Daisy Keech Net Worth: How Is Daisy Keech So Rich?

Daisy Keech is a popular fitness model, celebrity on the video platform TikTok, and social media personality from the United States. She first gained attention for her fitness-related posts on Instagram. Her stunning good looks and irresistible grin have made her quite famous.

She has gained a significant following across various social media channels, including Instagram. Her primary passions include acting, dancing, traveling, blogging, modeling, and so on. She approaches modeling with intense dedication and enthusiasm.

Daisy Keech has worked with various well-known and respected companies and brands. She has amassed a significant number of devoted followers across all of her social media channels. Her admirers and followers adore her since she consistently produces content that is both innovative and helpful. On Instagram, Daisy Keech has more than 5.5 million dedicated fans and followers. It was in the city of Miami Beach, Florida, that she was born.

Daisy Keech got prominence through posting uplifting Instagram photographs and Reels. Her social media site has her latest images and videos. This article includes her social media links.
Because of her health and exercise suggestions, she has great skin, lustrous hair, a thin waistline, and a gorgeous body. Daisy Keech is a lovely and fit model, and her slender waist is quite stunning. She takes care of her wellness by working out, doing yoga, and exercising daily. But a nutrition plan is equally essential for a robust and fit physique.

Short Bio

Name: Daisy Keech
Age: 22 Years
Height: 5′ 7″
Date of Birth: August 12, 1999
Instagram: daisykeech
Country: United States
Famous for: Fitness Model
Net Worth: $2 Million

Daisy Keech  Career

Daisy Keech Net Worth:

Daisy first rose to prominence on the social media platform Instagram, where she is well known as a fitness influencer and supermodel. After launching her fitness-focused Instagram account the following year (2018), she quickly amassed a following of millions of people.

According to September 2021, Daisy now has around 5.8 million followers on Instagram, 1.76 million subscribers on YouTube, and 6.4 million followers on TikTok. In addition, she brags that her butt was the first actual Instagram booty, and she has an entire Instagram account to show it off. There are currently more than 324 thousand people following the performance.

Daisy has been a model for various companies, including Fashionova, K-watches, Manscaped, Supreme, Status Society, and Bank energy drink. Additionally, she appeared 6 feet from the edge in the role of Barista.

Although the fitness star does not sell any items, one of her training programs, the Keech Peach workout program, is available for purchase. This program targets the development of the glutes and thighs.


Shawna Keech gave birth to Daisy Keech on August 12, 1999, in the United States. Robbie is Daisy’s younger brother.

Admirers often note her likeness to “Riverdale” actress Lili Reinhart.


Daisy Keech Net Worth

Because of her desire, she decided to leave Santa Barbara and start a new life in Los Angeles.

Relationship and Boyfriend

Most celebrities keep their personal and romantic life under wraps. Therefore we don’t know much about Daisy Keech’s boyfriend or how they met. According to our investigation into her connection, Daisy Keech has a lover named Michael Yerger.

Daisy Keech’s Net Worth

Daisy Keech is a well-known fitness blogger, TikTok celebrity, and social media darling from the United States. She has a sizable fan base. The model gained a following on Instagram because of her photographs of herself working out and modeling.

Daisy Keech has millions of fans worldwide, making her one of the most famous TikTok stars in the world. More than 5.8 million people are following her on Instagram, and she has more than 6 million followers on TikTok. In addition, well-known fashion model Daisy Keech maintains a channel on YouTube that has more than 1.80 million users, and she also has her channel.

Daisy Keech makes a significant amount of money from her YouTube channel, where she shares her vlogs and fitness routines with her audience. Her money comes from various sources, including YouTube, social media, her account on TikTok, and several other brand endorsements. The amount of funds Daisy Keech makes in a year is more significant than $130,000.


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Does Daisy Keech Go to College?

Daisy attended college in Santa Barbara but dropped out to focus on her interests.

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Chloe Ting was born in the South Asian nation of Brunei. At 16, she uprooted her life and relocated to Melbourne, Australia.

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She has almost a million subscribers on her self-titled YouTube channel. She has 3.5 million Instagram followers. She encourages her supporters to stay fit.

Daisy Keech joined ‘The Hype House’ in 2019. Chase Hudson, Thomas Petrou, Charli D’Amelio, and Dixie D’Amelio co-founded the group. Her Instagram photo with Marshmallow received many likes. So, she has achieved so many things at this young age.

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