Chicago PD Season 10: Is the Season Renewed By NBC?

The 10th season of Chicago PD is the most eagerly anticipated. It is expected that thriller lovers will be keen to find out when the second season of Chicago PD will be available to watch online.

Is Chicago PD on NBC’s schedule for a tenth season, or has it been canceled? Before continuing, please review the following facts regarding the forthcoming season.

The Plotline of Chicago PD Season 10

Chicago PD Season 10

In the season 9 finale, Voight was determined to get rid of Escano and the Los Temidos cartel gang while doing whatever it takes to protect Anna. But when Escano found out that police were following him, he got violent. Anna, who had been watching Escano, ran away and stabbed him. Escano told Voight and Halstead that Anna had stabbed him when they found him.

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Voight then went outside to find her and help her cover up what she had done. When Voight finally found Anna, she was worried about what would happen because of what she had done. Then, when she heard a police siren, she pointed a gun at him and shot him. Voight was unfortunate, but he went with Anna in the ambulance. Unfortunately, Anna’s last words were, “I’m sorry.”

In Season 10 of Chicago P.D., we can expect to see what happens after Anna dies and what this could mean for Voight, both in his personal and professional life.

Renewal for Season 10 of Chicago P.D.

Chicago PD Season 10

Like Chicago Fire, Chicago PD was given three more seasons in February 2020, as its seventh year ended. That has ensured that the show will have an eighth, ninth, and now the tenth season.

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NBC hasn’t made any other decisions yet, so, likely. We won’t hear about any more renewals until early 2023.

When Will, the 10th Season of Chicago PD, Come Out?

As usual, NBC has confirmed that season 10 of Chicago PD will start in the fall, but they haven’t said when exactly.

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Except for season nine, which was held back because of the pandemic, all seasons have come out in September. So, if all goes well, we could hope that season 10 will be the same.

The Cast of Chicago PD Season 10

Chicago PD Season 10

If the season 10 premiere date stays the same, we can expect almost every character to return, even though there has been no official word about the following season.

Besides that, we might see a few familiar faces in season 10. In the following season, we may also see some new recurring side characters, in addition to most of the characters who will be back.

Some of the main characters are:

  • Hank Voight is Jason Beghe.
  • Patrick John Flueger as Adam Ruzek
  • Jesse Lee Soffer plays Jay Halstead
  • Marina Squerciati as Kim Burgess
  • Trudy Platt, played by Amy Morton
  • LaRoyce Hawkins played Kevin Atwater


Where Can I Watch Season 10 of Chicago PD?

You can stream Chicago P.D. on primary services like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Peacock, and YouTube TV.

Is Chicago P.d. Based on a True Story?

Chicago PD is based on the true story of Chicago Police Officer Jerry Ardolino, who was the craziest and most violent officer in the department’s history.

Is Voight Dirty?

Hank Voight is a dirty cop, which is not a secret. Voight is not afraid to lie, scare, and control people, and he is also not afraid to use violence. On a few occasions, Voight decides to do things on his own.

Who Is Jason Beghe’s Wife?

His wife’s name is Angie Janu.

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