If Loving You Is Wrong Season 6 :What We Know About the Release Date?

If Loving You Is Wrong has successfully established a place among Tyler Perry’s notable creations. The film is based on Perry’s The Single Moms Club. It is an American melodrama series focused on the lives of five couples. Due to the fact that wives and husbands have distinct personalities, some become involved in the affair.

Tyler Perry’s series, directed, written, and produced, premiered on September 9, 2014. The first season consisted of 42 episodes and concluded on May 24, 2016. The series received widespread acclaim from spectators. As a result, the showrunners decided to give the series another chance.

From September 13, 2016, to May 30, 2017, Season 2 consisted of 22 episodes. Three additional opera seasons were added in the following years. The first episode aired on September 9, 2014, and the final episode will air on June 16, 2020. The fifth season, which was completed on June 16, 2020, consists of 12 episodes.

Is It Wrong to Love You Season 6 Cancelled

If Loving You Is Wrong Season 5 will premiere on OWN on March 31, 2020. However, prior to the season’s premiere, the showrunner confirmed that the fifth season would be the series’ final installment.

However, when the finale aired on June 16, 2020, supporters mourned the loss of the OWN channel’s president. Additionally, it was reported in Tvseriesfinale. Tina Perry confirmed the cancellation with the following statement:

“We are indebted to Tyler Perry and the wonderful cast and crew for providing us with five incredible seasons of entertainment. We can’t wait for fans to witness the season’s jaw-dropping tales. It is brimming with rich drama in the way that only Tyler Perry can.”

The cast of Season 6 of if Loving You Is Wrong

If the sixth season is ever made, the main character will be-

  • Alison Clarke as Alex Montgomery Amanda Clayton
  • Matt Cook played Joey Blackman in the film
  • Kelly Isaacs, Edwina Findley’s character
  • Heath Hemmens in the role of Marcie Holmes
  • Zulay Henao plays Esperanza
  • Actress April Parker Jones portrays Natalie Henning in the film
  • With Elton Williams in the lead role of Dr. Randall Holmes,
  • Aiden Turner is Brad Montgomery, played by him.
  • William Hurt as Lushion Morgan,
  • Charles Malik Whitfield as Edward “Eddie” Willis
  • Ian Glenn Donovan Christie Jr. as Larry Conlee

Season 6 Plot of if Loving You Is Wrong

If the show gets reworked for If Loving You is Wrong season 6, we have no idea where the storyline will go. Season 5 wrapped up most of the storylines, therefore is there any use in reviving past plotlines??
The sixth part in penetration would surely be able to deal with the season 5 finale’s outcome.

Another option is to follow a side project, such as a character from season 5 or a different group of individuals. Even so, we have a strong belief that this is what they would do.

The Release Date of if Loving You Is Wrong

If the program were to be renewed for a sixth season, there is no information on when fans may expect to see it.
A sixth season could premiere in March 2021 if the previous seasons’ calendars provide any indication. While considering the COVID 19 pandemic’s deferrals to production, a more realistic expectation would be September 2021.
It’s not a must that Tyler Perry, the director of the film, be available. Several shows, including Bruh, Ruthless, House of Payne, and Tyler Perry’s Young Dylan, are in negotiations with Perry for his services.


The soap drama that started in 2014 has pretty successfully pleased the audience to date. The faster character and his entwined life produce a fairly intriguing plot. It is a combination of love, s*x, affair, mystery, and humor. Overall, the show is very much pleasant.

All the seasons will interest you throughout the series. However, showrunners have stopped the series without offering a good finish. It is disappointing for the viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

If Loving You Is Wrong is canceled, what does that mean for me?

In other words, If Loving You Is Wrong is no longer on the schedule.

In what year did If Loving You Is Wrong first appear?

The initial release date of If Loving You Is Wrong was on September 9, 2014.

If Loving You Is Wrong has how many seasons?

In total, there have been 5 seasons.

Is There a Netflix Original Series Called If Loving You Is Incorrect?

If Loving You Is Wrong is on Netflix, you can check it out at NetflixSchedule.com.

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