Extrapolations Season 2 Release Date: Is there a Season 2? What We Know So Far!

Extrapolations is an Apple TV+ anthology drama series created by Scott Z. Burns. The series, which consists of eight episodes, aired on March 17, 2023. Each episode provides a new tale of how climate change affects the world, as seen through the eyes of many characters and cultures.

Extrapolations Season 2 Renewal Status

There has been no official word on whether Extrapolations will return for a second season. However, given the series’ critical and economic success, it appears likely that it will be revived.

Extrapolations’ second season could delve into various issues of climate change than the first. It could, for example, concentrate on the consequences of climate change on various parts of the world or on various businesses.

Extrapolations Season 2 Release Date

There has been no official word on whether Extrapolations would be continued for a second season. If Extrapolations gets renewed for a second season, it will most likely debut in 2024. This is due to the fact that Apple TV+ normally waits a year between seasons of its anthology shows.

Extrapolations Season 2 Release Date

It’s also feasible that Extrapolations’ second season will contain some of the same characters from the first season. It is feasible, though, that the series will introduce new people and stories.

Only time will tell what the future of Extrapolations holds. If the series is renewed for a second season, it will undoubtedly be another thought-provoking and vital examination of the implications of climate change.

Extrapolations Season 2 Cast

There has been no formal statement regarding the Extrapolations Season 2 cast. If the series is renewed, it is likely that some of the first season’s actors will return, Included:

Actor Character
Meryl Streep Eve Shearer
Forest Whitaker Augustin
Jennifer Lawrence Lauren Peterson
Himesh Patel Sameer
Kit Harington Nicholas Bilton
Tahar Rahim Omar Haddad
Gemma Chan Natasha
David Schwimmer Harris Goldblatt
Adarsh Gourav Gaurav
Marion Cotillard Sylvie
Tobey Maguire Nicolas
Eiza González Elodie
Yara Shahidi Carmen Jalilo
Leslie Uggams Isabel Zucker
Daveed Diggs Rabbi Marshall Zucker
Matthew Rhys Junior
Heather Graham Hannah
Peter Riegert Ben Zucker
Cherien Dabis Lina
Cara Gee Freda

Extrapolations Series Plotline

Extrapolations is an anthology series that explores eight interwoven stories concerning the effects of climate change on the world. The stories are recounted from the perspectives of various characters and cultures, and they cover a wide range of subjects relating to climate change, such as the political, economic, social, and environmental consequences.

New York City, 2022,” the opening episode, concerns Eve Shearer (Meryl Streep), a wealthy art collector who is struggling to accept the truth that her son died in a climate-related calamity. “London, 2024,” the second episode, features Augustin (Forest Whitaker), a climate scientist who is attempting to warn the world about the consequences of climate change.

Extrapolations Season 2 Release Date

Extrapolations‘ other episodes feature a range of people, including a young couple attempting to start a new life in a climate-ravaged world, a CEO attempting to profit from climate change, and a group of activists attempting to prevent climate change from killing the earth.

Extrapolations are an essential and thought-provoking series that gives a diversity of perspectives on climate change. The series is not without problems, but it is well worth seeing for anyone who wants to learn more about the threats that climate change brings to the planet.

How Many Episodes Will Be in Extrapolations Season 2?

There has yet to be an official statement on the number of episodes in Extrapolations Season 2. Extrapolations’ first season featured eight episodes, therefore the second season may have the same number of episodes.

It is possible, however, that the second season will have a different number of episodes. Only time will tell how many episodes Extrapolations Season 2 will have.

Extrapolations Season 2 Trailer

There is currently no trailer for Extrapolations Season 2. Extrapolations’ first season premiered on March 17, 2023, therefore a trailer for the second season could be produced in the coming months. Watch the season 1 trailer Click Here.

Where to Watch Extrapolations Season 2?

Season 2 of Extrapolations will be available exclusively on Apple TV+. Apple TV+ is a subscription-based streaming service that features original content such as TV episodes, movies, and documentaries.

If you do not currently have Apple TV+, you can sign up for a free trial. The free trial lasts seven days and can be canceled at any time. After the free trial, Apple TV+ costs $4.99 per month.

Extrapolations Series Ratings

With 36 reviews, Rotten Tomatoes has a critical score of 45%. The audience is 60% if there are 50 or more reviews. The Metacritic score is 56/100, somewhat higher than the Rotten Tomatoes score.

According to IMDb, the Extrapolations series garnered a mixed rating of 6.1/10 from reviewers and viewers. While some viewers applauded the show for its innovative storytelling method and well-developed characters, others were disappointed with the slow pace and confusing plotlines.

Extrapolations has received critical acclaim for its current and significant subject matter, as well as its superb cast and writing. The series has also been chastised for its lack of focus and poor pace.


Season 2 of Extrapolations has not yet been confirmed, however, the show may be revived. If it is renewed, it will most likely debut in 2024.

The second season could cover new areas of climate change than the first, or it could incorporate some of the previous season’s characters. Only time will tell what the future holds for Extrapolations, but if it is continued, it will undoubtedly be another thought-provoking and vital examination of the implications of climate change.

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