Heels Season 2: Latest Updates, Will They Actually Film It or Scrap the Idea?

Anyone interested in wrestling shows will enjoy this season of Heels immensely. The show is full of fight scenes and power pact wrestling, with kids from a small Georgia town trying to make a name for themselves on the national fighting scene. You won’t be able to tear yourself away from your screens until the final scene of the final episode.

Heels Season 2

In the Duffy Wrestling League, when two brothers face off against each other, the younger brother often comes out on top, surprising no one. When it comes to the Duffy Wrestling League, the older brother settles for a “heel,” or villain.


Heels is a drama series based on the world of professional wrestling. The main characters of this drama series are a pair of brothers, one of whom acts as a heel (the bad guy) in a wrestling ring while the other acts as a face (the good guy). They’re fighting it out over their late father’s wrestling promotion so that their tiny Georgia town can get national attention.

In Heels, we follow the exploits of the Duffy Wrestling League, which is run by Jack Spade’s son. Jack owns the company and is also the primary writer and booker, making his job the worst in wrestling. This has resulted in a very unusual combination of universal adoration and abhorrence for him.

This show has a great deal of appeal to me because I grew up watching professional wrestling. One need not be a supporter to enjoy it. Another aspect of the family dynamic that I adore is the show’s willingness to explore unexpected and dark subject matters. In all seriousness, after episode five I was hooked and couldn’t stop watching. What happens next has me on the edge of my seat.

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There’s a good chance the show’s main characters will return for Season 2. In the show, Stephen Amell portrayed Jack Spade, a “heel” business owner in the Duffy Wrestling League. Jake Spade’s younger brother, Ace Spade, is played by Bad Boys’ Alexander Ludwig. Staci Spade, Jack’s wife, played by Alison Luff.

Mary Mccormack plays Jacks’s business partner, Willie Day. Crystal Tyler, Ace’s valet and love interest, is portrayed by Kelli Berglund. DWL superstar Rooster Robins is played by Allen Maldonado (Sneakerheads).

Apocalypse, portrayed by James Harrison, is a jaded veteran of the wrestling ring. Thomas Spade, son of Jack and Staci Spade, is portrayed by Roxton Garcia. Pro wrestling scout and former wrestling star Wild Bill Hancock is portrayed by Chris Bauer.

Heels Season 2

David James Elliott, Duke Davis Roberts, Trey Tucker, Robby Ramos, Cm Punk, Bonnie Somerville, Christian Adams, and Mike O’Malley are just some of the famous faces who make regular appearances on the show.

Release Date

When the first season was so well received, producers wasted no time in announcing its renewal. The renewal of the show and the continuation of the story were established when the studio announced in November 2021 that production of season 2 would soon begin. A release date has not yet been announced, but season 2 is expected to premiere in October.

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Since the premiere date for the season has not been set, a trailer for the upcoming episode is also unlikely. In order to make predictions about a trailer that premieres just days before the premiere of the series, we need to know when the show is scheduled to premiere. If you can’t wait for the studio to drop the trailer for season 2, then at least enjoy the first season’s trailer.


This show has done very well on the platforms despite being a sports drama. Both fans and critics have praised the entire series. Heels has an 8 on IMDb, which is well deserved considering the show’s merits.

Never paid much attention to it. Heels’s captivating opening scene draws you in right away. Having a particular interest in wrestling is not necessary in my opinion to enjoy this programme. Everyone who has brothers or sisters will be able to relate to the sibling rivalry depicted in this story.


‘Heels’ has been a fantastic wrestling-centric sports drama series with a satisfying conclusion. Despite the rapid pace of the show, all major plot points are resolved by the end of the season. There are still many unanswered questions, some of which may be addressed in future episodes. The protagonists are the focus of the story, but the secondary characters all get satisfying resolutions as well.
Both of the show’s leads are actors I recognise from other shows I enjoy, so I had no trouble deciding to give the show a try. When I first heard about this series, I assumed there would be at least ten episodes, so my disappointment at discovering only eight was understandable.

Definitely worth watching, this is a great show. The acting in this is fantastic. Both the plot and the writing are engaging. To be honest, I’m shocked to hear this. Though I enjoyed this, I feel compelled to mention that the first season of Glow, the other wrestling programme, was superior.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Truth to the Events in Heels?

The Inspirational Wrestlers Behind “Heels” and How They Added Realism to the Starz Series. ‘I grew up a huge fan of the big promotions and then inevitably would end up going to one of these small things in and around the South,’ says Michael Waldron, creator, writer, and executive producer of Heels.

Which Wrestler Did Heels Model Himself After?

But Heels also features a real heel, who is meant to symbolise the real corporate villains of the industry who operate behind the scenes. Wild Bill Hancock, played by Chris Bauer, is a booming, hulking former wrestler from these parts of Georgia who has returned to cause a ruckus.

How Long Will Heels Last and How Many Episodes Will There Be?

The season one finale of Heels will air on STARZ on Sunday, October 10, 2021, at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.


Plot: Heels is a drama series based on the world of professional wrestling. Stephen Amell plays Jack Spade, a “heel” business owner in the Duffy Wrestling League. A release date has not yet been announced, but it is expected to premiere in October.

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