Dragon Ball Super Super Hero: When It Will Be Renewed?

The U.S.’s summer box office is about to boost from anime.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the latest movie in the popular anime series. The film will open on August 19 in North America in more than 2,300 theatres, some of which are Imax theatres. On Tuesday, Sony’s Crunchyroll and Toei Animation announced when it would come out.

Super Hero is the first movie by Crunchyroll to be shown in theatres worldwide. It will also be shown in August and September in international markets, with Sony Pictures Entertainment helping with the rollout.

After decades of ups and downs in popularity worldwide, Japanese anime has crossed over into the mainstream in the past few years, becoming a popular genre in theatres and on streaming services.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, directed by Tetsuro Kodama and had an all-star Japanese voice cast, was made with the full help of Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama. The famous manga artist worked on the film’s original story, screenplay, and character designs. The first Dragon Ball manga by Toriyama came out in Japan in 1984. Since then, an impressive 260 million copies have been sold worldwide. There have been a lot of movies, TV shows, games, and other products based on the property.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

The official summary of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero says, “Son Goku once destroyed the Red Ribbon Army. Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are the best Androids made by people who keep its spirit alive. These two robots say that they are “Super Heroes.” They attack Piccolo and Gohan… What is the goal of the New Red Ribbon Army? It’s time to wake up, Super Hero because the danger is coming.

Fans of One Piece Film: Red and Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Are at Odds With Each Other

One Piece Film: Red is the newest film in this popular series. Due to the 25th anniversary of the franchise, Toei Animation pushed the movie hard. Because the movie was advertised so often in Japan, people thought it would do well even before it came out.

On Saturday, August 6, the movie came out in the country where it was made, proving that it would be a huge hit. The film made ten times as much money in just one weekend as Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero did at the same time.

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Because of this, One Piece fans started using money to measure how popular a franchise is, saying that this shows that their franchise is better than Dragon Ball. Fans of Goku’s adventures were unhappy about this, especially outside Japan, where Super: Super Hero has not yet been released.

How Did the Dragon Ball Fandom Answer One Piece’s Fans?

Fans of Dragon Ball came out to defend their franchise right after One Piece fans started making fun of bad acting in their movies. They say there is much more going on than just the fact that their movie didn’t do well in theatres and Film: Red did well.

First of all, the 25th anniversary of Oda’s creation was a big deal, so it was clear that Toei Animation would put more emphasis on its film. This was accurate, as Film: Red got much more publicity than Super Hero.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Fans say it shouldn’t be surprising that the One Piece movie was the most popular in Japan. Luffy and his friends are very popular in the Land of the Rising Sun, while Dragon Ball’s popularity has been primarily international.

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Goku’s adventures are probably more famous and sought after outside the country where they were first made. In Latin American countries, for example, the show is top-rated, and fans break box office records when a movie based on it comes out.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Instagram

Take a look at Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Instagram account.

Box Office is Not All

Most fans know that whether you like Dragon Ball or One Piece, the success or failure of one movie doesn’t show how popular a franchise is. Toei made a bet that Film: Red would do better than Super Hero, so they tried to make the movie as enjoyable as possible.

Still, just because a movie makes a lot of money doesn’t mean that fans will enjoy it. Recently, the first reviews for Film: Red have started appearing on different websites, which are not good.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

A movie that has done as well as this has a meager rating. Overall, fans of Luffy’s latest film had much less fun with it than Dragon Ball fans did with Super Hero. Even though the marketing campaign worked, it looks like One Piece fans couldn’t enjoy the movie.

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Some One Piece fans say that Dragon Ball fans are giving bad reviews to the movie because it is so popular. Even though this hasn’t been proven, many fans are likelier to think that Japanese people didn’t like the film.

Frequently Asked Question

Is There Going to Be a New Season of Dragon Ball Super in 2022?

The Dragon Ball Super anime is said to come back in 2023.

The insider also said that the series would take place after the Universe Survival Arc, which most people thought would happen.

Will India Get to See the Movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

August 26 is the release date for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.
After a successful home release in Japan, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is getting ready to release in India, including the big cities. Toei Animation, the company that made the movie, said it would come out in India on August 26.

Does Crunchyroll Have Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO will be the first movie that Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures Entertainment will work together to show outside of Japan.

Final Thoughts

It’s natural for people to want to show that their tastes are better than those of others. We are naturally competitive, and everyone wants to get to the top. This is true for pretty much everything, including anime.

It’s not wrong to want to show that your show is better than the others, but in the end, it’s pointless. This is precisely what happened on Twitter between people who liked Dragon Ball and One Piece.

Both shows have millions of fans worldwide and will always have fans as long as people exist. But not everyone likes the same things, so box office numbers are not an excellent way to prove that a franchise is booming.

There’s no doubt that Toei’s marketing campaigns affected how well both movies did. One Piece’s popularity in Japan was also a big reason their film did so well. We still have to think about people in other countries who want to watch Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

Ultimately, both shows have great stories, characters, and morals that have kept people watching for decades. Instead of arguing about how well a movie did at the box office, both fandoms should be happy that their shows are still popular. Don’t forget that Oda and Toriyama are good friends, as they should be in both communities.

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