Chicago Party Aunt Season 2: Who Plays Gideon Chicago Aunt?

A hard-partying Chicago lady who happens to be an aunt is the subject of “Chicago Party Aunt,” a new adult animated series from Netflix. The series aired on September 17, and fans of this love letter to Chicago have undoubtedly already watched—and, quite possibly, re-watched—the batch of eight episodes.

Starting at the beginning of “Chicago Party Aunt,” Diane Dunbrowski’s experiences show that they have been going on for many years longer than they should have. As a result, Diane’s personal and professional lives are in flux, which serves as the show’s central narrative element.

It’s fascinating to see how her life improves while she clings to the memories of what she considers to be her former glories. Another season would be great to see more of this. Look at the information we have about “Chicago Party Aunt” season 2.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 4 Cast

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2

When it comes to characters, “Chicago Party Aunt” has a diverse group of people to work with, and the show’s second season has the potential to do even more. Since Netflix has already purchased 16 episodes, it is fair to presume that the remaining eight episodes will have the same actors as season one.

“Superstore” star Lauren Ash is expected to reprise her role as Diane Dunbrowski, the show’s titular Party Aunt, in season two. In addition to Rory O’Malley, Daniel’s parents (Jill Talley’s Bonnie and Ike Barinholtz’s Mark), as well as Diane’s ex-husband Kurt (Chris Witaske) and their son Mikey (Mikey’s older brother), are expected to return (Jon Barinholtz).

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The Borough salon, Diane’s place of employment, is a part of her life that fans are eager to return to in season 2. Gideon (RuPaul), Zuzana (Katie Rich), and Tina (Da’Vine Joy Randolph) are all terrific characters with a lot of potential for future adventures, and the show’s first season MVP might be RuPaul.

The Plotline of Chicago Party Aunt Season 4

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2

Chicago Party Aunt season 1 exposes viewers to the characters, their relationships, and Diane Dunbrowski’s conflicted nature as a middle-aged person trying to cling to the hard-rocking, hard-partying days of her increasingly distant youth in a way that is both relatable and relatable.

It is clear from the beginning of the series that Diane’s lifestyle comes at a high price and that she’s a capable, warm-hearted person even while she’s engrossed in the numerous parties and cultural events in Chicago. By the end of season one, it’s evident that the story of personal progress, or at least a half-hearted attempt at it, is in place.

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No one knows precisely where “Chicago Party Aunt” season 2 will take Diane. Still, if season 1 is any indication, Diane’s supporting characters will continue to contribute to her positive growth through various strange, wild stories and plot twists—though don’t expect her to give up the Chicago references and party. Antics just yet! All of the characters are named after them.

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2 Release Date

Chicago Party Aunt Season 2

Fortunately, more “Chicago Party Aunt” episodes are on the way to Netflix! Of course! Netflix has ordered an additional 16 episodes for the show’s first season, which means that production of the second half is likely already underway. Now that “Chicago Party Aunt” Season 2 seems very definite, it’s safe to say that nothing is fixed in stone until Netflix makes the announcement.

No one knows precisely when the show’s second season will launch, but given that season one aired on September 17, 2021, it’s safe to assume that it will be some time after that. Adult animated sitcom “Big Mouth,” produced by the same animation studio as “Chicago Party Aunt,” has maintained a pretty regular annual release schedule, save for the season 3 “My Furry Valentine” special.

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Season 2 of “Chicago Party Aunt” is expected to premiere anytime between September and December 2022. However, they could arrive much sooner because they’ve already begun production. With Diane Dunbrowski, you never know what to expect!


How Many Episodes Are in the First Season of Chicago Party Aunt?

On Netflix, you can now watch a single season of this funny TV show. There are eight episodes, each lasting between 22 and 25 minutes.

Who is Chi Party aunt?

Follows Diane Dunbrowski, the “Chicago Party Aunt,” who is always the party’s life.

Who portrays Gideon Chicago’s aunt?

Gideon in Chicago Party Aunt is voiced by RuPaul Andre Charles.


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