Future Diary Season 2: Does Future Diary Have a Happy Ending?

Future Diary is one of the most well-known anime ever made. In many places, the anime, also called Mirai Nikki, came out in 2011. It is a mystery and psychological thriller. Even though it came out years ago, the anime is still getting new viewers, and people want to know if there will be a second season.

Many of us learned about it from the anime, but it’s based on a manga series written and drawn by Sakae Esuno. Asread is a Japanese animation studio that made Future Diary. We know the studio from the popular show “Arifureta,” which was made there.

Funimation has a license to show first aired between October 10, 2011, and April 16, 2012. The anime also demonstrated on Hulu TV, is now known everywhere. After the OVA episode, which came out in 2013, we haven’t seen a new anime episode.

Even though years have passed, we’ve seen that many anime is coming back for a second season. If this is true, will there be a second season of the anime Future Diary?

What is Future Diary Season 2 Story

Future Diary Season 2

As a result, Amano Yukiteru (Yuki) is an aloof individual who spends most of his time on his cell phone, writing diaries and conversing with imagined pals. One morning, he wakes up to see all of his plans scrawled on his phone for the day.

As the events unfold on his phone, Yuki is taken aback. Then he comes to grips with the fact that his fictitious companion is, in fact, Deus, the deity of space and time. After that, Yuki enters Deus’s competition. The death race begins when Yuki discovers that she is not alone.

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The new god of time will be chosen from among these twelve contenders when this battle is over. A phone like Yuki’s is in every competitor’s hands, and each one has its unique set of advantages and limitations. These are the aspects of anime that keep it fresh.

Anime deepens with such minor elements as not knowing each other, blind spots, and mind games. It predicts what will happen around a person’s phone and how others will flee. Is it possible that those who envision this future will kill each other by making moves and counter-moves?

Release Date for Season Two of “Future Diary”

Future Diary, Season 2 appears to have only a tiny percentage. For now, it’s impossible to know when the second season of Studio Asread (ARIFURETA) will be released. A sequel or reboot may take a few years to be removed if the studio chooses to do so.

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To get the next season of Future Diary, we’ll have to beg the mangaka or rewatch Season 1 of the anime. This means that any new episodes of Mirai Nikki Season 2 won’t air before 2022 or 2023. As soon as an official date is announced, we’ll make the necessary changes to this post.

Is Future Diary’s Second Season Canceled?

Future Diary Season 2

There have been rumors that the sequel will not happen. Possibly, maybe not. Neither Studio Asread nor any other production companies involved with this anime have made official statements about the sequel’s development.

The main reason for this is that the first season ended happily with no unanswered questions. However, the fan base is so extensive that we might get a part 2 with new plots and characters.

The OVA episode came out in June 2013 and completed the story nicely, so Future Diary didn’t need a second season. The first season ended with the OVA episode, but many fans didn’t see it until now, so there is a high demand for season 2. Also, the last episode of the first season ended on a cliffhanger, leaving the audience wanting more.

Also, Sakae Esuno is the only one who can continue the series by writing more stories. The studio won’t say if the second season will continue until then.

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When the last episode of season 1 came out, something was missing. The OVA episode wrapped up the storyline, and everything else left. It was a beautiful and satisfying ending. The creators chose to release an OVA episode in 2019 to give fans a satisfying conclusion.

The Trailer for Season 2 of Future Diary

Below you’ll find a player for the season one trailer. There have been no official announcements from the filmmakers or production company addressing the trailer as of this writing. As soon as official details are released, we’ll make the necessary changes to the content on this page.

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