Homecoming Season 3: Will It Be Renewed by Amazon Prime This Year Or Not?

On November 2, 2018, Amazon prime’s psychological thriller series Homecoming premiered to positive acclaim from both fans and critics. After a successful first season, the second season of Eli Horowitz’s critically praised series premiered in May of 2020 to rave reviews.

Homecoming season three is clearly on Eli and Micah’s to-do list, even though it hasn’t yet been greenlit. There has been no word on a third season for nearly two years now, and fans wonder if it is possible. What do we know about a potential third season of Homecoming so far?

The Plotline Of Homecoming Season 3

Homecoming season 3
Homecoming season 3

Because it hasn’t been released yet, it isn’t easy to speculate about the plot of Homecoming 3. Regardless, we do not doubt that the showrunners will come up with something exciting for the following third season.

Perhaps it will focus on the aftermath of Walter and Leonard Geist’s scheme, or maybe it will focus on the events leading up to Homecoming. Additionally, a secondary plot may or may not be part of the primary narrative.

It is the relationship between Temple and Alex. Because there are no specific story details, we’ll get into this later.

The Release Date of the Homecoming Season 3

Homecoming Season 3
Homecoming Season 3

A 17-month gap separated the previous seasons. If the creators stick to this release schedule, the series could return for a third episode as early as the fourth quarter of 2022. And if the renewal is made official, that is a possibility.

In addition, assuming the pre-and post-production processes operate without a hitch, the Covid epidemic will not pose any obstacles.

HomeComing has 17 episodes spread across two seasons. We can only hope that this trend will continue in the future. While you wait, take advantage of the remaining seasons.

The Cast of the Homecoming season 3

The cast of Homecoming Season 3 has been listed below.

  • Julia Roberts as Heidi Bergman
  • Bobby Cannavale as Colin Belfast
  • Stephan James as Walter Cruz
  • Shea Whigham as Thomas Carrasco
  • Alex Karpovsky as Craig
  • Sissy Spacek as Ellen Bergman
  • Janelle Monae as Jacqueline Calico – Alex Eastern
  • Brooke Bloom as Pam
  • Sydney Poitier Heartsong as Lydia Belfast
  • Jason Rogel as Cory
  • Rafi Gavron as Rainey
  • Jacob Pitts as AJ


Will There Be a Homecoming Season 3?

Homecoming Season 3 premieres on September 26th, and fans can’t wait. It’s a must-see for everyone.

What happened to Walter Cruz in Homecoming?

Walter Cruz (Stephan James) ended the season after getting his revenge on Geist and obtaining his medical records, hopefully bringing him some peace (full ending explanation here if you want it).

Who plays Anthony in Homecoming?

Dermot Mulroney played Anthony Azam in season one of Homecoming.

Is Homecoming A horror show?

Amazon’s “Homecoming” is a psychological thriller that’s worth watching.

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