Season 2 of Hellbound Is Coming to Netflix or Not? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About It

When you watch the opening sequence of Hellbound, it’s as though the players themselves are being carried to hell by demonic creatures that slay anyone who has been sentenced to death by “angels” who come to visit.

Although the supernatural horror eventually fades away, it retains all of its initial dread. Now the focus is on how these religious visits affect Korean culture, complete with the kind of twists you might anticipate from Yeon Sang-ho, the mind behind this, and Train to Busan.

You’re undoubtedly wondering what happens next for Netflix’s next major Korean blockbuster after the hellish cliffhanger of the conclusion. There is no need to worry, though. We’re here to answer all of your questions regarding Netflix’s second season of Hellbound.

What Will happen in Season 2 of Hellbound?

After hearing about her baby’s terrible death, Soyhun confronts Deacon Yuji in the season one finale of Hellbound. A meeting with Chairman Kim of the New Truth Society was held when it was determined that the mother and her infant should be isolated so that no one would learn that those who have never sinned can nevertheless be sent to hell.

It’s good that Min Hye-jin comes in and channels her inner Daredevil as she kicks a cult ass in the hallway outside in the best way possible. Her trusting boyfriend is actually Lee Dongwook, the cult’s insane YouTuber who first started preaching the cult’s doctrine online. As a result of Min’s successful rescue, the family is taken to a safe house.

To start, his contribution to the cause is to upload an anti-cult video; however, things quickly go south when he betrays Min and goes on a murderous rampage. “Messiah,” are I correct?

Demons arrive just in time to stop Lee from murdering the baby and burying God’s “error” in Lee’s guise as a vigilante. Finally, as protection for their child, the parents encircle themselves around the newborn and ignite themselves on fire.

The baby is still alive, clinging to the burnt remains of his parents. Is this the first time someone has managed to make it through a decree? There is a chance. The Messiah’s attempt to stab the baby is disturbing, which isn’t enough. Screaming, “The message is too difficult for me to comprehend!”

Unfortunately, Lee is also killed by the demons. The crowd intervenes to prevent the cult from claiming him as their own. After Min has retrieved the youngster, he exits in a taxi. Is the child now a “Messiah” in the traditional sense?

Asked if he had any interest in God, the driver replies, “I have no idea. I don’t even care.” “However, I do know that this world belongs to us. We need to take care of our own business… What do you think?

Min’s final remarks are reflected in the camera’s upward sweep. In the end, however, things aren’t over yet. Suddenly, we’re shown the burnt remains of Park Jeong-JA, where the room shakes, and then the body begins to reassemble itself. If the so-called “sinner” was ever in Hell, it’s been miraculously returned to Earth.

When the dead return in this manner, it’s safe to assume that Hellbound season two will take this cliffhanger head-on. What impact will this development have on society’s view of death and demonic visits? The “angels” of season one may not be angels, which indicates that the victims may not have been taken to Hell but to another location.

In an interview with Korea Joongang Daily, Yoo Ah-in said he hoped the second season would introduce a “totally new planet, a third world that is neither heaven nor hell.” That made me wonder whether there was some sort of four-dimensional ‘hell’ that people were frightened of, but no one knew about it.

The restored beings will affect this world, I wonder. And I sincerely hope that Jin-Su, like Park’s Jung character, JA, would be brought back to life.

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Who’s in the Cast of Hellbound Season 2?

There’s a good chance Kim Shin-rok will return as Park Jeong-JA in season two, and she may even take on a larger role going ahead.

Season one standout Kim Hyun-Joo, who played attorney turned badass Min Hye-jin in the first six episodes, should also return.

Yoo Ah-in as Jeong Jin-soo has a slim chance of surviving the events of season one, even if it’s through flashbacks or some other supernatural means. Unlikely as it may seem, we’d be interested in learning more about the creepy leader of the “New Truth Society” before he took over as leader of Hellbound in season one.

When Will the Season 2 of Hellbound Premiere?

While Yeon Sang-ho is busy, he is also prolific in both writing and directing, so if Netflix decides to renew Hellbound, a second season could theoretically arrive in the winter of 2022. There’s a chance that it wouldn’t be live-action, though.

According to Sang-ho, “the process of collaborating with Netflix was quite joyful from my end.” “My artistic vision aligned with theirs, and they made it possible for me to focus only on my work without worrying about distribution or when or how to distribute the series.

“The tale of Hellbound, which is based on the original webtoons, will be told first through the webtoon, and, if we decide to transform it into a live-action series in the future, that will be something we debate further.

“Since the first season of Hellbound had only just been released, we had no time to discuss this matter with Netflix, as you know. So, I’d think we need more discussion on this topic.

“Choi Kyu-Seok is a co-creator of the webtoon and a cartoonist, and the short animation was released in 2002. We discussed the possibility of making a live-action series while working on the Hellbound cartoon.

“When I was in the middle of filming Peninsula, the webtoons began to [stream] on the platform. After the webtoon premiered on the site, Netflix and I began discussing the possibility of turning it into a live-action series.”

Netflix may allow season two to be released as a webtoon before returning to a live-action series, delaying the second season until 2023.

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