Games with Halloween Events 2022| The Unlimited Guide ,Schedule Date!

Millions of people will soon be celebrating Halloween, and many of the most popular online video games, from Final Fantasy XIV’s perennially successful Endwalker DLC to Overwatch, feature seasonal content. Multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and other games as a service (GaaS) benefit greatly when their developers organise Halloween-themed events.

Games with Halloween Events 2022

Some of the best seasonal content for games, such as Hallow’s End in MMO behemoth World of Warcraft and the new battle royale mode in Apex Legends, is released around Halloween.

Destiny 2

(October 18 – November 8)

The original Destiny series, developed by Halo creators Bungie, became a market juggernaut in the game-as-a-service format, and the sequel, Destiny 2, has been largely regarded as an improvement over its predecessor. Expect a wide selection of Halloween-themed gear and cosmetics to become available to players on the 18th of October, when the Festival of the Lost event begins.
Certain pieces of armour are decided by popular vote, but there also needs to be substantial game play. Players have participated in Halloween-themed objectives and missions while in Fireteams at previous events.

World of Warcraft

(October 21 to 22)

World of Warcraft is still a staple of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) genre, despite the fact that Final Fantasy XIV has arguably taken the crown as the best MMORPG since its resurgence. Fortunately, the game has a long-standing relationship with Halloween and celebrates the holiday with the Hallow’s End event every October.

From mid-October to early November, players can participate in a variety of seasonal activities, such as trick-or-treating, shopping for seasonal items and mounts, and more. Nonetheless, the opportunity to take on the Headless Horseman for seasonal rewards is a major draw during Hallow’s End.

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(October 1 – November 15)

In spite of the fact that Ooblets has only just been released, the team behind it has already begun planning for a special holiday event. In Badgetown, at a Halloween stall, players can get a free pumpkin pail and join in on the trick-or-treating fun with various NPCs. After amassing a sufficient quantity of candy, they can trade it in for a wide variety of playable character, Ooblet, and environment-related enhancements.

Furthermore, a puzzle awaiting players in the Nullwhere region can be found in their mail. For those who can crack this cryptic puzzle, I have a special treat in store.


(October 18 – November 1)

There is a consistent population of players who keep coming back for more Fortnite year after year. In addition to its engaging gameplay loop, one of Fortnite’s main draws is the game’s constant stream of skins and other cosmetic items.

Fortnitemares is an event in the game that allows players to try out new game modes outside of the standard battle royale mode and earn cosmetic items such as skins and emotes. Even though it’s not as involved as some other online games, many people are likely to sign up for the month of October because it’s a fun Halloween event.

Minecraft: Spookyfest

(October 4 – November 9)

The Minecraft Spookyfest event will run across both Minecraft games. After October 4, the Minecraft Marketplace will feature new downloadable content. In addition, mutant mobs and seasonal minigames are available for Minecraft players to help them get into the spirit of the season.

Games with Halloween Events 2022

That’s how things get rolling on October 26 for the duration of Spooky Fall, which wraps up on November 9. During the Halloween event, players of Minecraft Dungeons can compete in special challenges for a limited time and earn special rewards. Meanwhile, a Minecraft skin pack can be purchased that features 13 unique outfits found in the game’s dungeons.

Overwatch 2

 (Tuesday, October 25)

In the competitive team shooter genre on consoles and PC, the original Overwatch was an instant hit. Now that Overwatch 2 is available, it seems that some of the Halloween-themed content from the first game will carry over into the sequel.

Wrath of the Bride is a reimagining of the fan favourite Junkenstein’s Revenge that adds a new game mode, playable characters, and cosmetics. Its primary draw is a player-versus-environment mod that puts players in a “tower defense”-style formation to fend off waves of enemies from the castle.

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Team Fortress 2: Scream Fortress XIV

(October 5 – November 7)

It’s a highlight of the holiday season and a favourite of the staff here at Shacknews. Scream Fortress, a seasonal event in Valve’s team-based shooter TF2, has begun, drawing in tens of thousands of players. We don’t need to be reminded that Valve has long since given up on this event and that they’re lucky to have one of the most devoted player bases in gaming, as the community has once again delivered some exciting new additions.

Soul-Mill, Helltrain, Bonesaw, Crasher, Ghoulpit, and Spookeyridge are just six of the new community maps you can explore. The Mann Co. Store now sells community-made cosmetic items in the form of a Ghoulish Gains Case, as well as taunts written by members of the community.

Everyone’s Halloween Contracts have been cleared and rewritten from scratch. The run of Scream Fortress ends on November 7.

Pokmeon GO

(October 20-31)

Even though it’s a mobile game, Pokémon GO makes excellent use of its format to incorporate holidays and other seasonal events. Though the best Pokémon games are found in the main series, the augmented reality style works well in this setting, and the Halloween events are perfect for highlighting the franchise’s Ghost-Type creatures.

While the Ghost types are the most celebratory for the annual event in GO, the Dark types tend to become more common in the wild. The event also features new cosmetic outfits to acquire, Research Tasks to complete, and Raids to participate in.

Apex Legends

(October 4 – November 1)

While Fortnite by Epic Games receives the lion’s share of attention when it comes to battle royale games, Apex Legends by Respawn Entertainment has proven to be an excellent alternative. And similar to other games in the genre, it has a Halloween event that changes things up for players.

The Fight or Fright event in Apex Legends has as its main draw the special Shadow Royale mode. Here, regular maps have been given a spooky makeover, and fallen players can return as ghosts who can heal their comrades.

Warframe: Nights of Naberus

(October 5 – November 2)

Every year in October, Warframe hosts the Nights of Naberus celebration. The ancient Orokin festival of death has arrived on the Infested Moon of Mars Deimos, and the players are celebrating in style. Find Mother Tokens and trade them in for holiday treats, both returning favourites and some brand new additions. Visit the Warframe website to see a curated selection.

Final Fantasy XIV

(October 12 – November 1)

Different groups of Final Fantasy fans will have different opinions on which game is the best in the series, but XIV should be mentioned as one of the best of the main series. Outside of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game genre, Final Fantasy XIV is a remarkable gaming success story.

It has a charming Halloween-themed event, in addition to a plethora of substantial story and gameplay content made available through post-launch support and downloadable content. New questlines are available during the All Saints’ Wake event with the Continental Circus, and cities and towns all over the world get to decorate for the occasion by putting on their best displays of Halloween decorations. In addition to the revamped storyline and updated visuals, this holiday event also features a brand new mount and set of cosmetic accessories.

Killing Floor 2: Blood and Bonfires

(October 13 – November 10)

As part of Killing Floor 2’s free Blood and Bonfires update, a brand new, thrilling map is now available for you to explore. A mediaeval town, Barmwich Town has been taken over by Zeds. You and your friends can now take on hordes of Zeds in the new map’s Survival, Weekly, and Endless game modes.

The event’s goals, which are categorised by season, are also included. If you finish them all, you’ll be rewarded with a Plague Doctor backpack. You can also win a share of Halloween-themed cosmetics by finding Halloween Treat Prize Tickets and Golden Prize Tickets.

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Dead By Daylight

(October 13th )

Dead by Daylight’s status as a web-based survival horror game makes it a natural fit for Halloween celebrations. Dead by Daylight is a proper game to play for scares any time of year thanks to its adaptation of the atmosphere of classic slasher horror films into a video game setting, but it’s still exciting to see what collaborations the developers will do every season.

There will be a number of new themed skins available for purchase in the game’s in-game store and for free simply by taking part in the Haunted by Daylight event, including the Resident Evil villain Arnold Wesker.

For Honor

(October 20)

For Honor by Ubisoft is one of the most original multiplayer online games because it blends historical themes with the fighting genre in a way that neither Tekken nor Street Fighter have attempted. The game has improved with post-launch updates, and it recently featured a similarly creative Halloween collaboration event with the online survival-horror game Dead by Daylight.

Pikmin Bloom

(October 14-31)

The first-ever Halloween celebration in Pikmin Bloom is now live. During the entire month of October, look for special Jack-O’-Lantern Pikmin decorations to appear for a short time. Gather as many as you can early on in the event, as they will come in handy later on. Destroy the mysterious “Halloween” mushrooms by using your Jack-O’-Lantern Decoration Pikmin.

You can also earn Gold Seedlings over the course of the event by completing Activity List tasks. Take advantage of them to cultivate Purple, White, Rock, or even Winged Jack-O’-Lantern Decor Pikmin.

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