Dead to Me Season 3: How Many Episodes Are There in Season Three of Dead to Me?

Due to delays caused by the Covid-19 epidemic and Christina Applegate’s health after she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2021, fans have been forced to wait to find out what happens next since season 2 ended on another jaw-dropping cliffhanger.

Dead To Me season 3 is finally scheduled to return, but when is the exact premiere date, and what can fans anticipate from the new season?


Ben’s car collided with Jen and Judy’s while he was under the influence of alcohol after learning that his twin brother Steve had died in the season 1 finale.

In season 3, it appears that Jen and Judy’s efforts to avoid responsibility for two deaths are catching up with them as the net slowly closes in.

When the pair receives additional shocking information, their unique friendship will be put to the ultimate test, calling into question whether it is truly above the law.


The main characters from Dead to Me will all be back, unlike in Bridgerton where everyone’s favourite dashing duke was killed off. Feldman congratulated the cast and crew through Twitter and confirmed that filming had been completed.

Dead to Me Season 3

Christina Applegate, Linda Cardellini, James Marsden, Diana Maria-Riva (Detective Perez), Sam McCarthy (Jen’s son Charlie), Luke Roessler (Jen’s son Henry), Brandon Scott (Nick Prager), and Suzy Nakamure are included in this group (Karen).

Whether or not everyone will survive this season is unknown. If Jen and Judy wish to avoid jail, they may be required to eliminate further individuals. On the top of the list of potential targets? Ben.

Even though they are emotionally connected, Jen may not hesitate to murder the man who nearly killed her and Judy in a hit-and-run, just as she had no trouble murdering his identical twin brother. If Ben discovers that Jen murdered his sibling, Jen may be the most at risk.

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Release Date

The third season of Dead to Me will be available on Netflix on November 17th. The project was constantly delayed due to an outbreak of Coronavirus. Fans are excited about the return of the show, which will finally reveal the resolution to the final moments of season 2, in which Ben inadvertently crashes his car into another vehicle driven by Jen and Judy.

Fans are eager to learn if anyone survived the disaster and what the consequences will be if they did.

The discovery by Jen’s son Charlie of a letter she wrote to Judy in which she confesses to committing a murder is also a cliffhanger. Fans will not know whether he actually read the note until Season 3.

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Netflix released the first official trailer for Dead to Me season 3 on September 24, 2022, during its TUDUM showcase event. The teaser depicted several scenes from previous seasons, such as the duo’s encounter in grief counselling, the murders and hit-and-runs, the tears, the murder confession, Jen’s letters, and the accident that occurred at the end of season 2 involving Jen and Judy.

The first trailer from the third season reveals that our favourite team survived the accident and that Jen, who appeared to be the most affected by it, is still herself, as she is shown saying “f—ing doctor”


Secret-centred television programming can be highly hazardous. Not only is it difficult to keep a secret without it appearing forced, but it is also challenging to maintain momentum and suspense once the secret has been disclosed. Respecting its audience, Dead to Me’s first season does not dwell on Judy’s admission to Jen about her husband Ted’s death.

It would have been tremendously harmful to carry this storyline into the second season, hence it was a critical turning point at the end of the first season when Jen finds the truth and warns Judy she will murder her if she ever sees her again.

Dead to Me Season 3

This is the appropriate answer in light of all that has transpired, but the season finale of Dead to Me’s first season takes a dramatic wrong turn as Jen and Judy become inexorably bonded over another murder.

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The greatest issue facing the second season of Dead to Me is keeping Jen and Judy together, despite the fact that their friendship should be untenable at this point. It may be incredibly difficult to maintain a convincing equilibrium when connections are redefined in this way, and it can be enough to derail a series into implausibility.

Dead to Me has an uphill, melodramatic battle with this new direction for its second season, but it is able to make it work and force Jen and Judy into an even more strained relationship than in the first season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Third Season of Dead to Me Be Aired?

At times, it has been difficult to foresee where Liz Feldman’s 100-car pileup of ironies may go. In contrast, the finale of the third and final season of Dead to Me is far more optimistic than it initially appeared.

How Many Episodes Are There in Season Three of Dead to Me?

The conclusion felt rushed because everything was crammed into the last season’s ten episodes. It’s still entertaining, but it lacks the thematic consistency of previous seasons and seems to rush individuals off the stage without a suitable send-by.


Netflix released the first official trailer for Dead to Me season 3 on September 24, 2022. The teaser depicted several scenes from previous seasons, such as the murders and hit-and-runs. Fans will not know whether Jen’s son Charlie read a letter she wrote to Judy until Season 3.

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