help.

It gets even more heated later on when an activist priest causes trouble between the church and the police. Frank finds himself in a debate with Archbishop Kearns. It doesn’t take long for things to get tense in Frank’s family. He assigns Jamie to protect Danny at the same time a group has tried to kill him.

TV show Blue Bloods Season 12 may be continued in the next show, Blue Bloods Season 13. If we learn anything new about the thirteenth season of the TV show Blue Bloods, we will write about it here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.) Will there be a 13th season of Blue Bloods?
Blue Bloods has not been canceled or renewed for a 13th season as of April 4, 2022.
Q.) What is the current season of Blue Bloods?
Robin Green and Mitchell Burges, who made Blue Bloods, made the eleventh season of the police procedural drama show. The show will start airing at 9 pm on CBS on December 4, 2020.
Q.) How can I watch season 12 of Blue Bloods?
In the current season, you can watch “Blue Bloods – Season 12” online through fuboTV or DIRECTV. You can also watch it for free on Pluto TV with ads.

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