Dorohedoro Season 2 Release Date: Will It Be Renewed for Season 2?

The first season of Dorohedoro was a resounding success, and now fans are eagerly awaiting Season 2. It was hailed as one of the year’s top productions by both audiences and critics. Viewers of this anime series have called it addicting, and now they’re clamoring for the next installment. So, when can we expect the anime’s second season to air? The most recent information is here.

Dorohedoro is a dark fantasy action anime series from Japan. The remake of the same-titled manga series by Q Hayashida. The first season of this popular anime, which premiered on January 13, 2020, was animated by MAPPA studio. On March 30, 2020, fans could catch the first season’s final episode.

What Number of Seasons Are There?Dorohedoro Season 2

Dorohedoro has only one season with a total of 12 episodes. The anime wasn’t released outside of Japan until May 2022. Netflix saw that the series was good and made it a Netflix original. Season 1 of this anime is available on Netflix in most countries and regions. In addition to the twelve episodes, Dorohedoro includes six separate OVAs.

Will There Be a Season 2 of Dorohedoro?

The Dorohedoro manga is finished and has gotten a lot of attention. The first book came out in 2002 and kept coming out until 2018. There are 23 books in the manga. The manga’s end is near the end of the anime’s first season. Season 1 only tells about a third of the story as told in the manga chapters.

The animation got a lot of love from the audience after it came out on Netflix in 2020. So, even though there hasn’t been an official announcement about a season 1, it’s likely that Dorohedoro will have a second season.

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Many studios haven’t been able to release anime on time because of the pandemic, which could be why the second season of Dorohedoro hasn’t been announced yet.

When Will Season 2 of Dorohedoro Begin Filming?

Dorohedoro Season 2

Season 2 of Dorohedoro hasn’t started filming yet, and the creators haven’t given an official date. No one has said that the Show has ended. But it’s too soon to stop believing.

The first season’s success would determine whether there would be a second season. Dorohedoro’s first season got an 8.1/10 rating on IMDB and a perfect score of 100 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. The Show’s success was, therefore, incredible.

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The anime’s director, Yuichiro Hayashi, is said to have said that he would start working on season 2 if the first season did well and gave him good results. If that’s true, the second season of Dorohedoro might begin filming soon.

Season 2 Cast of Dorohedoro

The second season of Dorohedoro is likely to get a new cast soon.

  • Caiman is played by Wataru Takagi.
  • Reina Kondou is the one who plays Nikaido.
  • Ken’yu Horiuchi plays the role of En.
  • Yoshimasa Hosoya plays Shin.
  • Yu Kobayashi plays the role of Noi.
  • Kengo Takanashi plays Fujita.
  • Miyu Tomita plays the role of Ebisu.
  • Reba Buhr is the one who plays Nikaido.
  • Griffin Burns play Kasukabe.
  • Sean Chiplock is the actor who plays Shin.
  • Billy Kameez is the actor who plays Risu.
  • Aleks Le plays the part of Caiman.

When Will, the Season 2 of Dorohedoro, Come Out?

Dorohedoro Season 2

Until now, there have only been rumors about when season 2 of Dorohedoro would come out. The anime is made by the Mappa studio, which is busy making popular shows like Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen. So, it is safe to say that the next season of Dorohedoro won’t come out until at least 2023.

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But even though Mappa is busy with some very popular anime right now, Dorohedoro is also very popular and has a lot of fans who can’t wait for it to come back. So, season 2 shouldn’t be given up on just yet. Even if we have to wait a while for season 2, there is a good chance that the anime will go on.

Dorohedoro Season 2 – Where Can I Find It?

Season one of Dorohedoro was broadcast on Tokyo MX, BS11, and MBS in Japan. It lasted for two months. Netflix then obtained a distribution deal for the Show and began streaming it internationally. The first time we hear about a new season, we automatically assume that it will premiere in Japan before being made available on Netflix for viewing.

Trailer for the Season 2 of Dorohedoro

Season 2 of Dorohedoro has yet to receive an official trailer release date. Check out the first season of Dorohedoro’s trailer below.


What does Dorohedoro mean in Japanese?

Q Hayashida is the author and illustrator of the Japanese comic series Dorohedoro, which translates as “Mud-sludge.”

Will there be a 2nd season of Dorohedoro?

The start of Dorohedoro season 2 production has yet to be officially declared by the Show’s makers. The first season’s success will have a bearing on whether or not it is renewed for a second. It’s still too early to give up hope, though. Until now, there’s been no notice that the Show has been put off.

Why do people like Dorohedoro?

By focusing on the relationships between its outlandish, larger-than-life protagonists, Dorohedoro manages to defy standard vengeance story darkness. Although it’s chaotic, it’s all part of the enjoyment.

Is Dorohedoro Anime complete?

So far, here’s what we know regarding the possibility of the second season of Dorohedoro in response to fan demand. Dorohedoro has not been officially renewed for another season. More than half of the manga was adapted in the first season, less than one-third of the total number of pages.


The Japanese manga series Dorohedoro is known for its chase book. There are elements of action, dark fantasy, science fiction, and humor in Do Q Hayashida, the book’s author, and illustrator. rohedoro.

We haven’t heard anything about a second season of the anime series Dorohedoro yet. Dorohedoro is an action-comedy anime series that delivers on both fronts. On IMDb, Dorohedoro has a rating of 8.2.

However, we expect it to be confirmed shortly.

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