In the Dark Season 4: Will Season 5 Will Be Renewed or Not?

In The Dark is back for its fourth and last season on The CW in June 2022. In September 2022, it will move to Netflix in the United States. Here’s when the fourth season of In The Dark on The CW will be available on Netflix.

This ongoing article will be updated as new information comes in. It came out in November 2021, and in August 2022, it was changed.

Ben Stiller is in charge of the drama series, which starts airing in April 2019. Perry Mattfeld plays Murphy Mason, a blind woman who helps the police discover who killed her friend. But since the first and second seasons, the story has changed.

in the dark season 5

The show has a high rating among The CW’s current lineup, with a 7.5/10. It’s also very different from what you’d expect from the network, so if you’ve already written it off because of where it comes from, don’t.

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The show’s first two seasons came out every April, but the third season was pushed back to the summer. The last 13 episodes of Season 4 started on June 6, and the last one will air on September 5, 2022.

The fourth season’s filming didn’t start until November 29 and ended in May 2022.

Renewed or Canceled Status of Season 5

Yes, The CW already canceled the show before its fourth season. It joins a long list of shows canceled on the network, including Charmed, Dynasty, Tom Swift, and even well-known shows like Batwoman.

in the dark season 5

Some people might be curious about the possibility of renewal if the number of people watching the fourth season suddenly went up or if another vital sign of popularity, like traction on social media, showed that there was still a solid fan base. But that wasn’t the case. I think it’s pretty likely that we won’t see this one again.

Season 4 Release Date

Now that we know when the last episode airs, we can guess when the show will be on Netflix. We thought that season 4 of “In the Dark” would be on Netflix in the United States between September and November 2022.

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The September 2022 release schedule tells us that all of season 4 of “In the Dark” will be on Netflix on September 13, 2022.

Is in the Dark Renewed for Season 5?

No, it has already been said that In the Dark’s fourth and last season will be its final.

In May 2022, the CW said they were ending In the Dark.

Collider says that it wasn’t the only show to be canceled that day. Charmed, Dynasty, Roswell, New Mexico, Naomi, and 4400 were all withdrawn simultaneously.

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Taking all of this into account, it’s clear that the network was picking which shows were worth keeping and which weren’t. In the Dark was on the list of shows that didn’t cut.

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Where to Watch

On the date above, season 4 of “In the Dark” can be seen on The CW. After a week, the episodes will also be available on Netflix.

in the dark season 5


There aren’t many changes to the cast for season 4 of “In the Dark” since many of the same people are back:

  • Perry Mattfeld as Murphy Mason.
  • Brooke Markham as Jess Damon.
  • Casey Deidrick as Max Parish.
  • Keston John as Darnell James.
  • Morgan Krantz as Felix Bell.
  • Theodore Bhat as Josh.
  • Matt Murray as Gene Clemens.
  • Maurice Compte as Josiah.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Did They Stop Making in the Dark?

What happened to this deal? Because Warner Bros. Discovery and Paramount own The CW, both wanted The CW shows for the streamers they were planning for 2019—the streamers that became Paramount+ and HBO Max—they wanted to use The CW shows. But they lost the money from Netflix because of this.

Did They End the Show in the Dark?

The CW has picked up the drama series “In the Dark” for a fourth season, which will air during the 2021–22 TV season (September 2021 through August 2022). Sometime during the 2020-21 season, the third season will air.

How Long Will Each Season of in the Dark Be?

The Dark’s fourth season returns to The CW in June, but this season’s premiere will be a mixed bag. Unfortunately, In the Dark season 4 will be the last season of the crime drama, and Murphy Mason will no longer be a part of it.

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