Extracurricular Season 2 Release Date: Is Netflix planning to renew this series?

An ongoing Korean television drama series called Extracurricular is now aired on the Korean network MBC. The premiere of the juvenile-crime drama will take place in April of the following year. The series is divided into a single season, with each season consisting of ten or more episodes.

Each series is given an allotted time of one hour and forty-five minutes. Streamers such as Netflix have made the show available to view. The origins of the K-drama genre may be traced back to South Korea.

Involvement in unlawful activities involves high school students in a variety of genres that include suspenseful stories with psychological issues, thrilling action sequences, crime, and illegal behaviors. You’ll be scared by the terrifying and grisly crime scenes and situations that you’ll come across in the course of your investigation. The reason for this is not fear, but ecstasy.

The series received an overall rating of 8.5 from My Drama List. According to IMDb, the film has received 7.7 out of 10 ratings. It is the most well-liked and popular K-drama of the year 2020, according to several polls. Aside from that, the series was nominated for two further awards and received two of them.

Studio 329 is in charge of the drama’s production, which is overseen by the company. A great deal of good feedback has been received about the series from viewers. A large number of people expressed their delight in it, and it garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback.

A lot of people are hoping for a second season of the show after watching the first season. Season 1 attracted a large number of viewers and kept their attention throughout the season. Extracurricular activities are increasingly expected to bring additional value to students’ educational experience.

What is still up in the air is whether or not a new season will be started in 2019. Is it still necessary for fans to hold their breath? Is the event still scheduled, or has it been postponed or canceled?

What Is the Storyline of Season 2 of Extracurricular?

In the first season, Ji-soo was running an illicit business to help pay for his college education on Extracurricular. Gyu-Ri and Min-hee persuade Ji-covert soo to allow them to join the mission after learning his acts.

Both Dae-ye and Mr. Lee are assassinated in the season’s epilogue. Mr. Despite his best efforts, Detective Lee is unable to apprehend Ji-soo, who is critically ill, despite the assistance of the injured Gyu-Ri.

What happens to Detective Lee and Ji-soo in the second season of the drama series will be revealed. There’s a chance we’ll discover more about Ki-fate, too. Two disgruntled youths, Ji-soo and Gyu-RI, are likely to return to criminal activity because they believe the world has wronged them.

Cast Members of Season 2 of Extracurricular

If the program gets a second season, it’s safe to assume that many of the original cast members will return to reprise their roles and continue the story.

  • Lee Whang-Chul is played by Choi Min-soo
  • Cho Jin-woo is played by Park Hyuk-Kwon
  • Lee Hae-young is played by Kim Yeo-j
  • Oh Ji-soo is played by Kim Dong-hee
  • Seo Min-hee is played by Jung Da-bin
  • Bae Gyu-RI is played by Park Joo-Hyun
  • Kwak Ki-Tae is played by Nam Yoon-soo

Extracurricular Season 2’s Release Date

On April 29, 2020, Netflix will premiere the first season of the K-drama. Despite this, there has been no announcement of a new season. Netflix has yet to make any announcements about the second season. No release date or cancellation has been announced by Netflix.

A new project has been taken on by both the creators and the writers. A new show has not been announced by them. In contrast, Studio 329’s affiliation is strengthened by Han-Sae. So, if everything goes according to plan and the screenwriters continue working on the script, we have high hopes.

A new season may debut in 2023. Even so, we’re all hoping for a new season, as you can probably tell by now. We’ll let you know as soon as we get official confirmation. Get ready to hear about it soon.

Season 1 of Extracurriculars: What Happened at the End?

Upon learning that Ji Soo may have slain his love, Min-Hee, and the brain behind the entire organization, Kwak Ki Tae loses control and stabs him with a pair of scissors. In the nick of time, Gyu Ri slams a pot on his head and knocks him unconscious.

Ji Soo, who has already lost a significant amount of blood, begins to lose consciousness while Gyu Ri and Ji Soo attempt to flee the building. When Haegyong enters the apartment, she sees Kwak Ki Tae lying unconscious in the first place. We see an empty stairwell right when we believe she’s about to catch them!

It ends with someone pouring water into the habitat, suggesting that Ji Soo and Gyu Ri weren’t dead. At the very least, Gyu Ri was still alive. As troubled adolescents, they may have been trying to make it in this cruel world.

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