Will There Be Renewal Of Empire For Season 7 In 2022?

Empire Season 7: The quarantine life has taught us that we can find happiness in only a few things. These include reading novels, playing video games, and binge-watching television series. Empire, developed by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong for Fox entertainment, has to be one of the most acclaimed American musical dramas.

The plot featured an incredible cast and resembled a Shakespearean tale, complete with wonderful music and drama. We published the first season in 2015, and it has been a runaway success since then.

The series’s whole run is accessible to stream on Disney+ Hotstar, and it has remained popular to this day. Season 6 concluded in April 2020, and we’re curious as to when the next season will premiere. While the producers have not revealed anything about the upcoming season, we can still hope to see anything.

Season 7 Of Empire

The show’s sixth season premiered on September 24th and concluded in April of this year. However, based on the actors’ social media posts, we can assume that this is the final episode.

Due to the escalating pandemic problem, the sixth season had to be cancelled after the 18th episode.

We’ve learned via different social media posts and sources that Empire’s seventh season has been officially cancelled. However, this does not mean that the show’s saga has concluded.

The creators are considering developing a spinoff film as a tribute to the show’s heritage. With almost 17 million global viewers, it is possible to consider something along these lines. The show came to a satisfying conclusion. As a result, the makers are no longer surpassing it beyond a certain threshold.

However, we should not despair, as the creators may easily create a spinoff for the game’s global fanbase.

Empire’s Storyline

When Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard), the CEO of Empire Entertainment, learns of his impending demise, he is compelled to choose a successor from among his pack of children. Lyon is a hip hop king and a former drug dealer, but his visage is marred by a special physical issue.

His dynasty is to be passed down through his children, but he grooms just one of them. Andre, Empire’s chief financial officer, Jamal, an R&B singer and composer, and rapper Hakeem are his offspring, all of whom are capable of carrying on the family tradition.

empire season 7

A plot surprise occurs when Lyon’s ex-wife is freed from prison after serving a 17-year term. When three children are pitted against one another, and the ex-wife attempts to seize control of both the firm and the children, a family drama ensues.

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Empire Season 7 As we already know, season 7 may not occur, as the series was concluded in season 6. However, we may see a spinoff including the majority of the cast reprising their roles and providing fans with another opportunity to watch their favourite performers.

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Empire’s Characters

1. Terrence Howard in the role of Lucious Lyon

Lyon is the CEO of Empire Entertainment and a former drug dealer who faces a life-altering diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He must now choose a descendant to take over the family company.

2. Taraji P. Henson takes on the role of Loretha “Cookie” Lyon.

She portrays Lyon’s wife and his children’s mother. She was convicted in connection with her husband’s drug trade and served a 17-year extended jail sentence. She rejoins the family and is now hell-bent on reuniting them. When she launches her record business, there is a lot of drama, and then there is a conflict amongst her family members.

3. Bryshere Y. Grey in the role of Hakeem Lyon

Hakeem portrays Lucious’ youngest son and favourite child, who is a rising hip hop rapper. Hakeem has a tense connection with both of his parents, but develops a fondness for his mother later in life. He is the only sibling who is close to his elder brother Jamal.

4. Jussie Smollett in the role of Jamal Lyon

Jamal is the Lyon family’s eldest son, and he portrays a gay singer-songwriter in the series. He has a tense relationship with his father, who regards him as the family’s black sheep. He does not appear in the sixth season for unclear reasons.

5. Trie Bayers performing under the guise of Andre Lyon

Andre portrays the family’s eldest son, as well as the Chief Financial Officer of Empire entertainment. He suffers from bipolar disorder, but he is an ambitious individual. He is married to Rhonda, whom he eventually divorces over the course of the next few seasons.

Empire may not return for the following season, but keep your fingers crossed.

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