Hunger Ending Explained: What’s Up In The Ending?

Hunger is the upcoming Thai, Food, Thriller drama Film that was directed by Sitisiri Mongkolsiri, Written by Kongdej Jaturanrasamee, Production company was Netflix Song Sound Production.

It’s a Netflix movie that was already streaming on 8 April 2023. The running time of the movie is 2 hours and 25 minutes.

What Was Happening At The End Of The Movie?

The Hunger is the upcoming thriller, food drama series that was a Chronicles Aoi’s journey into the World of Fine dining and cooking as a young woman from a humble upbringing alloy that develops her culinary talents and strives to become extraordinary while she works with the obstinate and committed Chef Paul.

A Young Woman named AWI is a cook at the pad see you fried noodles eatery owned by her family always father is elderly Anne has two younger siblings to help her family and pay for her younger sister’s education she operates the noodle store Paul Taylor who is a well- known Chef is in charge of hunger a group of talented cooks that serves Thailand’s powerful and rich citizens tones a member of Chef Paul’s staff visits always noodle business one day and they impressed by his talent.

Aoi is invited to Hungary for a tryout by him after showcasing her frying prowess Balway is chosen to replace a team member who was recently let go during her first assignment under Chef Paul, Aoi struggles to fry pork and receives a final warning from her boss.

Hunger Ending Explained

However alloy spends her night in the kitchen and perfects the dish earning her place among the Elite Chefs at a catering event the wealthy guests applaud Owie when she pans fries for them a business magnet named Mr. Twos gives Owie his card and asks her to contact him if she needs any help later Chef Paul insults Owie, that she was only good at frying and does not possess other cooking skills.

Ai and Tone then become closer in the interim AP then starts improving as a Chef as a result of Tone’s assistance in sharpening her techniques one day a member of Chef Paul’s staff is let go after being caught stealing important kitchen items a few days later Chef Paul does Mrs. Dang the team’s most Seasoned Chef but before departing Dang pushed a knife into Chef Paul stomach resulting in the latter’s hospitalization.

Aloe learns about Chef Paul’s philosophy when she visits him at the hospital. According to Chef Paul, one needs to harness their hunger and be driven by success to become a competent Chef.

Chef Paul’s team accompanies a wealthy client on one of his hunting trips; the client hunts down an exotic bird and wants Chef Paul to cook it for him; however, Aoi is against cooking the bird as they belong to a dangerous species and it is illegal to hunt it.

However, Chef Paul scolds away for her moral righteousness and argues that one has to compromise on their morals to become successful as a result Aoi realizes that Chef Paul has become blind in his hunger for success as a result Aoi quits her job.

But, she does not give up on her quest to become a famous Chef event eventually Alloy turns to Mr. Twos for assistance.

He invests in her and helps away launch flame her own upscale restaurant Alloy must overcome several obstacles before she can demonstrate her ability as a Chef and put Chef Paul’s supremacy and popularity in Jeopardy Ally to grows apart from the tone and her family in Tone part up because the tone is envious of always quick Ascent to the top of the city’s that was connected with the cooking scene despite this Aoi’s

Pursuit of perfection causes her to worry continuously and develop paranoia, Alloy receives a visit from her former boss who informs her that they will be competing at a wealthy socialite’s birthday party.

While Aoi gradually begins to resemble Chef Paul and does away with defeating Chef Paul Howie finds out that she will be providing the food for an affluent socialite’s birthday celebrations.

During the film’s climactic scene then Mr. Twos Thinks the occasion will enable them to advance flame Alloy discovers however that she did not obtain the catering contract she will instead compete at the celebration against Chef Paul her old boss.

Hunger Ending Explained

Alloy displays her personality and skill while cooking at the celebration for the city’s wealthiest residents all of Owie’s efforts however are quickly surpassed by Chef Paul’s expertise.

As a result, Aoi understands that adhering to Chef Paul’s advice won’t help her win the competition instead Ali goes back to the fundamentals and prepares crybaby noodles a recipe from her family.

While the story behind the dish and its taste wins the guest’s Hearts Chef Paul again swings things in his favor.

However, Chef Paul is arrested by the police after a video of him cooking illegal meat goes viral.

Mr. Twos reveals that Tone shared the videos with him in exchange for funding for his own restaurant. Ultimately Chef Paul is defeated and faces the consequences of his actions.

Meanwhile, after learning of Mr. Twos and Tone’s schemes Aoi leaves a flame in the movie’s closing seconds Aoi is made aware by the Duo’s activities that they are possessed by their drive to succeed and will stop at nothing to make it happen their hunger transforms into greed as a result violating in the end.

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Is The Official Trailer Available For Hunger?

The Hunger Film is officially out and the trailer of the movie is available now, Check it given below the trailer.


Ending hunger is complex and has many side challenges that require a range of interventions. By promoting sustainable agriculture, nutrition education, and community empowerment, Sitisiri Mongkolsiri has made significant contributions to the fight against hunger in Thailand and beyond.

Her work serves as an inspiration to others who are working towards a world where everyone has access to nutritious and healthy food.

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