Brunnhilde MCU: What’s Brunnhilde Marvel’s Age?

Thor: Love and Thunder ended with a scene of Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), who had just died, arriving at the gates of Valhalla and being met by Heimdall (Idris Elba). Some people might think this is just a nice ending to Jane’s story, but Marvel Comics fans know it could be the start of something more significant for the character. One that could include Tessa Thompson’s character King Valkyrie. The idea comes straight from the pages of Marvel Comics.

Jane Foster’s Comic Book Fate Was Different

The way Jane Foster’s cancer story went in the MCU was similar to how it went in the comics. But some things were different. When Jane died of her illness in the comics, she proved good enough to go to Valhalla. Odin almost let her in, but he didn’t. Instead, he brought her back to life on Earth.

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This doesn’t happen in the movie because Jane dies and goes to the world of dead heroes. But MCU, In one way, Jane Foster’s future is likely to be like that of her comic book counterpart. We think that, just like in the comics, Jane Foster will become the brave Valkyrie.

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What About Tessa Thompson’s Val?

You might think, “Isn’t there already a Valkyrie in the MCU, and isn’t she Tessa Thompson?” So, yes. But King Val was just one of the Valkyries, a group of skilled warriors who led the brave dead Asgardians to Valhalla. She was the only Valkyrior left alive after Hela killed them all thousands of years ago. (This was shown in a flashback in the movie Ragnarok.)

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She ended up on Sakaar, where she joined the Grandmaster’s arena as Scrapper 142. She wasted her life away by drinking and fighting until she met Thor and remembered her Asgardian roots.

Brunnhilde was the Valkyrie in Marvel Comics. She was also the leader of the Valkyrior. But the original comic book version of her had a different backstory than the one in the MCU. Her Asgardian spirit often came together with that of an Earth woman.

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This was sometimes Barbara Norris and sometimes Sian Bowen. She often fought with Doctor Strange, Namor, and the Hulk as a member of the Defenders. So, she was an essential hero in Marvel Comics in the 1970s and 1980s.

The War of the Realms Changes Everything

King Valkyrie was never called anything other than “Val” in the MCU, but she was called Brunnhilde in some official materials. So Tessa Thompson played the same character, but this time it was a character with a very different past. In the comic book series The Fearless Defenders, Brunhilde made a new Valkyrior. She got some of the most muscular women who were not Asgardians to join this new group. But during the War of the Realms story, the Dark Elves killed her.

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In the comics, when Jane Foster’s time as “The Mighty Thor” was over, she finished her chemotherapy and started to get better. After Brunnhilde died during the War of the Realms, Jane became the first of a new generation of Valkyries.

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She got Undrjarn, which Brunhilde’s soul called the “All-Weapon,” as she and the other Valkyrior spirits left their bodies to find Valhalla. The user could change the All-Weapon into any weapon they wanted. It even turned into wings that let her fly.

How These Comics Could Inspire the MCU

Heimdall, Odin, and the Warriors Three. Based on their comics, the MCU could have their “cake and eat it too” with both characters. What if Jane Foster, now a soul in Valhalla, met the other Asgardians there? And there are a lot of them right now.

Heck, even Loki. They should have all done something good to get into Valhalla. The Valkyior were there to help worthy Asgardian souls get to that world. Odin could start a new army of Valkyries to replace the one he lost to Hela. This would make sense.

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And who better than Jane to lead the way? Even more so after she showed she was worthy by using Mjolnir. He could tell her to be the first Valkyrie in a new army and send her back to the real world. After all, there are still Asgardians on Earth, and someone should be there to take them to Valhalla when they die with honor. Then why shouldn’t Jane Foster?

King Valkyrie is still on Earth and not dead in the MCU. She rules New Asgard instead. But Love and Thunder showed that she’s not really into the role. She wants to fight and go on adventures. It runs in her family. Maybe Jane, who has just been reborn, goes to Earth and asks King Val to help her start the Valkyrior again.

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Then, just like in Fearless Defenders, the two of them find the most badass women to join them. And who all, of course, get their winged horses. (You have to have them.)

This sounds like the perfect setup for a Disney+ show or movie about Valkyries. And since Natalie Portman and Tessa Thompson worked so well together, we’d love to see more of them. And Thor doesn’t need to be there at all. Even so, Chris Hemsworth could show up for a short time if he wants to.

We’d call it the Fearless Defenders, but we feel that the MCU already has plans for a team with a similar name. We know Thor: Love and Thunder shouldn’t be the last time we see these amazing women together. And the plan for how they will come back is right there in the comics.

Frequently Asked Question

Is MCU Valkyrie Brunnhilde?

Odin chose Valkyrie, whose Asgardian name is Brunnhilde, to lead his group of shield maidens, the Valkyrior. Her Asgardian name, Brunnhilde, is also known as Valkyrie. Valkyrie is known for how good she is in battle. She often rides her winged horse Aragorn and carries the magical sword Dragonfang.

What Does Thor Call Brunnhilde?

After Thor asked Valkyrie to help stop Hela, she waved goodbye until Thor called her a coward, at which point he told her to fight. Thor’s reasoning made Valkyrie so angry that she went up to him and said he was no longer on Asgard. She also gave up her title as a Valkyrie.

What’s Brunnhilde Marvel’s Age?

Even though she is more than 5,000 years old, she still has a woman’s body in her prime.

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