Hell’s Kitchen Season 12: Recap Of the Season!

Hells Kitchen is an American cooking reality show that is adapted from the British television show of the same name, in which Chef Gordon Ramsay puts ambitious chefs through various tasks and dinner courses to determine who is the finest.

Hells Kitchen Season 12: What happened in this season?

Hell's Kitchen Season 12

Hell’s Kitchen Season 12 premiered on FOX from March 13 to July 24, 2014.  Executive Chef Scott Commings, from Woodstock, Illinois, was named the season’s winner and received a position as Head Chef at Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, with a salary of $250,000.

This employment was made available to him since the Season 11 winner, Ja’Nel Witt, failed a drug test and was therefore unable to work at this location.

Scott is the first and so far only winner to win the competition at the age of 36 (until season 19 winner). He is also the winner with the most nominations throughout the season, having received seven, and the winner with the longest winning streak.

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Hells Kitchen Season 12: Contestants

Hell's Kitchen Season 12

With 20 contestants competing for the second consecutive season, this season tied Season 11 for the most contestants competing. Gender divisions were used to split the teams, with male contestants placed in the blue team and female contestants placed in the red team.

Jason Zepaltas was a returning participant who competed on Season 9 but was forced to withdraw due to health issues. The contestants were as follows:

The Red Team included:

  • Beth Taylor
  • Bev Lazo Gonzalez
  • Jessica Vogel
  • Joy Parham-Thomas
  • Kashia Zollicoffer
  • Melanie Finch
  • Nicole Rutz
  • Rochelle Bergman
  • Sandra Flores
  • Simone Hammond

The Blue Team included:

  • Anton Testino
  • Chris Eversole
  • Gaurav Navin
  • Jason Zepaltas
  • Michael DeMarco
  • Michael Gabriel
  • Mike Aresta
  • Ralph Johnson
  • Richard Mancini
  • Scott Commings (Winner)

Hells Kitchen Season 12: Episodes

Hell's Kitchen Season 12

Just like the previous season it consisted of 20 episodes.

Episode 1: Twenty ambitious chefs wanting to impress Ramsay offer their signature dishes; following the first night’s dinner service, contestants face elimination.

Episode 2: Effective teamwork is essential during a competition in which duos must complete fundamental culinary chores; while the winning team is sent to San Francisco, the loser team is sent to a farm where they harvest carrots. But, both teams fall short of expectations.

Episode 3: Pigs and potatoes are used to train the candidates about teamwork, while the winners get a day on a yacht and the losers get to bathe their new animal buddies. 

Episode 4: The contestants take part in a team competition involving lobster ravioli.

Episode 5: Teams must pair side dishes with four different types of protein. While the losing team produces honey taffy from scratch, winners spend a day in Laguna Beach

Episode 6: Chef serves an undercooked meal, and a contestant is eliminated. The teams must choose a new team leader for the next dinner service. 

Episode 7: Pairs of contestants from each team must deliver a unique pizza dish to Ramsay; the losers clean up and prepare both kitchens for dinner service, while the winners receive a sumptuous hotel stay. 

Episode 8: For a sorority’s anniversary party, the team who makes the best Southern-inspired food gets a vacation to Las Vegas. 

Episode 9: Chef Ramsay provides one-on-one critiques of the contestants’ dishes prepared during the 30-minute time limit.

Episode 10: Participants visit one of Gordon Ramsay’s restaurants and teams prepare meals based on Ramsay’s cuisine. 

Episode 11: In a pork-themed team challenge, the winners receive an indoor sky-diving experience. Both teams confront difficulties during dinner service. 

Episode 12: A five-course dinner is served to UNICEF Ambassador Angie Harmon and other VIP guests after both teams have been reassembled and the chefs have been given a list of ingredients they must use to prepare their dish. 

Episode 13: Both the teams compete against each other in a dinner service challenge where visitors can choose from a variety of menu options. 

Episode 14: A blind taste test is in store for the remaining contestants, with the victorious team receiving an ice skating lesson with figure skater Rachael Flatt. 

Episode 15: Individual entrants’ dishes are judged by three past winners, who challenge the teams to make high-value entrees using items purchased on a limited budget.

Episode 16: Contestants serve supper to OxFam America guests, including Minnie Driver.

Episode 17: Tailgating food for football fans is prepared by the six remaining chefs in black coats.

Episode 18: Better Homes & Gardens Editor Laurie Buckle picks which cuisine will be featured in the magazine. 

Episode 19: Ramsay’s challenging meals are delivered to the remaining four cooks, who must recreate them successfully. Two chefs are eliminated. 

Episode 20: Chefs from some of Los Angeles’ most recognised restaurants critique the final two contestants’ meals, and a winner is selected at the end of the competition.

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This season holds the record for the most contestants being nominated in one night during a traditional elimination, with six and also to feature two quits.

This season also introduced the Black Jacket Challenge, and featured the first and only time a black jacket chef participated in dinner service during the team format.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Where is Scott Commings now?

Scott Commings is executive chef at Freedom Beat at the Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Q) What happened to Jessica from Hell’s Kitchen Season 12?

Jessica Vogel was a contestant on Season 12 of Hell’s Kitchen. She ranked in 12th place. On July 30, 2018, she passed away after suffering from ulcerative colitis.

Q) Why was Garrett from Hell’s Kitchen in jail?

After Hell’s Kitchen, Garrett is said to have returned to cooking, produces short films and was arrested in 2012 and 13 and twice in 2016 for driving without a license.

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