Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Things You Need to Know

There will be another season of Hotel Del Luna. We can’t wait to get started on season two! But we hope you enjoy it as much as we do. It’s been a long time coming.

Everything that made the first season a hit will be back, including our trademark mix of drama and comedy as well as some exciting new surprises. Make no fear if you missed the first season; we’ve got an exclusive preview of what to expect this time around for you.

Netflix has just released Hotel Del Luna, which you can watch right now!

Do you anticipate a second season of Hotel del Luna? One of the Hong sisters’ best dream fantasies, directed by Oh Choong Hwan from Dragon Studios, was available for a reasonable price.

The 16-episode run of the tvN drama won it a place in Netflix’s Korean drama series, which had the most audience on the closing episode. From July 13, 2019, until September 1, 2019, tvN aired 16 episodes of Hotel Del Luna, which spanned from 73 to 94 minutes in duration, with the first episode airing on July 13.

As the most watched show on tvN in 2019, it is one of the most important Korean dramas ever made for digital television. It debuted in January 2019.

Numerous awards were also given to the soundtrack, including the title of “best of the best OST.” That’s great news considering that it’s currently being exhibited around the world, as an IMDB aggregate review site gives it an 8.2 out of 10 rating.

Season 1 of Hotel Del Luna is here! (Recap)

IU and Yeo Jingoo portray Jang man wool and Gu Chanung, respectively, in the action. The hotel has been occupied by Jang Man Wool for more than 1,300 years. After meeting Gu Chan-sung, Kim, a young woman who had been sentenced to operate the hotel to atone for the deaths of many people, begins to soften.

As of Monday, August 21, Hotel Del Luna has named Chan-sung Gu as its new general manager. One of Korea’s most prestigious hotels has engaged him as an associate director after he earned a master’s degree in business administration from Harvard University.

Chan-sung is the general manager of the Hotel Del Luna because his father struck a contract with Jang Man-wol 21 years ago. Unlike any other hotel, Hotel Del Luna is run by supernatural entities that are unwilling to cross over into the afterlife because of unfinished work on Earth.

To handle the hotel’s financial crisis, Kim Eun-young and Kim Woo-jin face many challenges and rely on one another as the challenges mount. Despite this, they have reunited, maintaining their vow.

The Season 2 Plot of Hotel del Luna: What is it about?

A hotel visitor, Chan-seong assists Man-wol in his transition to the next realm, as well. When Chan-seong and Man-wol meet in another life, they promise to see each other once again. A new hotel has been built for the souls who have departed this world, and it’s called Hotel Blue Moon by Ma Go Shin.

Hotel Blue Moon is the name of the establishment. The new hotel’s owner is the focus of the season’s finale.

Another season of Hotel Blue Moon could follow the workers and the new owner if the show is renewed. We’ll soon see a new manager working at Blue Moon to assist souls in their transition to the afterlife. After the teaser at the end of the first season, it seems the Hong sisters plan to focus on a male owner in Season 2.

Who Can Appear in Season 2 of Hotel Del Luna?

Jang Man-wol and Yeo Jin-gu (Goo Chan-seong) star in the show’s first season. Shin Jeong-geun, Ji-Hoon Pyo, Choi Seo-hee, Ma Go Shin, Seo Yi-Sook, Lee Do-Hyun, Kang Hong-Seok, and Sanchez, in addition to Kim Seon-bi and Kim Seon-bi, all play significant roles.

There is a good chance Yeo Jin-gu may return for Season 2. But aside from Ji-eun Lee, none of the other hotel staff actors are expected to return because their storylines wrap up at the end of season one.

This year’s cast members may return for the new season: Kang Hong-Seok, Hyun Chul Cho and Seo Yi-Sook. Season 2 is set to feature a larger part for Kim Soo-hyun, who makes a brief appearance at the close of season 1. A new female lead and other cast members may also be introduced in the second film, which is due out soon.

Season 2 of Hotel Del Luna Will Be Released on

The first season of ‘Hotel del Luna’ premiered on Netflix on September 2, 2021, and is currently available to stream. The show debuted on tvN one week before Netflix, on July 13, 2019. The first season aired twice a week till September 1st, 2019 and was distributed by Netflix.

Each episode in the first season is between 73 and 94 minutes long. The show’s creators and the original broadcast network have yet to announce a continuation. Almost two years have passed since the premiere of Season 1. As a result, the prospect of a sequel has raised some eyebrows among die-hard fans.

However, the season 1 finale leaves up the potential of a second season. Since its Netflix launch, the show’s popularity has surged. Netflix may produce a follow-up if the show’s popularity proves to be greater than expected.

However, the makers haven’t completely ruled out the possibility of another season. The chances of a sequel are limited, but fans shouldn’t give up just yet. ‘Hotel del Luna’ season 2 could appear as early as 2023 if a second season is allowed in the following few months.

For the Western market, Studio Dragon, the show’s producers, has partnered up with Skydance Media. There has been no further word on the US adaption since it was first revealed in June of this year (2020). Fans of the show have a lot to look forward to in the near future.

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