Fishbowl Wives Season 2: When Will the Next Season of the Series Come Out?

“Fishbowl Wives” is a Japanese drama TV show on Netflix. It is based on the popular manga “Kingyo Tsuma” by Ryô Kurosawa. Will there be a second season of Fishbowl Wives? Let’s check it out!

It shows what happens to six women who live in a high-end apartment building. They are having trouble in their marriage, so they seek love elsewhere. Because of what they’ve done, people don’t like them, and they have to decide whether to stay married or do what they want.

‘Fishbowl Wives’ season 1 was highly appreciated by viewers for its realistic portrayal of marital and adultery issues. Critics and viewers praised the first season for the complex performances of the cast members and the exciting storyline.

Is There Going to Be a Season 2 of Fishbowl Wives?

Fishbowl Wives Season 2

Fishbowl Wives has not been picked up for a second season as of this writing. However, because the ending isn’t clear, that could change.

Before renewing a show, Netflix usually looks at some factors, such as how many people watch it at first and how quickly they stop. Some shows, like Bridgerton, and Irregulars, get canceled or swiftly renewed. Other times, it can take Netflix months to decide what to do with a mask.

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So far, critics and viewers haven’t been too excited about Fishbowl Wives.

We think there won’t be a second season of Fishbowl Wives because of this and the rumors that the story is now over.

Release Date of Fishbowl Season 2

Fishbowl Wives Season 2

The first “Fishbowl Wives” season came out on Netflix on February 14, 2022. It has eight episodes, each lasting between 38 and 51 minutes.

Here’s what we can tell you about the second season. Netflix hasn’t disclosed anything official about the show’s new season yet. But since the first season was so well-liked, the show will likely come back for at least one more season. Since the drama is based on a manga anthology novel with many volumes, many sources could be used to continue the story.

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Also, like “Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories” and “Kakegurui,” several other Japanese TV shows based on manga have returned for more than one season. So, if this Netflix show follows a similar pattern, it’s likely that there will be a second season.

With all of these things in mind, Netflix will likely confirm a second season in the coming months. How long you have to wait depends on how the writers develop the story and how long it takes to make. So, if everything goes well, we can expect season 2 of “Fishbowl Wives” to come out in the second quarter of 2023.

Cast for Season 2 of Fishbowl Wives

  • Ryôko Shinohara as Sakura
  • Masanobu Andô as Sakura’s husband
  • Anne Yatcoas as Sakura Hiraga
  • Keisuke Hoashi as Artisan
  • Hidekazu Mashima as Baba
  • Kyoko Hasegawa as Haruto’s ex-girlfriend
  • Rich Ting as Koichi
  • Tom Choi as Baba
  • Riko Fukumoto as Ran

The Plotline of FishBowl Wives Season 2

Fishbowl Wives Season 2

In the first season, Sakura’s husband, Takuya, was mean to her. She starts dating Haruto because she feels stuck in her marriage. On the other hand, Sota’s drinking began to hurt his marriage to Saya. She felt better with Takuya, and they had a short sexual encounter.

Momoka, a construction worker, fixing up her house, turns out to be a friend she didn’t expect. Both of them are unhappy, so they get together. Aside from them, Yuriha felt like her husband put his mother before her, and she started to feel like she wasn’t appreciated at home.

In the meantime, Yuka’s husband won’t let him have a child, so he goes to see his ex-girlfriend Jun. At the same time, Noriko’s husband forces her to sleep with her coworker Tsuta, but she finds Tsuta to be a more understanding person than her husband. Hisako’s young son asks her about her secret relationship with Baba simultaneously.

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After some problems, Takuya and Sakura agree that their marriage is over and decide to split up. Despite their breakup, she helps him when his salon closes due to financial problems and has one last emotional encounter with Haruto.

Fishbowl Wives Season 2

After a two-year time jump, the lives of six women change a lot by the end of the season. Yuka is three months into her pregnancy but doesn’t know who the father is. Yurika and Momoki keep the meeting secret, while Noriko’s husband feels terrible about leaving her for Tsuta and tries to make up with her.

Sakura and Haruto are both fine on their own, but they miss each other. Sota and Saya made up with each other and got back together, just like they did before their problems. Also, Hisako breaks up with Baba for the sake of her family and finds happiness again with her son and husband.

A second season will likely pick up where the first one left off and find out if fate brought Sakura and Haruto back together. The father of Yuka’s baby will also be revealed, and Noriko will decide whether or not to forgive her husband.

Also, the doomed affair between Yuriha and Momoki could be shown as it was told to her husband and mother-in-law. New characters might have secrets if the show returns for a second season.

Trailer of Fishbowl Wives Season 2

We don’t know when the season two trailer will come out. In the meantime, you can keep an eye out for the first season’s trailer on Netflix.

The trailer starts with a group of women telling about their lives, and then the question “When did they cross the line?” comes up. The trailer then hints at romantic, steamy scenes and domestic violence advice.


The Netflix original series “Fishbowl Wives” is a Japanese period piece. The film follows six ladies who all live in the same high-rise apartment building in New York City. Difficulties have plagued their marriages, but they have found love on the outside.

Because of this, they are confronted with criticism from the rest of society and must choose between staying married or following their heart.

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