Haikyuu Season 3 Release Date: Things You Need to Know!

In this post, we’ll talk about the dub version of Haikyuu Season 3, which was released in Japan. Haikyuu is a famous sports and comedy anime series that is based on the manga series of the same name by Haruichi Furudate, who is also the writer and illustrator of the series.

The manga series launched on April 6, 2014, and quickly rose to be one of the most highly acclaimed anime series in history, garnering high ratings throughout the world. The season 3 of Haikyuu, on the other hand, garnered even more positive critical reception, and the series currently ranks as the 20th most popular anime series overall on My Anime List.

The first episode aired on October 8, 2016, and the final episode aired on December 10, 2016. Season 3 consisted of only 10 episodes, as opposed to the prior two seasons, which each contained 25 episodes.

While the dub versions of seasons 1 and 2 were released very promptly, the dub version of season 3 was not released until several years after the first two seasons.

Because they had been unable to maintain with the anticipation for so long, anime fans had already watched season 3 in its original language (subtitled) but had yet to see the season in its original language (dub) to complete their viewing of season 3.

SFW dubs all three seasons of the anime, and they have a licencing agreement for season three, which will begin airing in 2019.

What’s the Point of the Series?

Despite being short, the protagonist Shoyo Hinata dreams of becoming a great volleyball player after seeing a match on television and being inspired by Karason’s ace, who is also short but possesses exceptional volleyball skills. As a member of the national championship-winning team, he is known as “The Tiny Giant.”

She begins playing volleyball in middle school and manages to form a team with athletes from several sports. After a heavy setback in their first match, Hinata accepts a place at Kurasuno High School, the school of his idol.

The setter of the middle school team who defeated Hinata’s team, Tobio Kageyama, introduces him to the volleyball club. At first, the two didn’t get along, but their captain Daichi’s tough attitude eventually brought them together. That isn’t the end of their issues, though.

That team of Tiny Giants graduated from Karasuno five years ago and hasn’t been replaced by anything of the calibre since. The “Wingless Crows” of Miyagi Prefecture, once one of the most powerful schools in the region, are now known for their many defeats.

To recapture their former zeal for the national championships, they’ve added Hinata, Kageyama, and two new first-year players.

What Happened in Season 3?

The Miyagi Prefecture finals between Shiratorizawa and Karasuno High followed Shoyo Hinata’s troubles as a short volleyball player in the third season. The dramatic battle between the two teams sets the tone for the entire season, with players rediscovering their strengths and rekindling their love of the game.

When Karasuno was known as the “wingless crows,” he had little support and everyone expected Shiratorizawa to win. A five-set finals match saw Shiratorizawa thrash Karasuno 16-25 in the first set, with the latter eventually losing the match.

Ushijima, Shiratorizawa’s ace player, was a major factor in this setback. In order for Nishinoya to receive the ball, he is a left-handed spiker, whose spike causes the ball to rotate in the other way. A combination of his height and power make Ushijima the third best spiker in the country.

In addition, Tendou Satori, another fantastic player, shows his actual abilities by the next set. Middle blocker The Guessing Monster is nicknamed due of his ability to accurately read-block opponents.

Tsukishima blocks one of Ushijima’s spikes with a kill-block in the middle of the set, as Karasuno continues to struggle with Ushijima’s spikes. There are only a few of blockers in the country that are capable of completely shutting off his spikes, which astonished the fans and players on both teams.

With their spirit up, the team went on to win the second set.

Shirabu, Shiratorizawa’s setter, professed his admiration for Ushijima in the third set. Karasuno’s defeat sped up the end of the match. However, Hinata’s unexpected left-hand attack helped them win the fourth set. The match became even more fierce as it entered its fifth and final set.

It was Karasuno who prevailed with a spike from Hinata in the final set, which finished 19-21 in favour of her. Karasuno celebrates their triumph and prepares for Spring Nationals at the end of the season.

With the rest of the team, Shoyo Hinata wins the medal.

Where Can I Find Haikyuu Season 3 Online?

On various websites, including Netflix, you may find the third season’s subtitles. While the Season 3 dub of Haikyuu is now only accessible on HiDive. Beginning in November 2019 and ending in 2020, the website began streaming dub episodes online.

For a brief period, Hulu had the rights to stream the season 3 dub. It was recently taken down from the internet, so now you can watch the third season solely on HiDive. Netflix, on the other hand, may decide to licence the dub. So far, seasons 1 and 2 have been streamed, as well as the subs for three and four.

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