Good Witch Season 8: It Will Is Canceled or Renewed?

Cassie and her friends might disappear. Has Hallmark Channel canceled or renewed the Good Witch TV show for an eighth season? The TV vulture is keeping an eye on all the latest cancellation and renewal news, so this page is where you can find out what’s going on with Good Witch, season eight. You can add it to your bookmarks or sign up for updates. Don’t forget that the vulture is watching your TV shows. Are you?

What’s the Point of This Tv Show?

The Good Witch is a TV show that airs on the Hallmark Channel. The show is about Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale, who lives in the town of Middleton (Bell). Catherine Bell, James Denton, Sarah Power, Catherine Disher, Kylee Evans, Katherine Barrell, Marc Bendavid, and Scott Cavalheiro are some of the people who play roles on the show.

Like her daughter Grace, Cassie can see things others don’t. She just married Dr. Sam Radford and owned a store called Bell, Book & Candle (Denton). At the end of season six, Cassie, Abigail (Power), and Joy (Barrell) found velvet pouches of soil. This is the beginning of a new Merriwick mystery for the cousins to solve.

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This makes them think about their pasts and how different things in their lives have made them who they are now. Season seven will feature new relationships, personal challenges, romance, and Middleton fun.

The Ratings for Season 7

The average number of people aged 18–49 who watch the seventh season of Good Witch is 0.12, with 1.58 million of them. Compared to season six, that’s a drop of 28% in the target audience and a drop of 16% in viewers. Find out how Good Witch compares to other shows on the Hallmark Channel.

good witch season 8

Telly’s Opinion

Will Hallmark Channel cancel Good Witch or bring it back for an eighth season? Hallmark has had a lot of success with the show, but Cassie has been on for a long time (since 2008, if you include the movies). This show will end at some point, but I think it will have at least one more season. I’ll put new information on this page as it comes in. Sign up for free updates on whether or not Good Witch will end or continue.

Hallmark Channel’s ‘Good Witch’ Series Finale Release Date Set

STUDIO City, California, July 9, 2021: Today, Hallmark Channel announced that its original primetime show, “Good Witch,” is coming to an end.

“In addition to the seven-season series, ‘Good Witch’ has enchanted viewers for over a decade with eight original movies,” said Randy Pope, SVP, programming, and development. “We want to thank our leads, Catherine Bell, who has played the unique Cassie Nightingale for 13 years, and James Denton, who plays Dr. Sam Radford and brings so much charm and humor to the series. We also want to thank and thank everyone on the cast and crew for their hard work and dedication.

good witch season 8

Other things are also going to change. In “The Wedding,” which starts on Hallmark Channel on Sunday, July 25, 2023, at 9 p.m. ET/PT and is the series finale, the Merriwick cousins get ready to face the mysterious force that is putting their family’s legacy at risk. Catherine Bell (“Army Wives,” “JAG”), James Denton (“Desperate Housewives,” “Devious Maids”), Sarah Power (“Killjoys”), Catherine Disher (“Abby Hatcher”), Kylee Evans (“The Strain”), Katherine Barrell (“Wynonna Earp”), Marc Bendavid (“Murdoch Mysteries”), and Scott Cavalheiro (“Carter”) all-star.

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Catherine Bell has played Cassie Nightingale, the main character, for 13 years. She was first seen in “The Good Witch,” a Hallmark original movie from 2008. Because of how famous Cassie and her adventures in the small town of Middleton were, seven more films were made about her. In 2015, the franchise was a primetime show that ran for seven magical seasons.

good witch season 8

The movie “Good Witch” was made by Whizbang Films and ITV Studios America. The show is run by Darin Goldberg, Orly Adelson, Jonathan Eskenas, Craig Pryce, and Frank Siracusa. Catherine Bell is one of the people running the show. Janina Barrett is the producer in charge. The producer is Colin Brunton. Associate producers are Julie Lawrence and Angie Cassiram. ITV Studios is in order to sell “Good Witch” worldwide.

Good Witch Season 8 Cast

  • Catherine Bell as Cassie Nightingale
  • Catherine Disher as Mayor Martha Tinsdale
  • James Denton as Dr. Sam Radford
  • Kylee Evans as Stephanie Borden
  • Sarah Power as Abigail Pershing
  • Bailee Madison as Grace Russell
  • Rhys Matthew Bond as Nick Radford
  • Peter MacNeill as George O’Hanrahan
  • Marc Bendavid as Donovan Davenport
  • Scott Cavalheiro as Adam Hawkins
  • Paul Miller as Tom Tinsdale
  • Dan Jeannotte as Brandon Russell
  • Kate Corbett as Eve
  • Noah Cappe as Derek Sanders
  • Katherine Barrell as Joy Harper
  • Rebecca Dalton as Tara
  • Jefferson Brown as Ben
  • Anthony Lemke as Ryan Elliott
  • Seann Gallagher as Liam
  • Jake Gosden as Athlete
  • Paula Boudreau as Dottie Davenport
  • Dan Payne as John Dover
  • Gianpaolo Venuta as Vincent
  • Gabrielle Miller as Linda
  • Hannah Endicott-Douglas as Lori Russell
  • James Rittinger as Noah
  • Shane Harte as Anthony
  • Lindsay Owen Pierre as Dr. Grant Collins
  • Kyana Teresa as Zoey Taylor
  • Randal Edwards as Jared
  • Alanna Bale as Courtney
  • Dale Whibley as Luke
  • Edward Ruttle as Michael
  • Mary Long as Samantha Thurlow
  • JaNae Armogan as Floor Nurse
  • Sebastian Pigott as Phil
  • Samora Smallwood as Dr. Monica McBride
  • Jason Diaz as Carter
  • Ashley Leggat as Tara
  • Rod Wilson as Davis Davenport
  • Luke Bilyk as Sean
  • Mark MacRae as Delivery Person
  • Chad Connell as Greg
  • Ron Lea as Jerry
  • Kate Greenhouse as Joanne
  • Elise Bauman as Donna

Good Witch Season 8 Plot

Everyone in the city loves Cassie, and when they need help, they only go to her. She has no training in medicine but gives herbs and potions to anyone who asks. No, she’s not one of those modern environmentalists who only want natural things. She is a witch who knows how to heal by boiling plants.

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Everyone in a small town loves this kind woman and remembers her recently deceased husband. A man moves next door to Cassie and her daughter with his son. First, he tries to prove to everyone that pills are necessary for treatment. Then, he starts to look at Cassie more closely and suspiciously. Even though he thought of himself as a skeptic, he is beginning to have doubts about this pretty woman. How can all her success be explained if she doesn’t do magic?

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