Is Season 3 of Home Before Dark Being Renewed or Cancelled?

With buzzworthy original episodes like “Ted Lasso” and “Little America,” Apple TV+ is quietly extending its options to compete with other long-running streaming platforms. Right now, one of the biggest shows on the site is the investigation drama “Home Before Dark.

The series stars Brooklynn Prince as child journalist Hilde Lisko, based on the real life of a young girl named Hilde Lysiak, who continued in her father’s footsteps and began following and reporting news when she was only eight years old (Orange Street News) (Orange Street News).

“Home Before Dark” is partially based on her own experiences, with young Hilde going from Brooklyn, New York, to the rural hometown of her father Mathew Lisko, played by Jim Sturgess. As she spends some time there, Hilde learns about the bizarre case of a missing child from years ago, which she is motivated to solve.

Soon enough, she discovers that her father was close friends with the youngster, and he was involved when he was taken. While she receives frequent criticism from others in town, Hilde will not back down, and she soon builds a band of like-minded teenagers who help her solve the crime.

The first season of “Home Before Dark” began on Apple TV+ on April 3, 2020, and a second season following a fresh case started on June 11, 2021, with new episodes running every Friday. The final episode got out on August 13, 2021. Even if it hasn’t been long because the second season closed, fans of the program want to know what will become of Hilde and the rest of the characters. Here’s all we know thus far about “Home Before Dark” Season 3.

What Will Be the Focus of the Third Season of Home Before Dark?

To begin with, Hilde investigates the issue of Strata Tech, a company that has been poisoning the town’s supply of water for years without the residents being aware of it. After finding out that Hilde’s grandfather’s illness is most likely connected to this as well, the entire family becomes invested in her quest for redress.

In the season finale, Hilde, together with her family and friends, successfully rouses the town to join together and arrest the leaders of Strata Tech for their crimes, but it’s not where the narrative ends, as the final moments of Season 2 masterfully set up Season 3 with a fresh case.

Season 2 ends with an active murder case scene, which Hilde and her friends happen to stumble into. The most alarming aspect of the case is the marking of Hilde’s journal as evidence after it was stolen and transported to the crime scene.

It looks like next time Hilde won’t have to force herself into the case, as she is closely tied to the crime in some way. It’s possible that “Home Before Dark” Season 3 will take a darker turn because it’s a homicide investigation, and we all know that Hilde won’t let anything stop her from performing her job.

The cast of Home Before Dark Season 3

The cast of Home Before Dark Season 3 is likely to be announced soon.

  • Brooklynn Prince in the play of Hilde Lisko
  • Jim Sturgess in the role of Matthew Lisko
  • Serge Houde in the role of Roger Collins
  • Sharon Lawrence in the position of Carol Collins
  • Kiefer O’Reilly in the role of Richie Fife
  • Michael Weston in the role of Frank Briggs Jr.
  • Jibrail Nantambu in the role of Donny Davis
  • Wesley “Spoon” Witherspoon as played by Deric McCabe
  • Adrian Hough in the character of Jack Fife
  • Joelle Carter in the role of Kim Collins
  • Abby Miller in the portrayal of Bridget Jensen
  • Louis Herthum in the role of Frank Briggs Sr.
  • As Alpha, Whitney Peak Jessica Mila Morgan in the role of Ginny Lisko
  • Kylie Rogers in the character of Izzy Lisko
  • As Mackenzie “Trip” Johnson, Aziza Scott
  • Dean Petriw as a Child Matt
  • Laiken Laverock in the role of Young Kim
  • Aubrey Arnason in the character of Lucy Fife
  • Aundrea Smith in the role of singer
  • Michael Greyeyes in the role of Sam Gillis

The Release Date for Home Before Dark Season 3

Season 3 of Home Before Dark is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

The third season of Home Before Dark will premiere on Apple TV+. The first season of Home Before Dark premiered on 3rd April 2020. The second season of Home Before Dark aired from 11th June to 13th August 2021. The series Home Before Dark Season 1 was released in its entirety on the same day.

If we receive any additional information regarding the official release of the series Home Before Dark Season 3, we will update this page.

Where to Watch Home Before Dark

Home Before Dark is available on Apple TV+ with a subscription to their services. Subscriptions start at £4.99 per month and can be free if users purchase an eligible Apple device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Sam in the home before dark?

For the kidnapping and alleged murder of Richie, Sam was jailed. Until Hilde and Matt Lisko reopened the probe, he spent more than two decades behind bars.

What is the ending of the home before dark?

The now-adult Richie (Derek Richardson) was rescued by his biological father Arthur Conway (Jason Cermak) near the end of Season 2.

On Home Before Dark, who is Sam’s father?

It turns out that the plane’s final flight was also Sam Gillis’s father, Hank Gillis’s, last flight.

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