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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: When It Will Be Released?

doctor strange in the multiverse of madness

Reed Richards and Professor X’s membership in the Illuminati made it possible for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness to be the first step in bringing Marvel heroes from 20th Century Fox into the MCU. Fans are now trying to figure out when other mutants, like Magneto or Deadpool, will appear in the Marvel Studios story.

Behind Doctor Strange and Wanda Maximoff, some other characters didn’t make it into the Multiversal adventure.

Behind-the-scenes footage shows that Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool almost got his whole world, but fans still have to wait for the Merc with a Mouth to show up in the MCU finally. Early talks about the Illuminati included Evangeline Lilly’s character Wasp, and Daniel Craig was almost cast as Thor’s long-lost brother Balder the Brave.

On top of all this, fans were interested to see if Doctor Strange 2 would have a version of Magneto after it was confirmed that Patrick Stewart’s Charles Xavier would be back. Thanks to a talk with one of the movie’s producers after it came out on home video everywhere, we know more about the answer.

RELEASE DATE May 6, 2022
CAST Elizabeth Oshleen

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Wong

WRITERS Micheal Waldron
TAGLINE “Enter a new dimension of Strange.”
FRANCHISE Marvel Cinematic Universe

Magneto Was Thought of for a Part in Doctor Strange 2

Magneto and Doctor Strange are two Marvel characters.

Richie Palmer, a producer at Marvel Studios, talked about the talk about Magneto’s role being cut from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on the Empire Podcast.

When asked if Magneto was a possibility, Palmer said that he and writer Michael Waldron briefly talked about Magneto being in the show, saying in a double negative, “I’m not going to say those things (about Magneto) never came up in conversation.

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But the producer also said that Magneto was “not talked about” because it might have taken up too much time in the movie and “taken away from experience.” Palmer also hinted that there might be a different version of Wanda Maximoff, who could be Magneto’s daughter:

Magneto Is an Idea That Marvel Has for the MCU

In a movie where Professor Charles Xavier appeared for the first time under the Marvel Studios banner, it’s not surprising that arguably his most famous X-Men opponent was also considered for a role.

Doctor Strange 2 indirectly references Eric Lehnsherr when Doctor Strange and America Chavez blew through Magneto’s home in Marvel Comics, the Savage Lands. Even though that Easter egg was fun for diehard X-Men fans, seeing the villain on-screen with his Mutant counterpart would have been even more remarkable.

This could have been Wanda Maximoff’s first chance to talk to Magneto in the movie. Even though Wanda is dead and there are no clear signs that she will return, fans will still wonder if that connection will ever be explored in the big Marvel story. This is important because, in the comics, Magneto and Wanda Maximoff are father and daughter.

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Magneto’s next appearance with the rest of the X-Men will be something special, and the fact that this one was canceled just makes fans want to see it happen even more.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now available to watch on Disney+ and buy online or on Blu-ray.

Doctor Strange 2: Elizabeth Olsen Sees It

A TikTok user named @HattieHarmony posted a video of Elizabeth Olsen finally watching Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, her latest Marvel Studios project.

Hattie Harmony is a character in Olsen’s book for kids, which she wrote with her husband, Robbie Arnett.

The profile showed a picture of a cartoon cat lying on a couch. It then pointed to a completely blue TV screen and wrote.

“I felt like it was Monday. My TV was also blue. Could something make me feel better?”

After those shots, Doctor Strange 2 came on the TV. In particular, Wanda Maximoff, who Elizabeth Olsen played, was caught in one of Doctor Strange’s spells at Kamar-Taj when she tried to get in to look for America Chavez.

The camera moves closer to Olsen, holding the cat cutout and looking surprised. This part is meant to be funny, but it also seems to be the first time the actress has seen the whole movie since she refused to watch her watermarked screener or the world premiere in Los Angeles.

Olsen Dives Into the Doctor Strange 2 Experience

Elizabeth Olsen isn’t the only actor who doesn’t watch their movies. This is especially true for big hits like Doctor Strange 2. Angelina Jolie and Andrew Garfield, both MCU actors, have said they haven’t watched their movies in the past. Since Olsen was nervous because she was afraid of failing, this affected her.

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Olsen is now a part of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, which is now available on Disney+ and in stores. She can watch her performance and reflect on her time making this movie.

Even though there’s no way to know how she felt about the movie, it’s clear from the video that she was very interested in how the story turned out over two hours. 6 minutes runtime. Now, she and her fans are waiting to see if and when the Scarlet Witch will be back for more action. There are rumors that she might get her movie.

It wasn’t hard to keep up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in the day. Each teaser came out one at a time, but now that Phase 4 is well underway, the MCU has grown so much that there are more than two dozen plot threads that haven’t been resolved that could show up in upcoming movies and TV shows. Some of Hulk was like Iron Man, some of Iron Man was like Thor, and so on.

Do you remember when the new White Vision took off? What about Nick Fury going to space to hang out with the Skrulls? And why does Valentina want to catch the U.S. Agent and other bad guys? The MCU isn’t afraid to talk about these teasers in later movies and TV shows, so it’s best to be aware of them before your subsequent viewing.

Samuel Sterns Hulking Out

Samuel Stern is about to become the most knowledgeable person about Hulk.

In The Incredible Hulk, which came out in 2008, Bruce Banner talks to Samuel Sterns as they try to find a way to get rid of the Hulk. Sterns is knocked to the ground after failing to help Banner but succeeding in making the evil Abomination. Drops of Banner’s tainted blood drip into his wound, causing his forehead to swell as he changes into… something.

In the Marvel comics, Sterns is turned into The Leader, one of the Hulk’s most well-known enemies. This (literally) big-headed lousy guy turns into an evil genius who tries to take over the U.S. government and do other things that will change the world, including destroying the Hulk.


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