Hacks Season 3: Trailer Updates, When Will Hacks Return for a Third Season?

The HBO series Hacks chronicles the intertwined stories of two women: the famous comedian Deborah Vance (Jean Smart), who has a residency at a Las Vegas hotel, and the struggling comedy writer Ava Daniels (Hannah Einbinder), who is 25 years old.

After Ava is assigned to work for Deborah as her head comedy writer, the two hit it off and end up working together to develop new material (and, in Season 2, an entirely new show) and work through their respective personal issues.

In addition to bringing together and making fun of important conversations about feminism across generations, the show also features some hilariously original and inventive plot twists. There were 32 Emmy Award nods for Hacks, and the show took home three. One month after Season 2 of Hacks premiered in June 2022, the show was officially renewed for a third season.


Since Hacks was only renewed this summer, there is little known about the season’s plot. Most likely, though, is that Ava, basking in her success in Los Angeles, will be called upon to help Deborah out at some point in her career.

Fans can also anticipate a subplot involving the hilarious duo of Jimmy (Paul W. Downs) and Kayla (Megan Stalter), who have recently started their own management business. Since Marcus (Carl Clemons-Hopkins) is a member of the Principal Cast, he undoubtedly has a love interest.

 Hacks Season 3

All of this, once again, is conjecture based on what happened in Seasons 1 and 2. Due to the increasing competition and potential changes with Warner Bros. and Discovery, who own HBOMax, the show’s plot could take a drastic turn for the worse, or it could be put on hold temporarily.

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The Final Episode of Season 3 of “Hacks”

Season 2’s final episode showed that Deborah had learned the hard way that producing a self-funded television special is no easy feat. When Vigora found herself back at the beginning, she knew she had to be dogged in her pursuit of a solution.

Ava, meanwhile, had gotten a call from Taylor about a strange gig he’d like Deborah to do; despite her busy schedule, Deborah agreed. Things start to get off track when one of the men on her show dies, only for it to turn out to be a dummy.

Despite the episode’s comedic high points, it ends on a sombre note when Deborah announces she will be releasing Ava, saying that Ava deserves the chance to build her own future based on the opportunities she seizes and her own abilities.


When it comes to the cast, it’s safe to assume that everyone who has made an appearance, whether as a main, secondary, or recurring character, will be back. Because Downs is also the showrunner, writer, and director for the series, his character, the tense but lovable agent to Deborah and Ava, will be back for future seasons.
No new characters have been revealed, and there has been no public casting information released in the past two months to suggest that new character casting is currently underway. Since Hacks already features a formidable supporting cast, new faces may be scarce for some time.

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Release Date

We still don’t know when season 3 of Hacks will air. Given that the show was only recently renewed for a third season in June, the writers, producers, directors, and creatives are likely still hard at work in the pre-production phases of development.

This includes writing and revising scripts, creating storyboards, and organising production so that it runs without a hitch. On the other hand, Lucia Aniello, the show’s creator, said in the same EW interview that the creative team was already hard at work on season two despite not knowing whether or not the show would be renewed.

Hacks Season 3

They could have a possible head start because of this! Whatever the case, a reasonable release window for Hacks season 3 would be sometime in the middle of 2023, perhaps in the late spring or early summer. Nonetheless, according to recent events, Warner Bros. and Discovery may decide to discontinue HBOMax in 2023.

The Success of Season 3 of “Hacks”

Hacks is back for a second season, and viewers have responded favourably. Season 2 of Hacks has received positive feedback from viewers who have enjoyed all 8 episodes so far. Season 2′s success has resulted in the show being picked up for a third season.

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Where To Watch?

If you’re looking for a web series with a low-key comedy tone and minimal dramatic tension, look no further than hacks. The overall tone of Hacks, from the current plot to the entire series, is both comforting and humorous.

It excels at nothing, and since it appears to be your passion, the exploits are likely to succeed in catching you off guard. In the United States, you can watch Hacks on HBO Max, the show’s official streaming partner; in the United Kingdom, you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video; and in a few other countries, there are no official streaming applications for this show.

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Teaser and Trailer Update

Hacks Season 3 has not yet had a trailer released. Season 3 of Hacks has been announced, so its premiere may not be too far off. While you wait for the Season 3 trailer to drop, feel free to rewatch Season 2 and enjoy it again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Alice on Hacks?

Deborah’s COO Marcus (Carl Clemons-Hopkins), her assistant Damien (Mark Indelicato), and some new faces like tour manager Alice join Deborah and Ava on the road (played by guest star Laurie Metcalf).

When Does Hacks Reveal Ava’s Mother?

The widow, portrayed by Jane Adams, is Ava’s mother Nina, who, in her daughter’s eyes, is the intruder because she showed up at one of Deborah’s tiring tour stops out of the blue and from over a thousand miles away.

 Which Email From Hacks Did Ava Send?

There was a wake and a slap, and Ava got drunk in between the two events, sending a scathing email about Deborah to the screenwriters who had approached her about contributing to a TV show about a crazed diva-boss character based on Deborah. For this reason, their truce is precarious as season two begins.

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