Cannon Busters Season 2 Premiere Date and Other Important Information!

As of 2019, Cannon Busters is a Japanese anime series. An American animated series, instead of a Japanese or Korean one, qualifies as an anime. Because it was produced by a Japanese firm and based on a manga comic book, we include it on our list.

Based on the popular Cannon Busters comics book of the same title that was published in 2015. Netflix’s original production stars SAM, a friendship robot on the quest for her long-lost mate. A wanted man and a gorgeous pink Cadillac accompany the robot on its journey.

Satelight and Yumeta Company collaborated on the animation for the show. With Satelight’s Log Horizon studio, that has already received multiple new season approvals. The series was ultimately animated after a long delay. In this incident, which could be classified as a success tale, comic book author LeSean Thomas is the protagonist.

Through a New campaign in 2014, he raised enough money to make the series into an anime. Fans have been waiting for more than three years for a second season to be announced. So, has Netflix picked up Cannon Busters for a second season?

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The premiere date of Cannon Busters Season 2

Unlike other Netflix animated programmes, Cannon Busters Season 2 might wait longer to complete to the streaming service. Japanese and African-American animation styles are combined in the animation. Due to the same reasons, the sequels may take as long as the original.

The broadcaster will not be able to commence production this year due to current circumstances. The general consensus thus far is positive. Netflix has never veered away from providing its programming to a wide range of demographics, even if some of its offerings aren’t animated.

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This Is the Season 2 of Cannon Busters Plotline

Ultimately, Kelby was kidnapped and S.A.M. and the group were unable to rescue him. S.A.M. and her goal to reconnect with Kelby face even more formidable opponents now that Kelby is on his way to the Mystic Emperor. Since she only recently discovered her Cannon Buster ability, expect to see S.A.M in this mode when more scary adversaries come.

For his part, Philly feels betrayed by the death of Bessie in the fight against Mystic Emporer’s henchmen. If you don’t have a car, the journey will be significantly longer. If they can’t find a new car for Bessie, they could always reassemble her. However, the Mystic Emperor must be dealt with at the end of the trip, as well.

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Season 1 of Cannon Busters is Here


An eccentric company of travellers sets out to rejoin two pals in the magical kingdom of Gearbolt, and Cannon Busters follows their exploits and mishaps. An elite royal friendship droid named S.AM is determined to visit her best friend, Kelby, once more in this storey.

In addition to Casey Turnbuckle, S.A.M.’s companion on her journey, Casey is an out-of-date, eccentric, and abandoned repair robot. Additionally, Philly the Kid, an everlasting, aggressive, and deadly runaway wanted for a number of crimes across the country, aids Casey and S.A.M in their pursuit of justice.

Even though Philly initially fails to help Casey and SAM, he eventually decides after finding that the two droid armies may be linked to his own history.’ Gearbolt’s best-known swordsman, 9ine, rounds out the squad after vowing never again to wield a sword due to his embarrassing past and drinking problems.

Characters from Season 2 of Cannon Busters

One of Gearbolt’s most infamous outlaws, Philly has a bad temper and uses foul language. He travels with Samberry on her journey. Philly is both eternal and indestructible. The little robot daughter of Prince Toji has been taken from her father. S.A.M. enjoys making new friends and has an enthusiastic, though naive, perspective on the world around her.

When one of her friends is in danger, she transforms into a Cannon Buster. The little prince of Botica During the onslaught on his world, he was divided from his best friend, SAM. He was obliged to accompany Odin to Gara’s Keep, much to his dismay.

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