Documentary Now Season 4: Reviews, Who Has the Longest Running Documentary?

Mockumentaries are a staple of the comedy film industry. Christopher Guest and other filmmakers in his ilk are credited with pioneering this type of comedy, with their films Best in Show (2000), Waiting for Guffman (1996), and A Mighty Wind (2003) all standing as examples of the genre’s highest artistic and critical achievement.

The mockumentary style has spread from the film industry to television. The vampire TV adaptation of What We Do in the Shadows (2019–2022) is one of the most prominent examples, but we would be remiss if we didn’t also mention successful comedies like The Office (2005–2013), Parks and Recreation (2009–2015), and Abbott Elementary (2001–2004). (2021-2022).


Documentary Now! Season 3 will be shorter than previous seasons. Season 4 will only have six episodes instead of seven, but that doesn’t mean it will be low-quality.

Documentary Now Season 4

Armisen, Hader, and Meyers, along with the rest of the team, appear to be prioritising quality over quantity. Whatever the case may be, here is a quick rundown of what each of the six episodes will cover.

“Soldier of Illusion”

  • Episodes 1 and 2 
  • October 19.

Alexander Skarsgard stars as a German indie filmmaker (Skarsgard) who is striving to create a masterpiece (Skarsgard) in the season premiere’s two halves. With such a creative force at the helm, the set is sure to be rife with tension as the actors and crew do their best to adapt to the director’s vision.

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“Two Hairdressers in Bagglyport”

Monday, October 26

Cate Blanchett, winner of an Academy Award, is back on Documentary Now! for a new season with a parody of the obscure but Blanchett-approved film, Three Salons at the Seaside (1994). Since Blanchett proposed the idea, she likely had the most creative control over the series thus far. After Blanchett’s hilarious performance in the Documentary Now! episode “Waiting for the Artist,” it’s great to have her back for more laughs.

“How They Threw Rocks”

 November 2nd.

Coverage of a sport involving the relentless throwing of rocks at one another is narrated by Jonathan Pryce. Well, I think I don’t need to explain that.

“My Monkey Grifter”

Released on November 9th, 

The documentary “My Monkey Grifter” appears to be a satire of the Best Documentary Oscar winner “My Octopus Teacher” (2020) in which a filmmaker forms an unusually close relationship with a sociable primate. The only difference is that this unusual union in nature seems a little too far-fetched to be a genuine human-animal bond.

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“Trouver Frisson”

Friday the 16th of November

Documentary Nowfourth !’s season finale appears to be a tribute to Agnès Varda, a legendary French filmmaker, and her acclaimed documentary, Varda by Agnès (2019). In this episode, an artist who looks remarkably like Varda tries to prove that she can create compelling art even at a ripe old age.


Gary Jacks (Kevin Bishop), Gary Jacks (Nicholas Braun), Kevin Butterman (August Diehl), and Dieter Daimler (Alexander Skarsgrd) are portrayed by the actors. A behind-the-scenes look at the annual stylebook shoot at a hair salon in the sleepy seaside town of Bagglyport.

Documentary Now Season 4

Release Date

Beginning on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, a new season of Documentary Now! will premiere, introducing viewers to a new slate of satirical documentaries over the course of a two-part season premiere running for about an hour in length. The next five episodes will all air on subsequent Wednesdays. Season three will begin airing on IFC and can be viewed on AMC+.

Who Has the Longest Running Documentary?

British documentary Up follows the same group of people over the course of seven years to see how their lives have changed. On May 5, 1964, Seven UP! premiered as the first episode of the series.


The tantalising preview for Documentary Now’s third season! beginning with Helen Mirren, the show’s host, playing herself as she has in the past.

The 53rd season is announced, and a preview of upcoming episodes is shown. Below, we’ll introduce the season’s episode schedule, but the trailer reveals that Season 4 will, like previous seasons, feature an impressive roster of guest actors.

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Since 2019’s “Documentary Now!” ended airing, a violent epidemic has swept the globe, and with it, a surge in the popularity of comedies that layer banality and audience flattery beneath a thin crust of conflict. (Their Emmy wins will be a tell.)

Before we even realised we needed it, “Documentary Now!,” IFC’s charming and adoring parody of public television documentary series, was there to provide solace. It doesn’t seek attention, but its unbridled love for its subject matter is enough to make anyone happy. (It’s also challenging to pander when only a small percentage of your audience has seen the movies you’re making fun of.)

In the third season episode “Original Cast Album: Co-op” (inspired by D.A. Pennebaker’s “Original Cast Album: Company”), writer John Mulaney summed up the show’s appeal by referring to the episode’s production as “that party we had.”

On Wednesday, the long-delayed fourth season of the show will finally premiere. In keeping with the slowly grinding nature of public television, the show’s solemn host, Helen Mirren, will refer to this instalment as Season 53.

The end of the third season of “Documentary Now!” occurred in March 2019, well before the pandemic, and for a while there, it appeared as though that might be the last season ever. IFC announced in February this year that the cast would reunite for a fourth movie; this time around, Alexander Skarsgard, Cate Blanchett, Nicholas Braun, and Jamie Demetriou would all make appearances. Documentary Now!, now in its 53rd season, is a made-up TV show that airs reruns of classic documentaries and is hosted by Helen Mirren.

Each episode mocks a different documentary or genre of documentaries using a unique visual language, structure, and cast (although Fred Armisen often makes cameo appearances in more than one). The amazing “Original Cast Album: Co-Op,” a parody of D.A. Pennebaker’s doc about the recording of the Company cast album, is just one example of a past season’s worth of hilarious parodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bill Hader in Season Three of the Documentary?

Due to other commitments, Hader and Armisen announced they would not be returning for season 3. Armisen did end up guest starring, and Hader is listed as a co-writer on an episode. Each season only takes about four to six weeks to shoot.

Which Three Categories of Documentaries Exist?

This video-on-demand explores the differences between observational documentaries, expository documentaries, and participatory documentaries. Films that are good examples of the three genre types will be shown.

How Come Nonfiction Films Are So Engaging?

Most viewers are drawn to documentaries because they provide a glimpse into everyday life through their compilation of archival footage, photographs, talking heads, prerecorded audio, and sequences of travel or mundane activities.


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