Chainsaw Man Release Date: Who is the Cast of the Series?

The long-awaited anime series Chainsaw Man finally has a date: the first episode will come out on October 11.

The date was announced on its official Twitter account, along with a new trailer for the show (see below) and confirmation that it would have 12 episodes. You will also be able to stream the first episode on Crunchyroll.

Chainsaw Man is a popular manga series about a teenage devil hunter who comes back from the dead with chainsaws for hands. This year, it will be adapted into one of the most anticipated anime shows. It already has more than 500,000 members on the online manga and anime database My Anime List, and the tweet announcing the release date got 100,000 likes in just 26 minutes.

Details about the anime’s opening and closing themes were also made public. Kenshi Yonezu will play the opening music, and each episode’s credits will have a different soundtrack played by artists like Maximum the Hormone, Ano, People 1, and more.

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Chainsaw Man is as violent and bloody as any anime about a chainsaw man could be, as shown by this new trailer and the one that came out before it.

Asa Suehira, the chief content officer at Crunchyroll, has said that it has “dark humor, dynamic characters, and a sharp story” and that “anime fans will stay up all night thinking about the spectacular visuals and high-octane action.

Chainsaw Man Release Date: When is Episode 1 Airing?

According to gamesredar, Chainsaw Man comes out on October 11, which is in the Fall 2022 season for anime. We think it will be on Crunchyroll at 8:00 AM Pacific/11:00 AM Eastern. In the UK, that’s 5:00 PM.

Chainsaw Man release date

For the foreseeable future, new episodes will be added to Crunchyroll every Tuesday.

Chainsaw Man Instagram

Take a look at the Chainsaw Man Instagram account.

Chainsaw Man Story: What is Chainsaw Man, Anyway?

Chainsaw Man is a story about Denji, a poor boy who lives with a dog named Pochita, that looks like a devil. He lives in a world where people’s fears turn into devils. The show is based on a manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto. It follows Denji as he goes on adventures to find dead devils. But he dies soon after, which isn’t a spoiler, and he makes a deal with Pochita to come back as “Chainsaw Man.”

Even though that’s the main idea, in the first arc, “Public Safety,” he teams up with the Public Safety Devil Hunters, too, you guessed it, to hunt down all the devils in the world. But Denji has a secret weapon: he can turn into Chainsaw Man by pulling a cord on his chest.

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Chainsaw Man has arms and legs instead of chainsaws. Maxima, the head of Public Safety Division 4, and hunters Aki, a swordsman, and Power, who is more like a devil, join him.

The Public Safety Arc will be adapted in the first season, but it is unknown if all 97 chapters will be shown. It will probably have around 26 episodes if it does, but that number hasn’t been confirmed as of this writing.

Chainsaw Man Cast: Voice Cast List

Chainsaw Man’s cast of voice actors in Japan has been made public. Kikonosuke Toya will voice Denji, the boy who became Chainsaw Man. No details about the English dub have been set in stone yet.

Chainsaw Man release date

Tomori Kusunoki will be Makima, the girl he likes and above him, and Shogo Sakata will be Aki. Anime fans might know Fairouz Ai best as the voice of Jolyne from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean, but she also does the voice of Power.

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Ryu Nakayama of Jujutsu Kaisen will be in charge of Chainsaw Man, and MAPPA (Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen) will be in the order of the animation.

Where Can I Watch Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man will be on Crunchyroll to stream. The service is available on iOS, Android, PC, and the family of PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The version of Chainsaw Man with English subtitles will likely be released at the same time as the Japanese version.

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What to Expect (Speculative)

Fans can expect the first book in the series to be about Denji and how he goes from being an average person to becoming the secret superhero Chainsaw Man. Viewers will also see how Denji adjusts to his new life after he changes. They will also start understanding what he wants from life, experiences, and other things.

Chainsaw Man release date

First-time viewers of the Chainsaw Man series will meet Makima early on. He is a mysterious character whose actual goals are always hard to figure out. She is essential to the first series, so fans should pay close attention to what she says and does.

Frequently Asked Question

Does Chainsaw Man Have a Date When It Will Be Out?

November 11
Chainsaw Man comes out on October 11, which is in the Fall 2022 season for anime. We think it will be on Crunchyroll at 8:00 AM Pacific/11:00 AM Eastern.

Will There Be an Anime Version of Chainsaw Man?

The anime version of Chainsaw Man is being made by the studio MAPPA. Hiroshi Seko will write the show, and Ry Nakayama and Makoto Nakazomo will direct it. Kensuke Ushio will be in charge of making the music. As of September 2022, we know that the official start date of the anime is October 12, 2022.

Will There Be a Sequel to Chainsaw Man?

With Chapter 98, Chainsaw Man Part 2 will start to be released in chapters on Shueisha’s Jump+ app. The official announcement says the famous show will return on Wednesday, July 13, 2022. After that, the manga will be updated on the platform every week.

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