Dead End Paranormal Park Season 3 Latest News and Information on the Upcoming Release in 2022!

Season 2 of the quirky and touching animated series Dead End: Paranormal Park premieres this Halloween. However, viewers who have already sped through the new episodes are keen to hear news about a possible third season of Dead End: Paranormal Park.

In season 2, our heroes are back to defend Dead End, an amusement park. There isn’t much time before they’re back in the crosshairs of deadly foes. In the final moments of the first season, a hint was dropped about the presence of angels in the second.

Dead End Paranormal Park Season 3

While we don’t have a lot of information about a third season at this time due to the recent premiere, we’ll share what we do know below.


Barney, a transgender teenager, works at a haunted theme park where he and his friends Norma and Pugsley fight demons alongside art director Dommi Fox (from Steele’s graphic novel DeadEndia).

The plot summary for Dead End: Paranormal Park can be found below. “Two teenagers and a talking pug band together to fight demons at a haunted amusement park, and they just might be able to prevent the end of the world.”


The voice of Barney is provided by Zach Barack, Marvel’s first openly transgender actor; Norma is portrayed by Kody Kavitha (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles); Alex Brightman (Helluva Boss) voices Pugsley; and Emily Osment (Hannah Montana) voices demon Courtney.

The full cast of Dead End: Paranormal Park includes:

Alex Brightman as Pugsley and Zach Barak as Barney
Pauline Phoenix, Peru’s Coco de Coco,
Kody Kavitha played Norma; Emily Osment played Courtney; Kenny Tran played Logs; Kathreen Khavari played Badyah.
The Josh – Patrick Stump Translation

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Release Date

When this article was written, on October 13, 2022, Netflix had not yet confirmed whether they would be cancelling or renewing the animated series.

There was no official renewal announcement for the first season, either. In September, when Netflix revealed its “Netflix and Chills” lineup, viewers learned that the show would be returning. The third season could unexpectedly premiere at any time in the coming months, but that’s highly unlikely to happen.

Dead End Paranormal Park Season 3

Netflix has recently adopted a practise of ordering multiple seasons’ worth of an animated series at once. The ten episodes, despite being labelled as season 2, were likely ordered from the start so Netflix could allegedly cut costs (typically, creators negotiate higher salaries as shows get renewed, which is why many Netflix shows end after only a few seasons).

Even though that’s a pessimistic take, it’s important to keep in mind. At this time, all you can do is catch up on the new season and spread the word about how much you enjoy the show on your various social media accounts. The good news is that Dead End: Paranormal Park already has a dedicated fan base, so here’s hoping for at least one more season of the show.


No trailer available for season 3 . checkout the trailer of season 2:-


Love, horror, and lovable characters make Dead End: Paranormal Park an exciting new adventure series. Date: July 22, 2022,  Rotten tomatoes Rating: 3.5/5.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How about Revealing Courtney’s Gender from the Final Chapter?

While they/them pronouns are present in the comics, she only uses they/her in the TV series. To avoid the controversial “non-human non-binary” trope, Hamish Steele said she adopted the pronouns of her voice actress, Emily Osment, when she was cast.

Will Norma from the Final Destination Accept All Sexual Orientations?

A story about neurodiversity and autism, Norma Khan is pansexual. Norma’s mother is introduced as a controlling but ultimately endearing figure. The problem is that Norma has a hard time coming out of her shell.

What Happens after a Dead End?

The man states that everyone in the family died in the accident, with the exception of Marion, and that a young woman and her baby in the other car also perished. When he inquires as to the doctor’s identity, she introduces herself as Dr. Marcott.


Dead End: Paranormal Park is returning for a third season. The animated series stars Zach Barack, Alex Brightman and Emily Osment. A third season could unexpectedly premiere at any time in the coming months. Netflix has not yet confirmed whether or not they will renew the show. Netflix has ordered 10 episodes of Dead End: Paranormal park season 2. There’s no trailer for season 3 yet, but fans can catch up on the second season via Netflix.

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