Hawkeye Season 2: When It Will Be Renewed?

Hawkeye Season 2 will be an upcoming American miniseries made by Jonathan Igla for the streaming service Disney+. It is based on the Marvel Comics characters Clint Barton/Hawkeye and Kate Bishop/Hawkeye and will feature Clint Barton/Hawkeye and Kate Bishop/Hawkeye.

It is supposed to be the fifth T.V. show in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), made by Marvel Studios. Igla is the head writer, and Rhys Thomas is in charge of directing. Clint Barton, played by Jeremy Renner, and Kate Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld, are both backs.

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Vera Farmiga, Fra Fee, Tony Dalton, Zahn McClarnon, Brian d’Arcy James, and Alaqua Cox also have roles in the movie. Hawkeye Season 2 has not yet been given a release date, but according to our sources, it will come out on DisneyPlus only in 2022.

Release Date

The second season of most T.V. shows comes about 12 to 18 months after the first. However, Marvel shows are part of a much bigger plan that involves the MCU as a whole.

hawkeye season 2

Because of this, it’s harder to say when a story like Hawkeye will come back or if it will be renewed. It’s just as likely that these characters will show up in a movie or T.V. show by someone else.

But if there is a second season of Hawkeye, we don’t think new episodes will come out until at least 2023.


Take a look at the hawkeye season 2-star form:

  • Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton / Hawkeye
  • Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop / Hawkeye
  • Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop
  • Fra Fee as Kazi

hawkeye season 2

  • Tony Dalton as Jack Duquesne
  • Zahn McClarnon as William Lopez
  • Brian d’Arcy James
  • Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez / Echo
  • Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova / Black Widow


Hawkeye’s first season left a lot of questions unanswered on purpose. This suggests that Clint Barton may continue to be Hawkeye along with his new partner, Kate Bishop, also known as Lady Hawk, Hawk Eve, Hawk Shot, and Lady Arrow.

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We don’t know if that story will continue in Hawkeye season two, but we know that Kate will soon join the Avengers. Marvel has been teasing a Young Avengers team for a while, which means that Hailee Steinfeld’s character could quickly be on the big screen with Wanda’s kids, Ant-daughter, Man’s, and many other new heroes set to replace the old ones.

hawkeye season 2

Marvel has already confirmed that Echo’s new spinoff show will continue the effects of Hawkeye’s first season. At the end of season one, Alaqua Cox’s character was given a second chance. She will be a morally questionable vigilante like Marvel’s Netflix roster when her new show comes out.

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Rating & Review

After Hawkeye Season 2 Web Series comes out, ratings and reviews will be added to this page.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Hawkeye Going to Have a Second Season?

Hawkeye has been called a “limited series,” like WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This means that a second season doesn’t seem likely.

Who is the Girl in the Last Scene of Hawkeye’s Second Episode?

Her real name is Maya Lopez, but people know her better than the superhero Echo. In “Hawkeye,” Alaqua Cox plays Echo.

Who is Agent 19, Hawkeye’s Wife?

Linda Cardellini
Fans have long theorized that Hawkeye/Clint Barton’s (Jeremy Renner) wife, Laura Barton (Linda Cardellini), is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Hawkeye’s finale made it official for the MCU that Laura Barton is not only a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent but also Agent 19, also known as Mockingbird.


Hawkeye has been called a “limited series,” like WandaVision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This means that a second season doesn’t seem likely. Yelena is sneaky, but Marvel can be even sneakier, especially regarding the future of their big superhero projects. So let’s just say not all hope is lost just yet.

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