Half Bad : Is It Available on Netflix?

The much-anticipated horror drama Half Bad is about a young boy named Nathan Byrn, the son of a bad witch who killed many people. When Nathan finds out who he is, it’s hard for him to figure out where he belongs in the world.


The award-winning Half Bad trilogy was set in contemporary England and depicted warring witch tribes coexisting with humans. Nathan, a peculiar youth, is caught between the two factions.

His father is the most powerful and vicious witch in the world, his mother is deceased, and both factions view him as both an asset and a threat.

Half Bad Netflix

Netflix has stated that the upcoming television series will have “magic, snark, banter, potions in zip-lock bags, hunting, romance, devotion, and unbreakable friendship…a it’s genuinely f****d up journey.”

It will explore Nathan’s journey of self-discovery and survival alongside Annalise and Gabriel.

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  • Jay Lycurgo played Nathan Byrne (Titans, The Batman, I May Destroy You)
  • Nadia Parkes portrayed Annalise (Domina, Starstruck)
  • Emilien Vekemans portrays Gabriel (Transferts)
  • Isobel Jesper Jones portrayed Jessica (professional debut)
  • Soul as Performed by Paul Ready (Motherland, The Terror)
  • David Gyasi portrays Marcus Edge (Carnival Row, Troy: Fall of a City)

  • Karen Connell portrays Ceelia (Vikings)
  • Esmie – Kerry Fox as portrayed (Conversations with Friends, Last Tango in Halifax)
  • Fehintin Balogun portrays Bjorn (I May Destroy You, Dune)
  • Misha Butler represented Niall (Kiss Me First)
  • Liz White portrays Penelope (Unforgotten, Brexit: The Uncivil War)
  • Mercury – Performer: Róisn Murphy (award-winning musician)

The cast of the Half Bad adaption includes notable actors such as Titans’ Jay Lycurgo, Nadia Parkes of Domina as Nathan and Annalise, and Paul Ready of Motherland as Soul.

It also features several newbies to the film, including Moloko music sensation Róisn Murphy as Mercury.

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Release Date

The eight-episode series Half Bad will be available on Netflix beginning on October 28, 2022.

Some well-known actors were involved in the Half Bad Cast, including Jay Lycurgo from Titans, Nadia Parkes from Domina as Nathan and Annalise, and Paul Ready from Motherland as Soul. Mercury is portrayed by Moloko musician Róisn Murphy, along with a few other newcomers to the film.


As the battle between the Blood Witch and Fairborn Witch intensifies, Nathan comes to terms with the reality of his life. After finally escaping captivity and acquiring his talents, he discovers that the world is not ready to accept him.

Who Produces the Half Bad Television Series?

If you weren’t previously interested, the creators of The Bastard Son indicate that this series is essential viewing.

Joe Barton, the creative mastermind behind The Lazarus Project and Giri/Haji, authored it. Colm McCarthy, director of Black Mirror, and Andy Serkis are among the show’s directors and executive producers, respectively.

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Who Composed the Musical Score?

The British electro-pop duo Let’s Eat Grandma are in charge of the brand-new score for The Bastard Son, which is just more indication that the film is going to be fantastic.

Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingworth have published three critically acclaimed albums, including Two Ribbons in 2022, as Let’s Eat Grandma.


Certain motifs are cherished in children’s literature: protagonists who are stranded, orphaned, and at the mercy of darker powers; the discovery of the hero’s inherited gifts as he grows older; a dualistic perspective of the world; and the easy categorization of people. If you are in Gryffindor house at J.K. Rowling’s magical school Hogwarts, you are courageous; if you are a Black Witch in Sally Green’s much-discussed debut, you are by definition completely evil.

Nathan is half Black and half White, and since his mother committed suicide and his father is the worst Black Witch known to witchkind (he eats his victims), the White Council is eager to know which way Nathan will turn at the age of 17, when a witch receives the three gifts that complete the transition to full witchhood. In a homage to the other great vampire franchise of our time, Twilight, this is accomplished by sucking the blood of a relative.

This book is mostly concerned with surfaces. It is presented in the present tense with brief, vibrant words. There is a love tale that transcends the barriers between White and Black; the ferocious feeling of being an outsider gives any young adult fiction its strength. All of it can be consumed in a few dizzyingly enjoyable gulps.

Half Bad Netflix

Conceptually and narratively, though, the construction is very shaky as one delves deeper. Nathan has every reason to despise the White Witches: they restrict his movement with edicts issued by witches with clipboards; they incarcerate him in a cage, ostensibly to toughen him up; and they imprint him with bizarre tattoos. Why exclude someone you wish to accept?

These witches are as dangerous as a bored administrator. Their witchiness does not appear frequently: they spend the majority of the novel dozing off in meetings. There is no feeling of a cosmic conflict or anything enigmatic and eternal. This is magic stripped of all of its enchantment. (There is also something peculiar about a supposedly strong witch using phrases like “We’re all in the living room.”)

After the initial shock of Nathan’s brutal (and completely arbitrary) treatment, the remainder of the novel consists of him kicking his heels, with occasional bursts of frenetic action, something Nathan himself notes: “We’re Black Witches, hiding out from Hunters, White Witches fear us… and we’re washing up and talking about poetry.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Available on Netflix?

The Grappenhall resident’s debut novel for young adults, Half Bad, was the best-selling debut novel in the UK in 2014. The adaptation is currently available on Netflix. The series adaptation focuses on the son of an infamous witch who is responsible for a mass murder.

What is the Focus of Half Bad?

In a contemporary England where two warring witch factions coexist with humans, a sixteen-year-old boy is caught between the two sides. His father is the most powerful and ruthless witch in the world, and his mother is deceased.


Netflix has announced a series adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorn’s Half Bad. The eight-episode series will be available on Netflix beginning in October 2022. It stars notable actors such as Titan’s Jay Lycurgo, Nadia Parkes, Paul Ready, and Róisn Murphy.

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