Coming Back: Drake’s Second Album Brought His Fans Back to Life!

Intimate view at a guy who has become known for intimate looks, Drake’s second mixtape, and the final one before his breakout hit, “Best I Ever Had,” is a personal look at a guy who has become renowned for personal looks. Despite the fact that it was overshadowed by Drake’s breakout mixtape, So Far Gone, it was Comeback Season that set the wheels in motion for Aubrey Graham to move from Aubrey Graham the actor to Drake, the MC, and vice versa.

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When Drake’s Comeback Season was released on September 1, 2007, superfans would be able to comb over the younger flows and developmental moments from the rapper, while even casual listeners will be attracted to hear the most successful artist in hip-hop during his formative years. Several references on Comeback Season give the impression that the album is more than a decade older than it actually is until you realize how much Drake has accomplished in the years since its release.

The presentation of the first track, “The Presentation,” evokes a more easygoing, classic “Tuscan Leather” than the rest of the album. Back in 2007, hearing Drake rap about how Jay-Z and Dame Dash should get back together for both of their sakes sounded like ordinary braggadocio. But now that Drake is the most successful rapper on the planet, it sounds a lot different.

Drake Comeback Season

It’s an Auteur Project

Before lately, Comeback Season would have appeared to be a cult favorite, even among the most ardent of his supporters. For many, Drake’s music began with the release of So Far Gone, which served as their introduction to the artist. However, even Drake’s second mixtape had the air of an auteur production — additional evidence that, while Drake was still establishing his voice, he was still pursuing a vision.

After the latest edition of So Far Gone debuted in the Top 10 of the Billboard 200, a full ten years after the album’s original release, Comeback Season has become just as essential as If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and More Life in the eyes of the music industry.

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His Long Life Is a Testament

Drake boasts on “Closer” that he is as highly awaited as the iPhone (the first model had only been out for two months when Comeback Season was released); nowadays, he has regular relationships with the technology giant. He raps another prescient line later in the album, on the breezy “B ch Is Crazy,” saying, “Sometimes I gotta get my R&B on.” It’s kind of eerie how many of these moments occur throughout the album. If anything, Drake’s Comeback Season serves as a tribute to not only his longevity but also to the length of time he has been at the pinnacle of his game.

Aside from his ability to obtain an instrumental of Kanye West’s “Barry Bonds,” the fact that he has a close friendship with Trey Songz provides indicators as to how successful Drake would eventually become. Almost quaint to hear Drake do his own intro on the “Barry Bonds” freestyle – if, for one, he didn’t completely destroy it; and, for another, it wasn’t so symbolic. Drake and Trey had previously collaborated on Drake’s first mixtape, Room For Improvement, which was released just a year prior; and they collaborated once more on the single “Replacement Girl.”

Drake Comeback Season

Drake would shortly sign with Lil Wayne’s Young Money label and, after a tumultuous decade with Kanye, would surpass both of them in terms of fame and fortune. And it’s especially noteworthy given the fact that in September 2007, Kanye and Wayne’s joint tune, “Barry Bonds,” was one of several final nails in the coffin for the genre that was known as gangsta rap. The moment Drake covers the hook at the end of the song, it becomes evident that he should have been a part of the original track.

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Ain’t Got Time Back From

Drake would continue to work across generations and locations until Scorpion. Comeback Season’s stars, Kardinal Offishall, Rich Boy, and Little Brother, are all extremely ’90s. Rich Boy had just dominated the summer with “Throw Some Ds,” while KO and Little Brother may have inspired “Underground Kingz” a few years later.

It’s odd to hear Malice (Pusha T’s brother) on “Do What U Do (Remix)” when his brother would go after Drake on the Daytona album just a few years later.

Drake has been spinning in large circles since the beginning, judging by the guests on Comeback Season. “I fooled y’all, ain’t sh t for me to come back from,” he sneers on ‘The Presentation.’ So far, so good.

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