How to Check Airtime Balance on Telkom?

Telkom is a prepaid airtime service that lets you connect digitally with friends, family, and coworkers. Prepaid service is needed for your package. So, you put money into your Telkom ahead of time and get good airtime services.

Telkom has exciting tariff plans that let users keep track of how much data and airtime they use. There is more to know about Telkom Airtime and how to check the balance. So, let’s find out everything and see how to check your Telkom Airtime balance.

How to Check Airtime Balance on Telkom?

How do you find out if your Telkom airtime package is still good and what its balance is? You’ve come to the right place, then. We’ll talk briefly about how to check your Telkom Airtime balance.

Here’s how to find out how much airtime you have left on your Telkom account:

Check Airtime Balance on Telkom
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  1. Check Your Balance USSD: Press *188# and then “Send” on your cell phone. Now, the screen will show your balance. Check your data usage and keep track of it.
  2. Send a blank text message to 188 to check your SMS balance. Wait a few seconds, and you’ll get an SMS with your Telkom balance.
  3. On the Telkom Mobile App, go to your phone’s Android or Apple Store and look for Telkom Mobile App. Put the app on your phone now. Also, go to the Telkom app and log in with your credentials. Because of this, the dashboard of the app will show your balance.
  4. Web Portal: With this method, you can use a web portal to check Telkom’s balance. Open the My Telkom website and enter your information to sign in. Tap on your account to see how much money you have left.
  5. IVR Menu: Use your phone to dial 188. Choose “voice menu” from the list. Now, give your login information and look at your balance.

Here are some ways to find out how much Telkom Airtime you have left. You can try any method that works for you. Let’s look at how Telkom Mobile lets you see how much data you have left.

How to Check the Data Balance on Telkom Mobile?

Telkom gives you more than one way to check your data balance. So, users can use any method they want to check their data balance. So, keep reading to find out how you can check your Telkom data balance.

Check Airtime Balance on Telkom
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  1. On the My Telkom website, Telkom is giving its users an interactive website that they can use. It lets customers check their balance and see what other plans they have. On My Telkom, you can also see how much data you have left on your Telkom plan. Sign in to the website and make sure your internet connection is good. Check the dashboard to see how much data you have left.
  2. On the ‘’ website: ‘’ is a South African website where users can keep track of how much data they use. Make an account on the website and log in using the right information and password. On this website, you can see how much data you have left.
  3. On My Telkom App: My Telkom is an easy-to-use platform that lets users keep track of their balance and data usage. Sign in to your account on the app to see how much data you have left. The app is easy to get from both the AppStore and the PlayStore.

Note: If a customer has lost their password, they can send an SMS to 0123210215 with the word “Password” in it.

How to Check the Telkom Data Balance on the Router?

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to check the Telkom data balance on the router.

  1. Link your PC to the Telkom Wi-Fi router.
  2. Once you’re connected to the router, open the browser on your phone or computer. Input 192. 168. 8. 1.
  3. Hit the Enter key. Now, you will be taken to the login page for the Telkom router. Type in the right password.
  4. After you log in to the site, click on “Tools.”
  5. Touch USSD.
  6. In the space, type *188# and press the “Send” button.
  7. The site will now send you a text message.
  8. Tap SMS in the menu on the left.
  9. Choose “Text Message Conversation.”
  10. You will hear back from them. Click on it to see how much data your Telkom router has left.

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Telkom gives users great deals and offers at prices that are very reasonable. Also, they make it easy for users to check their data plans, balances, and usage in a number of ways. Telkom Airtime comes with a number of discounts and perks. Also, their plans for using data are the best.

So, use Telkom Airtime to talk to your friends, family, and coworkers.

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